2011: The Year in Review

         It is always difficult to come to an accurate conclusion regarding an entire year. The biggest problem is a lack of overall knowledge. Most of our news comes from the mainstream media, or what many have begun referring to as the lamestream media, or what is in other words the censored news.

         America is supposed to be the one country on earth where real uncensored news can be found and appreciated, but the big boys have done an end run around that many, many decades ago. It still amazes me how so many millions of Americans believe the deceit, opinion, and innuendo put forth as news in this country. If the mainstream is your main stream, you are deceived, plain and simple, regarding what is actually happening in the world.

         It is not that the events themselves are not true, if they be natural disasters or clearly defined incidents with proper witnesses and even video proof; it is the way things are presented. Anyone who has experience within major news outlets knows the news itself is simply the means. The ends, however, involve profits, market share, building and maintaining brands, and doing whatever it takes to be noticed. Picture a bunch of Arnold Horshacks all raising and waving their hands and screaming for attention.

         But in a “dignified” way that allows technology (and make-up) to do the real work. Television news is therefore extremely biased and contrived regardless of what is purported on the surface. Even the so-called “No Spin Zone” is the epitome of spin. It’s all spin. And spin is an art: The art of deception.

         Therefore, 2011 must be judged correctly, not through recent remembrances of vain talking heads and slick video. Otherwise, one will have no idea what just happened.

         Consider what God is doing now. Consider what He accomplished through His people. And consider that next to none of it was broadcast. Consider what He has done for you this year. Was it on the news? In the newspaper? On the radio? Probably not. But it happened nonetheless.

         Then consider general themes. What has the Lord been doing regarding particular goals? We know what the real goals of His movement are—making disciples, spreading the good news of His payment for sin, His resurrection, and His grace. But what has been happening specific to those things?

         One thing in particular is a worldwide spiritual awakening. Some of this has been ongoing for many years, of course. Certain regions of the world are experiencing this more than others. China, for example, will (shockingly) become a Christian nation within a couple of decades! People are giving their lives to God there in off-the-scale numbers. You will rarely ever see this in the mainstream media. In fact, you will rarely see anything the Lord is doing in the mainstream media.

         Hence, the MSM is completely and totally spiritually irrelevant.

         So why do so many Christians rely on it? Don’t they know they are being deceived? The pride, arrogance, and patronizing aspects of these people are relatively unmatched. They will look you squarely in the eye through a camera lens and lie their heads off. Only they call it something else. And many of them actually believe their own spin.

         The big news of 2011 is not so much about all the bad that is happening, such as the down spiraling economy, but the millions of little stories regarding what local people are doing about it.

         People are helping people like never before. We are assisting one another. We are lifting each other up. Some are making sacrifices to help others that have never been done before on this scale. So many Americans have lost jobs and homes and marriages and friends it is taking a lot of assistance and love to help them out. Virtually everyone has been affected. The biggest concentration of help, however, is being done by those who are living out real Christianity. They are doing for others. They are their brothers’ keeper. They have left the confines of religion and are directly touching lives and bringing tremendous blessings. Though the government keeps expanding, it is helping less and less. It will soon be unable to help much at all because it is broke and getting broker.

         But behind the scenes a stirring is taking place. It is the beginning of the Great Awakening of the Twenty-First Century. Of all things by which to define this past year, that is the biggie. It will be even more pronounced in 2012 — dawning tomorrow amid much hoopla

         If you want to see it and see more of what is really happening, you must tune in to the Lord and put on your eyes and ears. It’s there.

         But the greatest way to see it is to do it: Help your neighbor. Be a friend. Sacrifice. Give. Help. Love everybody. Pray about anything you might be able to do to assist others. The needs are growing exponentially, but this only portends greater opportunity to help. Anything you may do matters. There is nothing too small. Even smiling at someone can lift their spirits. Be positive. Be strong. Know that every day is an opportunity to help someone. See it as an adventure: “Who will the Lord lead me to help today?”

         And don’t be surprised that others will respond in kind. People will also bless you. And in all of this you will see the evidence of our Lord Jesus at work.

         And because He is the One who teaches us to love, save your very best for Him. Give Him your heart. It is your very best asset and the greatest gift you can give.

         He deserves it. He deserves you.

         © 2011 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Thank you Bob for your engaging insight and uplifting message. May His Spirit magnify His Glory in and through us and our community in the coming year. May the evidence of His Love spread freely and abound as we reach out to others with His message of Unity…to His Glory. God Bless.


    • Thanks again, Don. We live in a great time. Every day we discover new things going on all around the country regarding spritual renewal and national restoration. This is a big giant movement gathering strength, speed, and momentum.


  2. Blessings to you this New Year. Your steadfast heart for things of the Kingdom has been a real joy to me. I pray for His continued anointing on the work He has placed into your hands.


  3. Bob, Have a very Happy and Blessed New Year and keep up the good work!!! Peace, love, joy, and laughter, Terri


  4. Excellent! There are lots of little stories out there. This one is great, but mostly ignored by the MSM: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=espn:7407649
    Blessings, Tom


  5. Thank you, Tom! I recommend that everyone watch the preceding clip. It will inspire you and give a small idea of the very many stories out there in which people are helping people. Again, the story illustrates that it does not take much for us to follow the Lord’s example and show kindness, especially to those less fortunate and going through tough times.


  6. An awesome post.


  7. Thank you much. Our Lord Jesus is a trip. Be blessed!


  8. ” . . .the MSM is completely and totally spiritually irrelevant.”

    Amen. The mass media deals with the eyes of the flesh; the Holy Ghost deals with the eyes of the spirit. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. Most of the mass media is run by the devil, so if it isn’t spin, then it is just a bald-faced lie. We need to be listening to the Holy Ghost and not the mass media. The mass media is tied into the world system; the Holy Ghost is tied into the Kingdom of Heaven. The left-wing media are puppets of Satan.

    The Lord Will Judge the Media


    • Thanks Tim. Great comment. Anything not fully surrendered to the Lord is not subject to the Lord and is therefore suspect. The world will do what the world will do and the world without doubt promotes its own.

      The real problem is when Christians get deceived because they also listen to the wrong voices, not realizing that the entire temptation curriculum of the devil is based on pure deception. It is what he does. He’s a liar and the father of lies. He’s a deceiver. His job is to deceive. We must always make sure we do not succumb to his agenda.

      If we are therefore not watching out for his deception by staying in the Word and praying often, and listening for the voice of the Lord, and compare everything we hear with the teachings of the Lord, we will be deceived. Period. The Lord Jesus speaks the Truth. He is the Author of Truth. He IS the Truth.

      Be blessed.

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