Oklahoma State Representative Rebecca Hamilton has recently posted an eye-opening series of articles on her blog, Public Catholic. I encourage all to take a look at it and see what is really going on behind the scenes of our political process regarding issues of great consequence for real Christians, especially the way money and influence corrupts our elected representatives and why nothing ever changes regarding legalized abortion.

         I warn you in advance that these articles are brimming with truth and will give you a front row center view of American political corruption in action. For those of you who know all this has been going on but never saw it from the inside, this is your opportunity to advance your education. I have personally been writing about the religious side of such corruption for years, and my book Real Christianity is saturated with this theme and exposes the compromising dirty deeds of Unreal Christianity. So pay special attention to the love fest between political and religious leaders captured in these posts. If you have any heart for God at all you will see what a bunch of spineless sell-outs many of these people are, and that you could be very close to such sell-outs on a local level.  

          (Update: June 2016. The article links I had provided when I wrote this post four years ago are no longer functional in part beause Rebecca has moved on to a different website. My apologies. I have done a rudimentary search and have not been able to locate them but that doesn’t neessarily mean they do not exist somewhere. Thank you.)

         Thank you, Rebecca, for an inside look at our corrupt money-first political process that confirms everything so many others have been saying for decades regarding the puppets America continues to elect to positions of power. You have proven from the inside that there is no difference whatsoever between the two major parties when it comes to righting the course of this country and standing up for the principles of our Constitution. Most people simply do not see or do not want to see what is really going on behind the scenes.

         When the Lord Jesus used the term mammon/mamonas (wealth), He was referring not simply to money, but to the god of riches. He stated that a person will hate one and love the other, and that it is impossible to serve both. Ask a three-year-old to count the elected reps serving the Lord Jesus. Before they get to elebenty-twelve they’ll have the number about right.

         I had a long exchange once with a very strong Pro-Life advocate who believed the key to overturning Roe v. Wade was electing Republican presidents. I told him we have already done that, starting with Ronald Reagan almost 32 years ago and nothing ever changes. We keep electing “Pro-Life” Republicans who nominate Supreme Court justices and nothing ever changes. It seems the electorate can only remember what happened a few months back at best and is continually brainwashed by the media.

         Is “brainwashed” too strong a term? Then how is it that the majority of supposedly Pro-Life Catholic voters in this country supported and voted for the president in the 2008 election? And now they’re upset because he’s pro-abortion? And has anyone noticed we have six Roman Catholics on the U.S. Supreme Court?

         During the 2012 Republican nomination campaign we had a very clear choice in a candidate that had a very long record proving he was not bought by anyone and never would be, had always been 100% Pro-Life, and is on record as being a real Christian who attempts to honor the Lord Jesus and His teachings in all he does.

         But he was soundly rejected by Pro-Life Christian Republicans who helped nominate a guy who is the king of flip-flopping puppets.

         I believe everything Rebecca said in her post. I’ve been trying to say it to whoever will listen (very few) for years. Watch what happens if the Republican candidate is elected—nothing.

         But I am encouraged for this country because a few real Christians figured out a long time ago (and the numbers are greatly increasing at present), that current elected reps will do nothing to right our course, but the Lord Jesus will do everything if we only get on our faces before Him, humble ourselves and pray, and dedicate ourselves to do His will.

         And He has heard and is hearing our prayers! We are currently in the early stages of a national Great Awakening. The political process no longer works because almost everyone is bought off. But the Lord honors His people by granting their petitions. When people realize that putting their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus instead of political puppets actually changes things for the better, they quit wasting time and effort on a losing game.

         The game simply cannot be won if He is not involved. When He is involved good things happen. I am therefore resolutely optimistic about the future because God is being granted more and more control through our free will submission to His leading and authority.

         It will be costly. Christian persecution in America continues coming forth and will rise exponentially. But such persecution always goes hand in hand with Great Awakenings. We cannot have one without the other. Persecution is merely a sign (a big giant sign all lit up like a Christmas tree) that individual believers and Christian communities are strong, effective, and doing the job the Lord commanded them to do.

         Unreal Christianity, on the other hand, avoids persecution at all costs, has made friends with the world, serves the devil without even knowing it, and is content with just enough “Christianity” to be satisfied but never so much that demands a real personal cost or invites attack. Such unreal Christians know they would get creamed anyway, so they are only acting in their best interests.

         But real Christians simply can’t help themselves. They are anointed and trained by God to attack the enemy. They rise to the occasion. They speak up. They engage in spiritual warfare. It is part of their DNA. They are persevering fighters one and all, just like their Father.

         “The LORD is a warrior; The LORD is His name.” [Exodus 15:3] [1]

         © 2012 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

[1] Unless otherwise noted all Scriptures are taken from the New American Standard Bible, © 1960, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.

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  1. Thank you for taking in this discussion!


  2. Know also that the eye on the dollar bill… the all-seeing eye… the words in Latin beneath that actually mean New World Order. The all-seeing eye is a new age illuminati symbol. Didn’t know if you knew that.


    • I did and its crazy stuff! Come Lord Jesus Come!


    • Yes, the all-seeing eye, or the Eye of Providence, is an ancient symbol traced back to Egyptian mythology. I suggest everyone do some research on how it ended up on the Great Seal and the dollar bill. Of course, the term “Illuminati” has become somewhat generic but an actual group with this name was founded in 1776 in Bavaria.

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      • There are more names than illuminati, however, the commentary I watched on the all-seeing eye on the one dollar bill declared that it was the doings of a specific group called the illuminati. I understand, however, they branched out and there are other names. Do you happen to remember what some of them were? I was amazed to find out how many people were involved in these types of groups—actors, actresses, and political leaders.


        • There are many groups and individuals dedicated to a universal agenda that opposes the Lord Jesus. Therefore, there are only two groups of people in the world—those under the authority of the Lord who have dedicated their lives to Him, and those who have not. This is what the New Testament clearly declares, that on this planet there is only the Kingdom of God and the devil’s kingdom. Please see my post of June 30, “Choose For Yourselves This Day Whom You Will Serve.” Thanks.


          • LOL Yes, I know and I fully agree with you on that one. I wasn’t trying to be so deep on that one… I was only curious if you knew the other names of the groups I was referring to because I could not remember. Thanks though, and God bless.


  3. Very well spoken! It just bugs me how some Christians stay out of it all together. They say, “It’s up to God anyhow, why should I vote or take a stand against anything.” Erg! Did God not tell us to be active? We don’t get a job by doing nothing. We get a job by applying ourselves and putting in applications. It should be the same with all things. I believe we will all one day stand before God and then we will have to answer why we did nothing. Great Post!


    • Thanks for stopping by and for your comments. America is waking up after decades of not paying enough attention to all the things going on behind closed doors. I agree that we all must be active in doing what the Lord has specifically given us, and do a much better job of keeping tabs on the people we elect.


  4. Thanks for sharing this post and the links in it. Very eye-opening.


  5. Nice pun, Marcy! Thanks for reading and for the comment.

    I recommend that everyone read Marcy’s post of July 14, which is related to this post.

    You can find her excellent article at this link:


  6. Thanks for a powerful post. It’s true, there is nothing with such a corrupting influence as money. Nothing~

    There is something wrong with the 3 links posted. Can they be restored? I would sure like to read them.


    • Thank you Scarlett, and thanks for pointing out the link problem. I updated the first link regarding Rebecca Hamilton’s profile and it now directs the reader to her current site and biography. As for as the other links are concerned, I could no longer locate the articles they used to link to in the time I have but they might still exist somewhere. If you have time you might possibly find them. I have updated this post to reflect the broken links. Blessings.

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      • I’m embroiled with piggy back problems right now. My car decided to quit on me last Friday. It’s old but all I have…and constitutes a huge problem to get it fixed, but one that will have to be dealt with this week. Looking unto the Lord Jesus for my needs…..
        Anyway, I won’t have time to work on that, but I did look over Rebecca Hamiltons Profile and I was so impressed with this Christian woman’s accomplishments . This, to me, just shows/PROVES, what even one spirit filled Christian can do for the cause and Kingdom of God in politics. You know, if there were an army of such dedicated Christians with her ability working for the good in public office, what a different country this would be.
        Blessings to you for your work and this post as well.


        • The Lord Jesus is our Provider. You are worthy of His provision. He will provide. “Father, I ask You to bless Scarlett this week. In Your Name Lord Jesus I pray. Thank You, Father. Amen.”

          Yes, I was very impressed with the work Rebecca Hamilton has done. It shocked me, though, when I read her posts which confirmed what I had previously concluded, that even when all the conditions are perfect after so much prayer and hard work in the political sphere, the great progress necessary regarding giant issues like abortion would always get stymied at the end because special interests, lobbyists, and MAMMON would win out. This even happened in a place like conservative, Christian Oklahoma where she was a state representative.

          Here is what I have learned over many, many years: Until proper submission is given to the Lord Jesus by a deciding block of people voted into places of power in this country, the forces of evil will stay in control and the things that so many Americans know MUST get done will never get done. People must repent. They must be broken. Their wills must be submitted entirely to the Lord Jesus. He does not necessarily need a bunch of geniuses or thoroughbreds. He needs people who submit to Him so He can work through them. The Lord is GOOD. Everything He does is GOOD. When we follow the proper spiritual protocol He is always able to bless, rebuild, restore, and bring forth GOOD.

          It is also why the Great Awakening is so hard to bring forth. It ALWAYS starts with repentance and submission to the Lord Jesus. The devil gets way too much credit.

          We must leave the World. But next, we must crucify the Flesh. Once the Sinai experience is properly achieved, whipping the devil is relatively easy. Most Christians always get bogged down because they will not properly crucify the Flesh as the Lord instructed we must. So it is no wonder then, since the majority of ministers never preach this nor do their congregations practice it, why they have no real power over the enemy, and why powerful spiritual things cannot get done, and why the enemy remains in power. If the Flesh is not crucified the Spirit can never win.

          If “Christians” in America refuse to repent and submit to the Lord, why do we think non-Christians in places of power who have sold out to anything and anyone other than the Lord Jesus will repent and submit?

          Nevertheless, the Great Awakening is coming forth because of the real Christians in this country—the Remnant.

          Be blessed, Scarlett.

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  7. Thank you for the blessing and prayer. The car has been towed to the shop and I’m believing the Lord Jesus for the way to take care of it, and me:).
    Indeed, these are such perilous and turbulent times we are living in, I seem to stay heartbroken constantly over the rebellion going on; in the world, our country, my city, and my children as well. I have 3 sons, 2 of which are not living godly. You and I both know there must be genuine repentance for change to come, whether in an individual, or a nation. America seems to be on a collision course with God, which if it doesn’t change course and bow the knee, it will suffer immeasurably. It’s own affluence and arrogance will bring it down if there is no change and very soon.
    I was recently told a story about a well qualified young woman from the Bible Belt in Oklahoma who had moved to Albuquerqwho had applied for a fairly high level job, but was passed over because she had some simple comments on her FaceBook page indicating that she was a Christian.


  8. That comment posted accidentally. I was not finished with it. I’ll just say this in conclusion that even 50 years ago, such a thing would never have happened to a Christian applicant in the workplace, because primarily, employers would have been clamoring for good, honest, solid Christian workers. Such is not the case today. One’s Christian faith is almost to be considered a detriment or something to be hidden in the eyes of today’s culture in this country.
    That said, it’s not surprising that Rebecca Hamilton’s work was not recognized as it should have been, but then they stoned the prophets. Nevertheless, they couldn’t steal their reward since they were simply doing the Lord God’s will. As we also must continue doing regardless of the outcome.
    Blessings to you Brother Dawson


    • Thanks Scarlett. The times are certainly challenging. All real Christians in America know exactly what you’re talking about. I like the following: But where sin increased, grace abounded all the more… [Romans 5:20].

      The greater the Light the greater the attack, but also, THE GREATER THE VICTORY. As long as we remain in faith and do things the Lord’s way according to what He teaches us we will eventually win. The victory is for His people. We must outlast the enemy and always believe for the best. The Lord is in charge. Blessings to you also.

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