I’ll Be Busy For a While…

Hey everyone,

I appreciate all of you for helping make this blog what it is. Thanks to those of you who recently subscribed and for all the comments and “Likes.”

I’m going to be really busy for a while starting a new job and I won’t be able to correspond as much as I have been. I have already set my comments to “on hold” because I would like to reply properly. So when you see that your comments are not yet posted it is the same for everyone. Please feel free to comment as before. Your input is much appreciated.

Also, please continue to check out my past articles if you like. I will try to get back as soon as I can at intervals. I would appreciate your prayers.

Keep up all the great work. We are winning this battle. The Great Awakening is coming forth and real Christianity is breaking out all over.



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  1. God bless you brother, and I will be praying for you as your begin your new journey! May the Lord be with you, and bless you daily! What should I say? Ah! 😉 God speed, my friend!


  2. Is there an UNlike button we can hit for this post? LOL!


  3. Sorry, one more thing, it seems so inappropriate to like this post you’ve made, as if to say, “Yeah buddy…I’m happy you’ll be away!” And I’m not! So, I can’t like your post, but I am happy God has blessed you with a new job…so for that, I guess I’ll like it 😉


  4. Will keep you in my prayers my friend, God bless you on your new endeavor and always!




  6. Congratulations on the new job endeavor! You will be missed but not forgotten. . .


  7. Thanks, Patricia, Julie, and Susan! I have just now had the time to reply. The job is going well. Many hours and little time for anything else. Thanks also to the new subscribers and all the “Likes.” Keep keeping on.


  8. HI RJ, I’ve nominated you for The Reader Appreciation Award because I find your blog very informative and inspiring. You may see the information about the award on my blog at http://dgcoy.me. Grace and peace.


  9. Thank you, brother, and congratulations to you! I appreciate the mention. You have been a blessing to this site, and a subscriber from the beginning. Keep up the good work.


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