The E-Book Has Landed!

         Real Christianity Book Cover

       The Real Christianity E-Book is LIVE!

         And it is now available to pretty much any e-book supported device known to mankind, anywhere on the planet, and is only a few clicks away. Thank you, readers, for the koinonia over the last two years of this blog.

         It was one of you who asked me last year if Real Christianity was available in e-book format. I had written an article last June entitled The Great Pretenders. In the comments following the article, my friend Mike said the following:

         “Great piece, RJ, that simply describes that thing that none of us want to admit… The body is supposed to be guided and controlled by its Head. A body running around without a mind looks pretty silly doesn’t it? Thanks for bringing truths we need desperately!

         “By the way, is “Real Christianity” available in electronic format? Just curious… Blessings.” 

         Of course, I had thought about doing an e-book for a long time but circumstances and time were clearly not cooperating. The simple question above put the thought back in my mind that I needed to act on what I had long desired, and I purposed in my heart it was time to act. I answered Mike with the following:

         “Thank you very much, Mike. Chickens running around with their heads cut off do look pretty silly until all the chickens are doing it. Then it just looks NORMAL.

         “Regarding the book, in the not too distant future I will be moving out of the acoustic folk scene and going electric. Kindle Reader here I come… Until then I have good old fashioned books available! Thanks.”

         For something seemingly so simple and easy, going digital ended up being a tad more difficult than first visualized. A lifestyle change had to be made to bring the dream to pass. It took a lot of effort and money, and especially the help of a good friend who just happened to show up at the right time.

         Some of you may have noticed that I have not been posting as many articles as in the past. I have grown concerned that with so little time and so few postings, I may have lost readers. I hope that is not the case. I thank all of you for your patience and I ask that you would spread the word. The book is priced very affordably, and is available universally.

         Get a copy and tell your friends and family! Help spread the very necessary word of the coming reform and revolution in American Christianity and the Great Awakening of the 21st century!

         For your convenience, simply click on the embedded link of your choice to locate and purchase the Real Christianity E-Book:

First Kindle Edition

Apple iTunes
First iBook Edition

Barnes & Noble
First Nook Edition

First Smashwords Edition

         Of course, the print book is still available also as before, through most local and internet book stores, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. Search by full title and author name.

         Check out the new book!

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  1. Congrats, Bob. May Blessings Abound. Mark this Date: March 24, 2013. I’m so happy for you and for those who will be blessed by this new venue for this much needed message to the Body.


  2. Congratulations! I have the print version and it’s a good one!


  3. …and now it has landed in my Kindle too! I really appreciate your making this work available e-status RJ. I have become quite the fan of this little device… carrying a library everywhere. Believe me, it was a challenge to overcome hard bound works and try this thing, but now…

    Still shelving your bound piece by the way, but it’s good to have it available on K also.

    Prayers we will begin to see there is a huge chasm between the Church Jesus is building and the American Dream. Blessings good friend.


    • Thanks Mike. What a guy. I thought you might enjoy knowing about the part you played in this. I had become aware over the last year or two that digital is the future whether we like it or not. I still like turning pages as you do, and always will. But the convenience, speed, and demand of e-books has changed the paradigm forever. Thanks for your support.

      And regarding the huge chasm, the same battle has been raging in the world for two thousand years between those who want the whole catalogue that our Lord Jesus originally presented and that of later religionists who want to water it down. I have heard from so many on this issue. Millions of Christians are more than ready but tradition dies very, very hard. Even those who think they have shot ahead of the pack have often only made minor changes and still remain growing at the speed of wood.

      Every single Christian body the world over regardless of size MUST obey the real and full teachings of our Lord Jesus and experience Pentecost as the originals did. There is no other option. The good news is that it’s happening!


  4. Congratulations Bob! May this be the first of many e-books you bring forth. Be blessed, listen to Father and put in writing what He is saying to you! Tom


  5. Congratulations and Blessings in Christ!

    This is great news! Your current and future books will be made that much more accessible to all. Keep on Keeping on!

    Looking forward to the next post! Prayers have ascended!


  6. I am looking forward to reading the (e)book. Thank you for being faithful to what God has called you to and for persevering to the end (finished product)! May the word of God run swiftly and pierce many hearts by the power of HIs Spirit. May we as believers be renewed and revived as we hear and obey His voice !


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