Hurricane Sandy: One Year Later

         One year ago tonight I posted a live report of Hurricane Sandy blasting its way upon the Northeast. The “Super Perfect Wicked Storm” affected a total of 24 states from Florida to Maine, cost an estimated $68 billion, and was blamed for as many as 182 deaths in the United States.

         Much of the affected area remains greatly damaged, destroyed, and unrestored. Much will probably never be restored, at least not for many more years.

         Two years ago, I had also written a series of articles about Hurricane Irene, which struck the same area in 2011, and the mysterious Virginia Earthquake that happened at roughly the same time.

         Links to these articles are posted at the end of this post.

         There are many fascinating parallels noted in these articles and I encourage all to keep these events mentally highlighted in light of the overall judgment upon America for its many sins, transgressions, and outright rebellion against our Creator.  

         The subject of God’s judgment upon nations is obviously not easily defined, but we know from Biblical history that such judgment often took place not only upon “Gentile” nations but also upon the very people of God. Israel’s national history is filled with outright sin and rebellion, though the Lord always had a small remnant of those among His people who loved and honored Him. And it is the followers of the Lord who keep a life line connected to Him for the sake of all in these trying times of the present.

         If you are a real believer I encourage you to remain strong and hopeful, keep the faith, and remember that we remain in the early stages of a national Great Awakening. Sin and rebellion is being dealt with as best it can be, in light of human free will.

         The people of God must be loving and kind, continue shining their light, and do whatever is possible to be used of God that He may bring salvation and help to a nation under the power of great sin and deception. There are already so many people helping and lending a hand and giving of their substance to help those in need.

         If you are not a believer I encourage you to consider the Lord and seek His love and presence. You will be introduced to Him through fallible though loving human beings who have received His free salvation and grace.

         Remembering history, we know that the sun will shine again and bright days are ahead.

         Here is the link to the Hurricane Sandy article from last year:

Hurricane Sandy: A Super Perfect Wicked Storm

         The following are related links also enclosed in the above article:

Twin Earthquakes in Virginia: An Interesting Coincidence


A Lesser Hurricane Irene: The Evidence of Prayer?

         © 2013 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Great post, looking forward to a Great Awakening!!! Blessings Tom


  2. Jacquie A. Bradford

    RJ, Thank you for the encouragement and for highlighting the hope we have as believers through life’s storms, both literal and figurative. We are surely called to understand the times and to participate through the lens of a renewed heart and mind. Blessings as you continue to seek His Truth, Jacquie


    • Thank you very much, Jacquie. Excellent comment. So many people have had individual “Sandys” of many kinds. It is imperative that there be those who are willing to minister and can minister to meet every single need and be used of God to bring full restoration. Bless you in the work you do in this regard.


  3. I was thinking of Sandy and the aftermath she left our neighbors to the north grappling with just yesterday. We’ve all experienced the wrath of storms in our lives, whether physically or mentally. Holding each other up is essential. What a nice post.


    • Thank you, Renee.

      Though it is often very hard if not impossible to see at the moment, God’s judgment, wherever it may be, is always designed to bring an entity back on course.

      Since He can see it all—past, present, and future—but will never violate the free will He has granted, He always tries to guide and assist, and reroute us if at all possible.

      To redirect through judgment is an act of love. Conversely, to show indifference to an individual, or group, or even an entire country by not attempting to apply a correction or redirection is not love but hate. It is the equivalent of passing by the robbed beaten bleeding man without so much as a tear. But our Lord is like the Good Samaritan, in that He will NOT walk on by, but will do whatever He can to bind up wounds and heal.

      Sin has brought America to a bad place. Hurricane Irene was indeed a warning. Sandy was indeed a wake-up call.

      And the Lord will continue setting off a cosmic alarm clock until His people get it together.


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