Religious Slavery (Part 1)

         There was a time in America—the land of the free and home of the brave—when honest workers were greatly exploited. We have presently arrived again at such a time. 

         This free nation also involved itself most profitably in human slavery. The North was just as guilty as the South, and 200 years before the Civil War, the northern colonies had already established the practice.

         In fact, it was the northern colonies of America that profited greatly from slavery by using northern ports of entry, even though they had later stopped the practice of slavery in their own colonies. During the Civil War, the North began a very successful campaign using slavery as a war tactic against the South, though it never entertained such a thought at the beginning of the war, which was just as hypocritical as their reasons for the war.

         Prior to the Civil War, otherwise known as the War of Northern Aggression, it was the South that was contributing the most to the national treasury. Some estimates were as high as 70%, though certainly above 60%. This fact must be considered by the majority of this nation’s population which has largely been untaught regarding this truth. In effect, the North knew it could never survive without the South, but also knew it used the South as a slave confederacy to fund the entire country to support the North long before the Confederacy existed.

         And in the event some remain unclear on the concept, it was not the large but few plantations of the South that mostly funded the national treasury. It was the fact that the South had hugely successful ports both of entry for foreign goods and the tariffs therewith, a large percentage of which went to Washington, and also exports to foreign nations which could not be sent on their way soon enough. And though the North was a great industrial power (paying most workers chump change), and contained many more states than what later became the Confederacy, it was simply not nearly as successful as the South.

         These are certainly unpleasant facts but they need not be so unpleasant if not for the great freedoms granted by the Constitution of the United States. Though the Constitution stated what it did, and though the great Revolutionary War was fought for a freedom that no great nation had ever before possessed, slavery, indentured servitude, and exploitation of workers continued to exist and actually grew exponentially.

         As the Industrial Revolution continued its expansionist trek, it continued to make slaves of the majority engaged within it with a few powerful men at the top reaping most of the profits. Even small children were exploited for the money they could bring various enterprises.

         The rise of the American labor unions changed this somewhat. When workers began to unite it caused management to eventually cave in to their demands. Labor unions became very successful and some remain so until today.

         But many labor unions overplayed their hands by demanding more than could be provided once international markets opened up. At that advent, cheap labor again became bountiful, huge profits were possible, and there was no one to stop the exploitation of foreign workers.

         At present, vast sweat shops exist all over the globe using cheap labor to drive down prices to gain a respectable market share and realize huge profits for large business owners and corporations. But as long as such low paid workers are far away and unheard from few care, since such laborers allow for cheap domestic goods affordable by the majority in first-world nations.

         This is the present dynamic of international business. It is the nature of the game. The purpose of any business or corporation is to make a profit. If one is to be successful he must play by the rules. Those that do not go out of business.

         Obtaining wealth has always been the desire of most, and some will do anything to achieve that goal. In mankind’s history, slavery has always existed as the best way to do that. The rise of warrior kings in the ancient world replaced former egalitarian societies that honored the freedom of individuals. Kings greatly dishonored human beings as free people and began using them in any way they wanted for their own purposes.

         Indeed, the rise of such human slavery also coincided with the rise of what we now call civilization. This happened for the first time on the planet 5,000 years ago in ancient Sumer. The practice continued through the brutal empires that took place afterward, especially that of Rome, the most brutal of all. After the fall of Rome, it was the various bands of so-called barbarians that continued the practice, with each band containing its own warrior king. Such kings eventually became the later European heads of state, and adopted much pomp and arrogance to substantiate their place. Most became convinced that rule by a single king was God’s way, even though God denounced the practice almost 2,000 years before, especially when ancient Israel began to demand a king.

         God has always been more concerned about human freedom, about setting people free from slavery and from rule by other humans. He wanted to be everyone’s King—the benevolent, loving, and Fatherly King that He is—but very few wanted what He wanted. Indeed again, most people have proven to want their freedom to do their will to sin and engage in lustful, selfish practices, and never God’s will.

         Another curious manifestation of this rule by king emerged with the first so-called Christian bishops, those who ruled by religion over ancient cities. And it was the fabled bishop of Rome, the king of all cities, which became the king of what had then became organized official Christianity. This bishop-king, honored as the greater by bishops of other cities, soon became known as the Pope. And soon after that this Pope ruled with an iron hand.

         The Reformation put an end to this in part, but curiously began to manufacture its own mini-Popes. We know these today as great Christian leaders, but some of these became so diabolical they began engaging in the same evil practices of former Popes regarding human freedom. They created religious societies with stern rules and strictures and even began killing dissenters as a matter of course. They will all get theirs at the Judgment.

         Suffice it to say that God clearly hates slavery and exploited laborers in any form, and it is surely why He became a Man, to establish a way to set us all free, first from the power of sin and then from the power of human enslavers, especially those of the religious variety.

         It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery. [Galatians 5:1] [1]

         © 2014 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

[1] Unless otherwise noted all Scriptures are taken from the New American Standard Bible, © 1960, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.

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  1. In reading this blog article, I felt like I was almost reading the entire synopsis of human history under the rule of the god of this world from beginning to end—this enemy of all mankind that corrupts the minds of men to trade in the bodies and souls of men.

    We may no longer have slaves per se in the United States, but what we have now is legalized slavery in the marketplace and in prisons. There is very little difference. It’s still bondage.

    My youngest son is now working in a “successful” restaurant owned and operated by a woman. He depends on and works primarily for tips for good service. The owner is very well aware of this but still looks for ways she can short him on his tips at the end of each day. The way her computer system is set up, she sometimes gets away with it if he is not very careful.

    I suppose this sort of thing will never end until Lord Jesus returns and sets things straight, and so to a certain extent we are all at the mercy of the world system.

    Nevertheless, in my son’s life and in mine, the Lord seems to make a way to provide for our necessities, over and above that, by supernatural means. This is the blessing of the Lord. I feel very sad for those laboring under the bondage of the Babylonian economic system not knowing the blessing of the Lord’s provision.

    But yes, as you’ve mentioned the Babylonian religious system operates in much the same way, with the guys at the top living as well or better than many kings. But in the case of religious servitude, whose fault is it really, but those who buy into the lie and subsidize these religious charlatans and posers?


    • Thanks Scarlett. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

      It’s a very sad thing when a person wakes up one day and suddenly realizes what this fallen world of man is all about. At first we may attribute this to greater knowledge or to a bad event in our life or in that of another. It often seems to me that so much of human activity is a waste, and that so many people try so hard only to never achieve their dreams.

      Ultimately, we must thank the Lord Jesus for the light He shines and the revelation He gives. We then understand that fallen man is not alone in a dark world of pain and misery, and is not actually the first cause of such. The invisible evil one that so many refuse to acknowledge or believe does not exist will only cause one to put their faith in a temporary material world.

      We understand that getting to the root of a problem is the best way regardless of our fears beforehand or perhaps seeing that the difficulty factor might be beyond our ability or strength for the task. However, many people do not apply this principle to the unseen world.

      Thank the Lord that He taught often on the subject and had no qualms in pointing out demonic influence and even exposing demons and the devil himself. He revealed religious actors (hypocrites) for what they were and continues to do this for those paying attention. The point was to reveal the underlying cause of so many of humanity’s ills, and that people often buy into the evil one’s agenda unaware of his existence and influence.

      It is in part why the Lord taught that serving oneself will ultimately mean serving the devil, but serving one another is akin to serving God. The idea that giving promotes personal blessing makes no sense to the carnal mind. I think it is so incredible that our Lord can shine His Light on darkness and make the world bright with real light and joy if we would only do things His way.

      Yet, without a comparison to Him and His way, and all the wonderful things He can do in our lives, people are left with making it in this world the best they can, and it then makes much more sense that receiving (and stealing) is better than giving.

      As I continue in this series I hope to get to the heart of the matter regarding the worst form of slavery, which was a topic the Lord was ever teaching about but few people, including many professing Christians to this day do not perceive due to the fake world they bought into.

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  2. I Got into a lot of trouble years ago for teaching the truth about the Civil War, which was anything but civil. Most wars use some kind of pretext or the other that is far different from the truth behind the war, which is almost always financial and power gain. The North was indeed just as guilty as the South, just as African tribes sold each other into slavery and were just as guilty as the white (they weren’t ALL white!) slave traders who transported the slaves across the ocean. Truth: The heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked, and we cannot know the depth of our own depravity. Slavery still exists. It exists in America and all around the world.


    • So right you are, Linda. Thanks. The war for truth goes into overdrive when challenging false history, evil overseers, and financial kingpins who have a great monetary and power stake in the status quo. This is just as true in the evil realm of false religion and especially true in Unreal Christianity whose rulers teach false gospels and hate the Lord Jesus regardless of open professions to the contrary.

      Whoever will teach the truth will catch flak from the evil ones and all those who have been deceived and co-opted by them, which essentially contains the majority of the world’s population. This is why the real Gospel must be preached and the Lord must be in charge—to set people free from slavery, lies, and sin. Without the Lord’s Light, we are all susceptible to the devil’s deception. The Lord’s cleansing spiritual power makes sinful hearts pure and loving.

      Teach on, sister.

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