Graven Images of the Human Kind (Part 2)

Graven Images of the Human Kind (Part 1)


         The historical and American culture-changing Kennedy-Nixon debates of 1960 (see video at end of Part 1) proved that what once was, was no more. A great transformation had taken place. Life got “modern.” The organic became the cosmetic. The country shifted dramatically from the spiritual to the material. Depth gave way to shallowness. Image-making became a priority.

         Keep in mind, however, that this was also the beginning of the Holy Spirit outpouring throughout denominational Christianity. Pentecost was pouring into places where it had previously been blocked. Thousands of denominational Christians were being filled with the Spirit like hundreds of thousands of Pentecostals before them. This outpouring also eventually reached the American Catholic Church. Many priests and nuns were becoming Pentecostal. It began the great Catholic Charismatic movement.

         But, of course, almost all of this wonderful spiritual history was not being reported by the few major news outlets that had succumbed to the phony dog and pony political show before them. It became obvious to anyone with spiritual eyes and ears that the major media became nothing more than a corporate entity doing the bidding of elites deceiving the country. As the dominance of the television medium increased, so did the power to use it for the sinister purposes of swaying the country toward a hidden agenda for the personal gain of those in power.

         Cultural conformity was forced and enforced, even more than in the 1950s. For a typical example, over half a century ago, IBM mandated a black pants, white shirt, black tie image for all workers as a statement of corporate uniformity. Professional dress became the model for emerging corporatism. Any and all forms of dissent were perceived as anti-American though the country was founded upon dissent and revolution.

         But suddenly, unbelievably, the perfect created image was destroyed. Naïve, idyllic America became an all too real nightmare. An American president had been savagely murdered under mysterious circumstances. Militarism and the destructive Vietnam War were in full swing. The ridiculous attitude of “my country right or wrong” became a compulsory slogan as an end-all be-all instead of doing the right thing to correct gross wrongs. Race riots were breaking out.

         Such coercion toward a regimented “follow-orders” populace created what was then known as the generation gap in that young people, still very much American at heart, rebelled against the fakery, the overbearing political correctness, religious redneckism, and the emerging military/political/corporate glom being forced upon the populace.

         Amidst all this, most Americans had no idea what was causing all the change or that they were being played. They did not see the actors behind the curtain. All anyone knew was that it seemed like the country was exploding.

         For they sow the wind and they reap the whirlwind. [Hosea 8:7][1]


         It had been almost another half century since the dawn of public relations imaging and methods, and American individualism took a hit. It was a time of “Keeping up with the Joneses,” a popular expression of the day, when the middle class expanded and most were concerned with doing whatever they must to appear as solid, successful citizens and within a higher social strata.

         Bucking the system was opposed by the majority as something inherently wrong without noticing that “the system” had gone terribly wrong. “Keeping up appearances” was preferable to taking on the persona of the early American patriots to fix the country, and such image-consciousness was no longer only for the wealthy but for everyone who wanted to be well thought of.

         One’s presented image took precedence over one’s spiritual stature.

         Therefore, much of what happened in the counter-cultural 1960s was an immoral over-reaction against the heavy-handed authoritarianism of the day, in which those in charge were often terribly wrong though they insisted they must be honored, respected, and obeyed anyway. Most Americans did obey only to discover years later they were wrong to do that. Their outer redneckism of the time veiled a yellow, selfish heart. They bought into the lie.

         Image-making was so pervasive it became unconscious.

         Yet, centuries before the changes of the last one hundred years, there was a group of people who had mastered the craft of image-making and became extremely successful in its use. And it seems that whenever we reach points in history in which false imagery reaches its zenith, all hell breaks loose.

         In Part 3 we will look at the greatest manipulators of all and the sinister methods they use so well.

         © 2015 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved. [To Be Continued.]

[1] Unless otherwise noted all Scriptures are taken from the New American Standard Bible, © 1960, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.


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  1. Interesting analogies.
    • 2000+ years ago: political, personal and spiritual fakery reinforced and exacerbated through word of mouth, subversive, self-seeking tactics;
    • Present day: political, personal and spiritual fakery reinforced and exacerbated through word of mouth, subversive, self-seeking tactics and the media.

    You are so right; exponential, technological advancements have served to mushroom and accelerate the use of images and the written word to misrepresent and hide our true nature. To extend our persona beyond who we really are. More and more we must guard against being engulfed by and thus one with the misled masses.

    I can remember in my teen years (50s & 60s), wanting to have the latest pink striped shirt with a buckle in the back to match the slacks with a buckle in the back….we called them “hiney binders”. Even my ‘57 Ford just had to have chrome spinner hub caps, fender skirts, bug guards and lowering blocks….did I mention glass packs?. These things became an extension of my identity. Back then, it was simply “the thing you did” to be a part of the “in” crowd. We were really “hot stuff”. “Those were the Days”.

    Praise be to God that beyond all the hub-bub of self-interest, pride and power plays, there is still a ray of hope for the Truth. God can and does use as He chooses even the bad for good. Sure, satan can and often does use instruments of the media to promote his deceptions, but these same tools can be and are being used to reach the masses with the truth of the Gospel.

    We must stay on guard, we must stay diligent, always ready to give and answer.

    15 But sanctify the Lord God[a] in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear; 1 Peter 3:15New King James Version (NKJV)

    Thank you Bob, for your Spirit-given insight into the Word; looking forward to your next post.


    • Thanks Don. Very insightful and informational.

      It reminds me of a verse: …And those who use the world, as though they did not make full use of it; for the form of this world is passing away. [1 Corinthians 7:31]

      We must indeed stay on guard and stay diligent. The deception in this world is presently way off the scale. We must be close to the Lord and grounded in His Word. Otherwise deception will certainly overtake us.


  2. Have you ever tried to respond to a article on a Media Newspaper today R.J and stand up for God’s Truth, mostly I have been deleted or ridiculed and God mocked, even by those who claim to make a stand for Christianity.

    But before we point the finger at them how many Christians on Blogs show lack of Love and do the same or it’s all about them and what they propagate, their purpose in joining up with you or leaving a Like is so you will visit them not because they are doing what God asks us to do which is take an interest in what others do for Him and sometimes like the Media Websites, Atheists, Cults and other False Teachers, they delete, ignore or don’t moderate your comment too and of course there is no Scriptural confirmation that you are in error, so why do they do this, because instead of agreeing with their error it is corrected and with the confirmation of Scripture which they also reject. God tells us to resolve our difference by His Truth not just ignore them or agree to disagree, it ends in disunity too which Paul warned against, we follow Jesus not man, error unchecked can as you said R.J do a lot of damage.

    I just noticed you joined up with us – Thank you or was that WordPress?.

    Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne


    • Thanks Anne, for the comment. I appreciate it. (Yes, that was me.)

      Media newspapers have their own agendas and writers and are closed to everyone else, just like almost every medium nowadays. That’s why it is such a blessing to have sites like WordPress in which anyone can state their beliefs, opinions, and knowledge without censorship. It is up to each blogger to carry on as best as he or she can regarding being polite, having wisdom, and showing love.

      But also, the nature of Christian discipleship has all of us at different levels of maturity and knowledge content depending on how long we have walked with the Lord, how much reading and studying of His Word we have done, how many trials we have gone through, how much we have been tested, and also how much betrayal has come our way.

      Blessings to you.


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