The Great Awakening (and Ruined Reputations)

         I have noticed, since I removed my former cheery greeting at top left—“Thank You for Visiting. Your Reputation is Ruined,” with the current greeting, “We’re in the Early Stages of a National Great Awakening”—that it may be possible for ruined reputations to be further ruined.

         Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Your thoughts are welcome.

         Yet, I remember that day in early September of the year 2010, going on five years ago, when I received afresh that particular revelation. I had just begun writing a paper on the subject. I saw it very clearly. I asked friends what they thought, if they saw any evidence of such an event in the making. I asked friends in ministry. No one saw anything.

         But I know what I heard once again, after first hearing it many years before. I wrote about it in Real Christianity, and I recalled so many who had been talking of such for many years and even decades. I was reminded of how the religious people of the Lord’s day missed His arrival completely, and that even His own disciples in the early going had no clue who He was. Even after His death many of them remained clueless for a while. They had to be rigorously shaken out of their slumber and unbelief.

         You might want to pay attention to this because the Great Awakening will not come forth through the medium of unreal Christianity. Indeed such will fight it and will fight whoever is for the Lord Jesus and thus against them.

         This current Great Awakening is being driven by TRUTH.

         The Pharisees of the first century, that is, the organized official front of the most accepted faction of Jewish belief at the time, not only did not see and did not believe, they insisted repeatedly that the Lord was a charlatan and a false prophet. They hated the fact that so many of the people had succumbed to following the crazy man. They also had rejected John the Immerser. In fact, the organized official front of Jewish religious belief at that time rejected anyone and everyone but themselves, and they maintained their power through force and fear.

         The Lord Jesus never did this. Never. He also never went out of His way to collect converts through spurious means or attempted to build anything material in which to house them (though He was formerly a carpenter). John the Immerser never did this either. Nor did the Lord’s disciples.


         It should be obvious.

         I remember a popular book of about fifty years ago entitled Black Like Me. It was about a white man, a writer, who wanted to find a way to go undercover to see how black people were actually treated by some white people. He decided to burr his hair and dye his skin very dark and pass himself off as a black man. It worked. He went out on the streets as a black man and what he discovered shocked him. Used to being treated well, he was suddenly treated very badly.

         This is how it was with the Lord. His “people” praise Him from afar but when they actually meet Him and see what He is really all about He gets treated very badly. As I’ve said often on this site, “Christians” are notorious for this, as were the Pharisees as a group notorious for hating everything about Him. Their problem was that their concept of God did not come close to matching up with the real God, the One who actually showed up among them. They continued to honor the concept—the false image—rather than the real Person.

         It is exactly the same with Truth. The Lord Jesus cut right to the heart of the matter concerning truth when He stated very simply but powerfully, “I AM the Truth.”

         And He is, of course. And they murdered Him for it, of course.

         His reality destroyed His enemies’ false conception of truth.

         His teaching destroyed their false teachings and takeoffs on the Torah.

         He came to make everything right and set them straight, but the elites rejected Him. They paid no attention to the real truth. They did not want the truth. They hated the truth. They repeatedly found fault with Him and His teachings. They had been overcome and brainwashed by false doctrine.

         Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why they hated Him so—He was destroying not only their false concepts, interpretations, doctrines, dogmas, and organization, but in the end, began threatening their money.        

         And if there are two things that unreal Christians care about more than anything else, it is (1a) their money, and (1b) their religious reputations, both of which allow for their false organizations, impure teachings, and power to deceive.

         Real Christians may do whatever they want, but according to unreal Christians, they must never reveal truth that destroys untruth accepted, worshipped, and honored as truth, and they must never do anything in any way, shape, or form that may appear as an attack on their religious wealth.

         Hence, reputation and money are MUST HAVES for the unreal brethren if they are to exist in this world (and they are quite arrogant about it), whereas we have the early historical record that real Christians with NO reputation and NO money turned the world on its left ear and managed to convert the brutal Roman Empire.

         And currently, there is such a surfeit of wealth and false doctrine one can hardly breathe without offending an unreal Christian. It again brings to mind what the Lord said about rank sinners getting in the door long before the few religious elites who might manage it. Most will not. Ever. They will go to hell offended with their reputations and money intact.

         He said the following to the chief priests and elders of the people who questioned His authority while He was teaching in the temple:

         “Truly I say to you that the tax collectors and prostitutes will get into the kingdom of God before you. For John came to you in the way of righteousness and you did not believe him; but the tax collectors and prostitutes did believe him; and you, seeing this, did not even feel remorse afterward so as to believe him.” [Matthew 21:31-32]

         This is why the Lord had to up the ante. This is why He took it upon Himself to visit this place directly after having sent so many messengers before Him. They were all killed and rejected. Yes, that’s right. That’s what happened to them. The Lord Jesus said exactly that.

         But would the current inhabitants of the nation whose members claimed to be His followers for so many centuries who killed all the prior messengers also kill Him?

         People who have no love for the truth have no love for the Lord Jesus, because He is the Truth. But until they actually meet Him and discover who He really is, they will think they love Him. They will think they are serving Him. They really believe they have it right. And because of that they must protect their reputation, their religion, and the money they derive from both, because without these they have nothing at all.

         And this is obviously very true. It is why the Lord Jesus demands that we give up all in order to follow Him. We must give up false renditions of His teachings. We must surrender false concepts of His Person. And we must jettison our money and reputations if they keep us from Him.

         He is not out to make us poor. Rather, He is out to rid us of anything and everything that keeps us dependent upon such things and from a close Fatherly relationship with Him, and to that end He was willing to give His life and did. He called this the greatest love. All who are not willing to do the same will automatically accept a substitute and counterfeit whether they want to or not.

         His early disciples learned this and accepted it. They were at once absolutely and completely rejected by everyone else and it would have been a cold lonely life if the Lord had not also commanded them to love one another and be a family. He commanded them to be a loving community doing whatever they could for one another, but to mostly support one another and accept one another and love one another.

         If there is one thing that defines an unreal Christian it is an institutional pronounced lack of this love.

         The more one buys into the ultra-organized, clergy-dominated, religious reputation-insisted upon, wealth-oriented, surface-oriented, control-oriented, and dumbing-down of followers-oriented method of the Christian Pharisees, the more likely one will never know the real truth and consequently be in bondage to lies and deception without ever knowing it.

         Now, with reference to my former greeting on this site, I knew the second I joined up with the Lord Jesus many years ago that my worldly reputation was shot forever, not that I necessarily even had one then, and I had many people, Christian and non-Christian (but mostly Christian) reminding me of it all the time. Should I restore my former greeting?

         Regarding the Great Awakening, we must open our eyes and break out of any restrictive and blinding religious drudgery and routine we may be bogged down in. Some of those I talked to four and a half years ago have since come to agree with me, and claim they are indeed seeing signs. Maybe the signs are subtle. Maybe some are looking for the wrong signs. Maybe some are doing nothing to help bring it forth.

         Remember, those who claimed to know God best before He came here two-thousand years ago were the ones who knew Him the least and not at all. They rejected Him outright. Let’s make sure we don’t fall for someone’s false agenda or false narrative, all of which have to do with the maintaining of power and wealth. But I caution all, if you decide to follow the real Jesus—God with us—the unreal among us will let you know post haste that you’re an idiot, even if all you ever do to incur their wrath is decide to never join their club or to leave their club.

         But it was because of the false brethren secretly brought in, who had sneaked in to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, in order to bring us into bondage. [Galatians 2:4]

         Oh, and two more things—rather than being packed together like proverbial sardines, real Christians might get used to the social distance incurred upon them because heaven is vast and wide with huge open spaces where no premium is placed upon space restrictions—and real Christians might also get used to the Lord Jesus being in control, in which the first thing He does is grant the freedom to worship and serve Him the right way, the way He placed upon our hearts, which results in a lot of fun and expression, and the freedom to develop into mature disciples never otherwise granted.

         Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. [2Corinthians 3:17] [1]

         This is why there is a national Great Awakening in the works. It is His doing not ours. Yet, it is not something He is merely dictating. He is responding to the sincere heartfelt prayers of millions of His people over many decades who desire the truth and spiritual reality. He is pleased that so many have moved on from unfruitful methods, having grown tired from doing things the “right” way but seeing no results, and are determined to live and practice their faith as the originals did—those who turned the blasted world upside down.

         He also responded two-thousand years ago, and at that time it was also to the remnant—and the remnant had it tough in the early going just like He did, and just like real Christians do now—but they prevailed and eventually spread the real Gospel all over the planet.

         This is our current calling as well. We live in a time of anticipation and hope in which so many have given everything and suffered all things to light the way to this point in history.

         Let us hope future generations see us as we see those real and faithful ones who helped bring forth the Great Awakenings of the past.

         © 2015 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

[1] Unless otherwise noted all Scriptures are taken from the New American Standard Bible, © 1960, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.

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  1. When I was first born again and baptized by the Holy Spirit, in my naivete I thought the thing to do was to go to church, especially if it were a “spirit-filled” type church. I pretty much thought at that time that all Christians were…Christians. It was a rude awakening. After the year or two that it took for the Holy Spirit to get through to me, I was almost forced out of this church due to persecution and the evil that I discerned, and literally saw going on and spoke up about. I left. I couldn’t stomach what I saw going on. I wasn’t welcome there anyway.

    It took that separation for the Lord Jesus to begin teaching me about apostasy, and how “church normal” had a rotten foundation. Since then, I find that I am caught between two worlds. I can’t go back to “the church”, and I can’t go back to the “world”. As a single woman, I’ve had precious little fellowship with other “un-churched” brethren. Nevertheless, the Lord will not allow me to go back into that mess. Once you’ve tasted the real, you will never be satisfied with anything less. So, indeed, even though I don’t see any of this “great awakening” happening in my own community, I do believe there is a Light bearing remnant being brought forth as His Bride in various corners of the land. The Lord Jesus said He would build HIS ekklesia and the gates of hell would not prevail against it.

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    • Thank you, Scarlett, for bringing up this issue. It certainly takes courage to stand up for the truth, and Christians who actually read the Word of God and identify with the Lord Jesus know this. He was also, in one sense, caught between that proverbial rock and a hard place. He had never done anything wrong. He had never sinned. He had never violated the Torah. Yet, once the time came to step into public ministry He could never go home again, as they say.

      The synagoguers by and large had rejected Him. There was no religious faction (denomination) in all of Israel (Judea, Galilee, etc.) where He fit. By answering His calling and doing exactly what He was called and entered into this world to do, He in effect ostracized Himself from ever being a regular old accepted synagogue-goer ever again.

      The Pharisees rejected Him. The Herodians rejected Him. The Sadducees rejected Him. Every accepted “normal” group that was seen as legitimate rejected Him. What was He to do? He did not necessarily want that but that’s what happened.

      He told all those stories about all of these things and most Christians still don’t get it. Most Christians believe something like, “Well, that was Him. That was them. That was then. Bummer. But that’s not us.” We have to look much closer and see WHY He was rejected.

      Real Christians must understand that though they are rejected by the world of sinners from which they came and of which they formerly were, and are also rejected by unreal Christianity in whatever form, there is actually a third choice. The third choice is actually the first choice. It is the same place inhabited by the Lord when He walked among us in the first century.

      Yet, we notice that He was not completely rejected by the world of sinners. In fact, He gained MORE acceptance among sinners than among synagogue-goers, which proves, right there in the pages of Holy Writ, that real people who have yet to make a decision for the Lord are often more trustworthy and accepting than holier-than-thou “Christians.”

      The Lord hung around those people because He loved them and wanted to bless them with salvation and Life. He also undoubtedly felt more comfortable around them. He was strong enough to not be influenced by them, and was obviously the greater influence.

      Some of them accepted Him because they knew He cared about them and wasn’t just thumping a Bible at them or threatening to condemn them. They already knew about the synagogue-goers in general, even though there was a remnant in the synagogues who desired righteousness and closeness to God, and were what we may characterize as good-hearted people. We know that even some Pharisees joined up with the Lord later on.

      The key to all of this is making a proper decision for the Lord. One must repent of sin and stop sinning. One must have the courage to join up with the Lord Jesus and be willing to suffer as He did, but also be effective as He was in one’s calling. Then, if the church-going crowd who refuse to join up with the Lord Jesus with their entire heart rejects such a one, that is their decision and they will have to answer for it before God at the judgment.

      Existing in such a spiritual place is part of carrying one’s cross. There are real Christians who have spent years in solitary in prison in some hell hole of this world with no fellowship at all except with the Lord. Sometimes He is the only fellowship a person has, but it is enough, and living in such a way, though this is an extreme example, is possible.

      I am reminded of the story of an older lady in an institutional church who loved and sought the Lord to the point that she became gloriously filled with the Spirit of God, pretty much on her own with the Lord. The next time she went to church she could not help praising Him in her brand new state. She was smiling and happy and had glory dripping all over her. She simply could not help herself. She was warned by an usher to stop. She could not. She was warned again. Finally, two burly ushers grabbed her and began carrying her physically out of the building. She replied, “Wow, look at this! Jesus had one (“donkey”) carrying Him into the temple and I’ve got two carrying me out!”


  2. Great teaching. “The current great awakening is being driven by the Truth”, and the revelation of the Truth, in the midst of the current great deception that is blinding the majority of humankind, driven by the forces of darkness. The children of the father of lies have the innate tendency to hate the Truth, the Way and the Life.

    “And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” John 3:19


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