Intermission Greetings: A Personal Note

          Hello again everyone! You are much appreciated. Thanks for checking out the previous post, When Sinners Die: Rejecting the Sacrifice Lamb.

         I will be posting a follow-up article very soon entitled When Real Christians Die: Proving the Existence of the Unseen Spiritual World.

          In the article, as the title reveals, I write about the unseen spiritual world but also mention the unseen energy and matter that comprises the Universe. Dark Energy and Dark Matter make up 95% of the Universe but no one knows what they are, just as very few know about the Lord’s unseen kingdom on Earth or believe in His eternal kingdom in heaven.

          I asked the Lord for the article this morning and have been working on it most of the day. Please watch for it and spread the word. I hope it will be a blessing to you.

          Hope your Christmas season is going well!


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  1. This is a very needed subject to post about, since many Christians seem to act as if it doesn’t exist. I have certainly been feeling the effects of the demonic realm since I moved to this city, especially in the last 6 months when a New Age woman moved in across from me. She seems to be into everything, from Native American religion to Buddhism. I had to view her Buddhist prayer flags until the Lord responded to my prayers and they were blown down last week but there is, oh, so much more evil going on including health attacks. I think we have crossed into a new spiritual portal where spiritual warfare is going to be more intense than ever. Nevertheless, greater is He than is in us that he who is in the world.


    • Exactly. Spiritual warfare is indeed increasing in part because the Lord’s community is spiritually advancing. We must always remember that the Lord will always rise to the challenge, whatever, and wherever, and whenever it may be. We must be confident, as Joshua was confident, that the Lord will fight for His people and WIN for His people but we must exercise our faith. We must go to spiritual war and fight spiritual forces until we win the victory. There is nothing the Lord Jesus cannot do. All things are possible with God. The world bases Christianity on what it knows, but it is largely only aware of Unreal Christianity and the only people who want to be associated with that are Unreal Christians. Real Christians must allow the Lord to work through them to show the world spiritual reality and The Way. Thanks Scarlett, and be blessed. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow.


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