Miraculous works were not only a sign proving the legitimacy and authority of the Lord Jesus and His ministry, they were vital to carrying it out. His overall ministry has never ceased but continued with His original disciples and continues at present. In order to achieve what the Lord has called us to achieve we must use every ministry tool and weapon that He used. We must live in the Miracle Realm.



         We are in a war. It is the greatest war of all time. It has been going on continuously since the spiritual fall in the Garden when sin entered the world. The enemy knows all he has to do is apply enough temptation to get a person to sin and then everything spiritual in that person’s life will be cut off. Such a person will become spiritually blind and completely ineffective.

         Therefore, the first reason that most Christians cannot perform miracles as the Lord did is because they have sin in their lives. Of course, human pride is greatly offended at this and will oppose the solution all the more. Most Christians have never had a real born again experience and thus they have never truly repented, and thus, the blood of Jesus has never been applied. They remain in their sins though they may otherwise look and act like a Christian. They have never fully repented.

         Of course, such is Christianity 101. It is not that most Christians have failed the course but that they refuse to take the course.

         Many Christians go through their Christian routine knowing full well there is a weight upon them and a problem, but having no clue what it is or what to do about it, since they have rejected the otherwise obvious answer (sin), they cease trying to figure it out and simply learn to live with it. They accept a powerless Christianity and simply go through religious motions completely outside the Miracle Realm.


         For sincere believers—THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THE LORD JESUS REQUIRES WHATEVER THE PERSONAL COST—there are also reasons why they are having a hard time manifesting the works of God.

         Again, we are in a war. Science tells us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is the same in the spirit: EVERYTHING A REAL BELIEVER ATTEMPTS TO DO FOR GOD WILL BE OPPOSED—EVERYTHING.

         Therefore, if you really want to get it done you must understand that one attempt will usually fail. It is often the case that ten attempts will fail. If one is easily discouraged then forget it. It is not that the Lord is not involved, however, it is that the enemy is resisting. He is fighting you. You must overcome him. The Lord showed us how.

         Remember, Daniel prayed for three weeks without hearing anything at all. Then an angel showed up. The angel said the Lord heard Daniel’s prayer at the very beginning. But the angel, the messenger the Lord sent right away, had to engage in warfare with a powerful demon to get the answer to Daniel. That’s why it took 21 days. Daniel did his part by continuously praying and believing, and staying in faith for as long as it took for the answer to arrive.


         The Lord Jesus was fasting all the time. He began His ministry with a 40 day fast. If one refuses to fast then forget it—one will never do the miraculous works of God.


         He was also praying all the time, sometimes spending hours every night in prayer, and there were times when He prayed all night long. If one refuses to pray the right way, or pray unceasingly, or pray IN FAITH, or pray as if all depended on one’s prayers, then forget it—one will never do the miraculous works of God.


         The Lord was also always quoting the Word. THERE IS GREAT POWER AND ANOINTING IN THE WORD OF GOD! He used it as yet another weapon. If one refuses to use the real Word of God then forget it—one will never do the miraculous works of God.

         Indeed, all three of these are very powerful spiritual weapons. They each must be utilized to achieve the will of God.

         © 2016 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

         Real Christianity—The Nature of the Church


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  1. We have to give our spirits tune-ups, just as we do our cars…..if we want them to run right. There are just certain things that need to be checked and corrected on a regular basis, the flesh being what it is and all. One old Pentecostal woman of years gone by, used to call that “grading our own papers”. There are those of us without proper fellowship to help keep us accountable, so we truly do need to do this on a regular basis, or our spiritual walk will stall.
    Thanks for the admonition. I really needed it. Something to help me get out of this spiritual quicksand I’ve been trying to walk through here in this waste howling wilderness.
    Lord Jesus bless and prosper you. Praying for you. With posts like this, I can see the devil gritting his teeth, turning red in the face and clenching his fists.


    • That’s awesome, Scarlett. Thank you. I really appreciate the prayer and support.

      What you say about the flesh, about our old human nature, is so true, and for that reason it is all the more necessary to pray and fast, know the Word and use it, engage in spiritual war, and be what the Lord needs us all to be for Him and His purposes.

      How hard it must have been for Him His entire life, but especially during His ministry, to fight the good fight and engage in the most incredible forms of spiritual warfare with so little support from mature and powerful believers, since there really weren’t any early on. He had to train them. That one thing alone proves the Lord Jesus is God.

      Nicodemus, spiritually clueless at the time, nevertheless accepted the obvious: “Rabbi, we know that You have come from God as a teacher; for no one can do these signs that You do unless God is with him.” [John 3:2]

      This man, so dense at first as we all are, later leaped a spiritual chasm as did so many others, in seeing that God was not merely “with” Jesus, but that God IS Jesus. Spirit-filled believers who get in real fights with the devil know this. They also know that the time arrives early in our walk that powerful prayer, fasting, and using the Word as a weapon, both offensively and defensively, is not optional but a MUST. Otherwise there can be no real victory. Those enemies will maintain the high ground and we will be helpless. But utilizing these weapons properly not only gives the devil, the world, and the flesh a black eye, it mops up the parking lot with them.

      Be blessed!

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