One Fruit Two Fruit Good Fruit Bad Fruit

This one has a little star

This one has a little scar… (ouch!)


         “Did you know that vineyard growers prune their vines more severely as the plants age in order to achieve maximum yields? From the plant’s point of view there is lots of cutting going on, but from the grower’s point of view the future holds great promise… grapes, grapes, and more grapes.”


One Fruit Two Fruit Good Fruit Bad Fruit

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  1. I really like the way you are bringing back appropriate posts from your previous writings. This time around the post brought to mind the saying “What would Jesus do?” Perhaps we should ask of our selves in response “Will it help bear good fruit?” Thanks for the repost.


    • Thank you, Don, for this comment and the original. That was you leading off this repost with an insightful Reader Comment, lending your wisdom five years ago when I was just getting started, and now once again. I decided it would be good to repost some of my prior articles that most of my current readers have not seen and to also include the input of readers from back then. I remember in the beginning you were one of just a few of my only supporters. You’ve been here since and I greatly appreciate it. Your support has helped with the fruit-bearing of this site, just as the Lord would do, and does. Blessings to you.

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