THE PEOPLE! United Kingdom Exiting the European Union

         In an incredible come from behind win, the British people have achieved the greatest victory for nationhood in the last quarter century.

         Not since the fall of the Berlin Wall has something this far-reaching and dramatic taken place, proving at once that great solidarity and a stiff upper lip in the face of arrogance and unrelenting fear tactics can bring down a giant.

         How ironic that the losing Prime Minister is named David.

         I had just posted an article on Wednesday, the day before the British vote on Thursday, regarding the 2016 Presidential Election in the United States entitled The People vs. The Establishment. In the article I stated that the central theme of the election this November was a battle between the entrenched elites and the American people in general who have been dictated to, patronized, misinformed, shut out, disrespected, taken full advantage of, and taken for granted. I had noted the anger of the American electorate in a post last August, Prophetic Words from Last November and the First Republican Debate, and in another post in March of this year, The American Political Climate is Fixing to Blow Sky High, I predicted the eventual nominees.

         The same spirit was present in the UK but in the beginning the big boys never thought a British move out of the European Union had any real chance. But as the day of the referendum approached the Leave camp actually gained a good lead. Then, in reaction to the polls, the EU forces began pulling out all the stops. On came the lies and fear tactics. It worked. The polls became much closer.

         The early returns showed a clear Remain victory, but as the day progressed, and into the evening, the tide began turning. In the end it was announced, in a great shock to the entire world, that Leave had won. The UK had professed its independence and would be leaving the European Union. There would be a British Exit. Here’s an informative link from the BBC regarding the regional vote: EU Referendum: The Result in Maps and Charts

         This was a huge and humiliating loss to the world’s financial and government elites. It conveys to the rest of the world that there is hope for the common man, independent nations, responsive governments, and certainly great hope for America.

         So as I watched the network news the next evening, expecting to hear at least some semblance of congratulations, it was all negative, proving that the MSM is carrying water for the big boys. Rather than speak of a great victory for the British people, they reported on the unbelievable shock of defeat. But believe me, this was no defeat for anyone but Goliath.

         Unprecedented change is upon us and will continue throughout the year.

         © 2016 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Yes, the Leave campaign was full of compelling ‘truths’…
    Despite what you see as a win for the ‘common man’, I think you’ll find that the Brexit was actually a huge blow. It’s not just the economic fall out that will ensue (this isn’t confined to the shores of new Little Britain – you’ll feel the reverberations globally).
    My only hope is that it knocks some sense into our friends across the pond. What started off as a joke has become a living nightmare. But I suppose you are voting Trump. To continue your metaphor – he is the real Goliath in your story. We’d all better arm ourselves with a slingshot.


    • Thank you for the comment and visit. In studying the referendum vote, there is a clear generational and geographic division in the UK. It is much the same over here. Regarding my political views, I identified very closely with the views of Ron Paul in the 2012 election as my posts from that time will confirm. That caused me much grief as I was getting hit from both sides. I think the bottom line, however, is that despite clear divisions, we must seek to understand as much as possible the differing opinions of each other and find a way to remain united as citizens. A daunting task, of course. Regardless of our views, unprecedented change is upon us and will only increase. There are reasons for this and it makes for a fascinating study. Blessings to you.


  2. I did not inform myself on this one, but as the aftershocks bring in more information, I’m thinking it may be the best thing that’s happened to Jolly Old England since Winnie stood up to Hitler.

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    • Thanks Linda. As most of us who have followed the political scene over many years have duly noted, what is currently occurring in America and now in the UK is unprecedented. Maybe once a generation or so such great change takes place but even within such a category this current change really has no equal. For answers it takes going back at least fifty years and even a century.

      In my previous comment I noted the clear generational difference of opinion in the UK referendum vote (see the BBC link I provided in the article). The older a person was the more likely he or she would vote Leave. The younger a person was the more likely he or she voted Remain. The answer to this proves that being informed must also include experience. Though I certainly respect the viewpoints of everyone regardless of age, it is true that the longer one has lived, the more one has experienced and seen. Wisdom and balance are born of age. I am an advocate, though, of ongoing learning and continued research. Younger people are more impressionable, are in the midst of a fresh learning curve due to their youth, and often have more strident opinions as a result of fresh information. In time, each must decide on an individual path. As we get older more time must be appropriated for practical matters and it becomes harder to stay informed. Yet, all of us, regardless of youth or age, must allow for intelligent and civil dialogue. I know you live this every day. Be blessed.

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      • I believe younger people are also making biblically uninformed decisions, based on emotion rather than truth. And that’s dangerous.

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        • Yes. Many are operating at a disadvantage, having been convinced by the secular society that has emerged over the last thirty years or so to live according to a different set of ideals that discounts and rejects Biblical knowledge and truth, and the love and care of the Lord. In time, I believe, many will find this to be the bankrupt ideology it is and yearn to satisfy their hunger for spiritual reality.

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  3. I would have voted leave but when I got to the polling station I didn’t let them know my new address. You are right being the elder I would have voted leave but my younger daughter voted remain. As a follower of Jesus I believe there is a massive undertaking ahead spiritually and this is just one step. I read a prophetic word over London many years ago and that it was a giant ‘like goliath’ spirit over London that needed it’s head chopping off so may be this was just the beginning of the spiritual battles ahead. Yes I’m both from the UK, Jewish and a Christian all rolled up together and I love the LORD and I for one am glad He knows the ultimate outcome of the bloody battle ahead. God Bless …. jacky


    • Thank you, Jacky for the visit and a great comment. As time passes, people will increasingly see what a historic vote this was. I know the EU needs the UK much more than the UK needs the EU. Regarding the prophetic word you mentioned, I would have to agree. Not all people in this world love freedom and are willing to pay the price for it. It can be a fearful proposition. The people of England, however, have historically been on the cutting edge of freedom, independence, great innovation, and productivity. No one needs a threatening Goliath blocking the way to future progress, however it may manifest itself. Bless you too.

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    A good perspective from our brother over ‘the Pond’


  5. Please don’t say the British nation. The English and Welsh voted for Leave. The Scottish people voted to Remain as did the Northern Irish.


    • Thanks for the comment. Being an American, I tried hard to get the titles correct, even researching the use of all the different names and titles for the United Kingdom and the entities that comprise it. I knew the morning after the vote when I first got the news that it was a divided vote with Scotland and Northern Ireland voting to Remain. I also included the BBC link in the article to show the breakdown of the vote.

      The United Kingdom is, of course, composed of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and the referendum concerned the entire United Kingdom including all four entities. I did use the term “British people” in the article I wrote, but I never used the term “British nation.” Thanks again for reading. I will try to get better regarding the distinctions in the future. Be blessed.


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