I wrote the following response yesterday in answer to a loyal reader’s comment:

         One should notice that the great majority of “church leaders” have played little role in the presidential election. The news that most of these deciding Christian voters went off the reservation in their support for the Trump candidacy is coming forth. It is another sign that Christians have not only seen through the MSM fakery and the Washington DC corruption wheel to nowhere, but are also starting to see the irrelevance of their own churches and that church leadership in general would rather everyone sit down and be quiet rather than engage in their ministries, answer their callings, and honor the Lord Jesus.

         We have been hearing for quite a while about the 1% or the actual .1% that controls everything and gains all the goodies, but a few more Christians are finally starting to see the 1% as their own irrelevant church leadership.

         Though it is great that Donald Trump has so many Christian advisors, it is not so great that many of them are church and ministry “leaders” with their own vested interests. The ones who make the real difference are the forgotten, neglected, and largely rejected 99%.

         When the Lord Jesus came on the scene, He let everyone know that He was about to free the sheep from their religious enclosures and allow them to run free in great fields of rich green grass and clear running waters!


         Otherwise, it’s the spiritual equivalent of sardines in a can and an endless yearning for what could be.

         I started writing posts about the 2016 Presidential Election well over a year ago. Then I began writing posts in October about the election in an ongoing series that were purposely parabolic in nature. For reference, see the column at left. I like writing in this manner for several reasons. First, the articles generally do not become dated. Second, they are designed to make us think and use our own spiritual cognitive abilities and critical thinking skills to arrive at the meaning, which can be multi-faceted. Third, the stated truths expose invisible spiritual enemies.

         The truth I want to reveal in this post is something I have been writing and teaching about for almost three decades. The Lord taught on this subject often. He revealed it’s truth in any number of parables and teaching stories. But due to the nature of an overpowering deception brought on by a false ministry model that almost all Christians are familiar with and comfortable within, as if it was the only model, the truth the Lord wants to reveal goes right over the heads of most believers.

         Rather than go into yet another detailed study of the subject, let me put it this way:

         If every single real Christian went to work at becoming what the Lord created him or her to be and began doing what the Lord created him or her to do instead of wasting away doing so much less, all of us together could turn this entire world upside down just like our powerful spiritual forebears did so long ago.

         The reality is that only a few are answering their callings and most of those teach everybody else that they have no other calling than supporting them. Thus, Christians in general have traded who they really are in the Lord for who someone other than the Lord wants them to be.

         This means that the great majority of Christians, in America especially, are NOT in the spiritual work force and are NOT on the spiritual battlefield. For example, instead of sending nine men out to the field during a baseball game we are sending one man out. That’s fine if the enemy also sends out one but the enemy doesn’t do that. He sends out his entire horde. In addition, the one who is sent out usually does very little effectively against the enemy and for the Lord because he or she has a different agenda to fulfill.

         Regardless of what anyone may think about the election or about the winning candidate’s character, the fact of the matter is that Donald Trump showed us how it’s done. He had the whole deck stacked against him and began taking powerful shots from the very beginning, not only from political enemies but from his own party. He won anyway.

         The Lord is trying to show us something here. He is telling us that EACH of us matter and that EACH of us must go to work! But if you listen to the Christian professionals they’ll tell you to sit down and hush and work only for them. Thank the Lord there is still enough people in this country with an independent American backbone. That backbone has now revealed itself.

         I think of so many of you who have dedicated yourselves to serving the Lord through whatever means you can, especially to all these blogs we are all familiar with. They might not look like all that much if only a few are engaged, but there are probably a hundred thousand Christian blogs. We now are doing independent movies and music. The technology is here that anyone, on their own if need be, can find any platform, go right to work, and eventually reach thousands of people with the Gospel.

         All this while most Christians in America are still taught to live in the far distant past when none of these technological ministry avenues were available. Instead of the 1% claiming all the ministry and shutting almost everyone else down, wouldn’t it be better if every Christian was in some form of real ministry?

         American Christians must STOP being mere spectators. We must all answer the call.

         “These who have turned the world upside down have come here too… and these are all acting contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying there is another king—Jesus.” [Acts 17:6-7 NKJ]

         © 2016 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. My view from ‘over the pond’ RJ is that many believers may have stopped spectating in reaction to the enormity of current (and possible future) administration’s active support of AC’s agenda. Perhaps the Lord permitted that double-dose ‘Donkey-reign’ to awaken the church to deal with it? (I’m referring to Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj’s claim of being in heaven – https://richards-watch.org/2016/11/03/sadhu-sundar-selvaraj-hears-heavens-perspective-on-the-us-election/)


    • Thank you Richard. It seems there is usually a time of judgment involved before the Lord’s blessings. This can be His own action but it is most often the case that the judgment is self-imposed. It happens because the Lord’s people turn against HIS leadership. The Lord’s real ministers are primarily supposed to point the way back to His leadership so everything can be reset correctly. The majority of ministers are not doing that. They invoke their own leadership. Even if the people demand a king other than the Lord Jesus, the real ministers will always resist and refuse.

      When the Lord is in charge, great, wonderful, incredible things happen. Pentecost breaks out. According to Scripture, though, these kinds of happenings almost always take place through small bands of real believers going against religious convention.

      Blessings to you.

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  2. Reblogged this on Richard's Watch and commented:
    RJ Dawson is as forthright as usual about the American church in these thoughts on Christian voting in the US election. Very well said brother!


  3. I think the Lord gave me understanding and wisdom regarding the defeat of the establishment in politics here in this country and I think it is a sign of things to come in churchianity, the establishment is being exposed and the forgotten man will be remembered. I think it would serve you well to read what I believe the Lord has shown me on my blog.


  4. Interesting. I’m a homeschooling mom and I work PT from home. I left the institutional church about a year ago because I felt tired of the games to control and the group think. Individualism is not favored one bit in church. The boat rockers and idea makers are not welcome.

    Yet at times I feel like I’m supposed to be doing something great. Isn’t that what i’ve been told? There’s some pie in the sky experience our there that I was made for? I’m starting to rethink that idea. Jesus called us to love. Sometimes I’m rather isolated but in my life, I can influence my kids, my family, and I can show kindness in my interaction with work or at the store. Maybe that looks boring or like I’m not doing enough but I don’t think God is telling me to go begin a ministry and quit being a mom. Or quit my part time job and go street witnessing. This is the church culture though. And why I find it unrealistic.

    I think God can be glorified where we are at. God gives us gifts and we can use them without finding some heavenly experience or utopian ministry op to attach to. We can beautify and plant seeds in our corner of the world.


    • Thanks Elle. I totally agree. Raising your children and homeschooling them is a high calling, and obviously a full time one. The first Community of the Lord in Jerusalem was like that. Everyone loved everyone else and supported one another. Everyone was busy attending to working for the Lord according to their individual callings and giftings in living the Gospel and taking it to others while also living within community. The massive expansion of the Church into the world proves that it was the epitome of the dynamic and never static. Love ruled. The Lord Jesus was ever in charge.

      Blessings to you.

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