The difference makers in the 2016 Presidential Election were millions of Christians becoming aware, waking up, and coming alive at exactly the right time. Donald Trump knows this. He knows. And he must never forget. His success as President depends on it.

        Of course, his incoming administration also owes a great bulk of patriotic Americans, professed Christians or not, who contributed heavily in time and effort. Great crowds began showing up at his rallies, surprising even him. He began to see that a movement was arising far beyond his mere presence or associated with usual political machinations. The movement that propelled Trump to the White House is evidence in part in the political realm of the oncoming Great Awakening.


         He struck a chord early on, a year and a half ago, with many disillusioned Americans who felt powerless against the onslaught of an “America Last” ideology which included as part of its plank an increasingly bold and unrepentant attack against Christianity. This anti-Christian and anti-American slam had been raging against the country for several years and capturing minds by the millions, especially those who had no knowledge or understanding of actual history. So much brainwashing had been going on for so long that truth was in the process of dying a very painful death.

         This relatively new paradigm of lies, propaganda, and disinformation masquerading as truth had caused a nationwide epidemic of uncommon sense—the absurd underpinning of the clueless—historically borne by a minority of hopelessly stupid people doing their usual stupid things. That the epidemic had long since reached crisis proportions involving an emerging mass of untold millions is beyond dispute.

         The obviosity is crystal clear to all whose brains have not been overcome and who have worked hard to stay ahead and beyond the reach of the deception. For all others, a fast-spreading outbreak of unbelievable ignorance and cognitive dissonance rushed forth as an anti-intellectual tsunami destroying minds in its wake while posing, in true demonic fashion, as “correct thinking.”



         A few millennials started smelling a rat. They started noticing that the people who live and die by social media unknowingly construct their support groups with people who think along the same lines, or in essence, exactly the same. They reject those with alternative views—those who challenge their beliefs, usually innocently and non-overtly—and build their social media presence with veritable yes-men. They create “corporate boards” of sycophants. Over time they continue to weed out those who have even relatively minor differences of opinion so as to build themselves up as veritable mini-gods with fawning fans. What actually happens, thus, when millions of millennials engage in the same censoring behavior, is the creation of a great common denominator by forcing all of those on the outskirts to the inskirts.

         The proponents of non-shaming actually created shaming in the first place by demanding that everyone become part of the great glob of one mind and ongoingly confirm their conformity.

         The purveyors of this phoniness from on high—the powerful (and very rich) movers and shakers of the tech world who actually drive it from within the bowels of their social media platforms—hide behind the curtain in their unseen wizardry, amusingly shocked and high-fiving each other at the same time at how incredibly easy it is to manipulate and control this emerging subset of collective thinking, while also making billions of dollars in the process.

         Whoever thought that promoting ignorance could be so rewarding and enriching? In Part 2 we will discuss why this new paradigm is actually not new at all and why the same incredible turnaround in the political realm now blasting forth across the nation and the globe must also take place within the church world.

         They were all amazed, so that they debated among themselves, saying, “What is this? A new teaching with authority! He commands even the unclean spirits, and they obey Him.” Immediately the news about Him spread everywhere into all the surrounding district of Galilee. [Mark 1:27-28] [1]

         © 2016 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved. [Part 1]

         Real Christianity—The Nature of the Church

[1] Unless otherwise noted all Scriptures are taken from the New American Standard Bible, © 1960, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.

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  1. If Christians have the notion that all will be well and good with Donald Trump as President, and that they can now return to their own personal comfort zone, I believe they have another think coming. The anti-christian bias is increasing daily and the real fight has just begun for those Christians truly seeking Christ and Him crucified, and not merely their own comfort, (peace and safety).

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    • Thanks Scarlett. Several years ago in the church world there arose a new teaching with reference to accountability. We were told we must be accountable to one another in order to stay right with God, etc. The teaching was not incorrect but was certainly misapplied and seemed to remain only within ranks, in that the clergy could only be held accountable by clergy members and the laity among the laity. If we had true accountability both classes would be accountable to each other.

      It has always been the case within traditional Christianity that the laity was forever subject to and accountable to the clergy but never the other way around. If members of the first class were truly accountable to the second class there would no longer be any classes and we would all be as the Lord commanded us to be, ONE big happy family with NO classes and each accountable to the other in love.

      Which brings us to the point you made. The American Government is supposed to be accountable to WE THE PEOPLE. This is what our Constitution states. It is why government workers, even at the very top of the three branches, are referred to as “public servants.” Of course, they are not public servants but public rulers. Things were flipped upside down long ago and now WE THE PEOPLE are the servants. This is also obviously true within overall Christianity in general.

      The way to fix it and flip the boat right side up again is to insist on HOLDING THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE. That’s what the Presidential Election was all about—The People vs. The Establishment. The people who voted the Trump administration into power must HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE and insist it obeys the mandate of the people that elected it.

      WE THE PEOPLE were greatly empowered in this election and the empowerment thereof must never stop. Real public servants respond accordingly and listen. Ruling public servants do not. Americans must not let up one iota in demanding their voice be heard not just once but every day, day after day.

      You are exactly right. If we do not put the Lord Jesus first we will never have any real comfort—spiritual comfort—or peace and safety in our hearts anyway. We must first be fully accountable to the Lord before we can be accountable to each other. Then we can be courageous and responsible enough to walk in our callings and take authority.

      Blessings to you, Scarlett.

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  2. Yes, yes, YES! I have a young friend from Slovakia who is fascinated by my anti-Obama, anti-liberal, anit-RINO political views. She is a fairly new believer, and when I pointed out the beating that Christianity has taken for the last 8+ years, she was shocked. The news in Europe sees only one side of the picture, for sure. It’s an education for ME to hear her talk about what most Europeans think about people like you and me 🙂

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    • Thanks Linda! The reason Europe sees one side of the picture is due to the controlled one-sided press working for the Establishment which sets the agenda. It is no different here except we have an active and vital free press among so many excellent alternative news sites and hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of independent bloggers. We all know how the MSM was exposed as ultra-biased corporate shills during the election season in which 99% pushed the losing candidate. The people who pay attention can still see right through them. As I wrote in the post, Confirmation Bias is another central reason for the shock.

      When I posted my article about the Brexit vote in June of this year, THE PEOPLE: United Kingdom Exiting the European Union, I had a similar response from a reader in England. I appreciated her comment though we disagreed.

      Blessings to you.

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  3. Reblogged this on Richard's Watch and commented:
    RJ Dawson brings a brilliant albeit brief insight into the unrecognised effect of post-Cold War brainwashing that’s inculcated within our ‘enlightened’ society a lowest common denominator – the moronic, mindless mass-mind and its poisoned perceptions. I look forward to part 2…

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