FIGHTING AGAINST THE LORD: Churches That Oppose New Covenant Truth

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         The anointed prophetic Word is designed by God to get His people on track and correct them when they get off track. This is why many Christians reject it.



         OT Prophets paid a great personal price to be the spokesmen for God. Without their work the forces of evil had no opposition and ran roughshod over the Lord’s people. One wonders why it even mattered in part because the great majority of “the Lord’s people” had no real care or concern for the Lord’s purposes anyway and always segued into their desired natural condition regardless of the effort to help them. They loved living in the flesh, so to speak. This in turn caused them to embrace demonic entities.

         Along came the prophet, sent by God, to correct their behavior, in the attempt to save them from sin and eventual eternal death, because despite their gross sin the Lord still loved them and did His best to help.

         In a fine how-do-you-do, the majority of these people thanked Him by attempting to stick their collective finger in God’s eye and essentially told Him to go to hell. Of course, that’s exactly where they ended up, somewhat ironically (Hey! This isn’t heaven!), but such spiritually obtuse nitwits had no conception of reality anymore due to the blindness that befell them as a result of their rejection of truth. Once they reached that sordid state of soul the odds of returning to God were slim and none.


         The apostle Paul wrote about this very strange Israelite condition centuries later. He should know, of course, because prior to his miraculous new birth experience while still wrapped in gaudy religious robery and exulting in all his glorious Tribe of Benjamin and Pharisee status, he had the aforesaid condition, né disease, in one of its worst forms. Though an expert carrier, He had no understanding of the cause of the disease until the Lord opened his eyes. He explained it thus:

         For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness. [2Thessalonians 2:11-12]

         Refusing to accept and believe New Covenant truth is thus defined as a form of wickedness.

         Paul claimed the Lord graciously forgave him for his previous wicked religious behavior and hatred of real Christians because he had acted out of ignorance and in unbelief:

         I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, putting me into service, even though I was formerly a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent aggressor. Yet I was shown mercy because I acted ignorantly in unbelief… [1Timothy 1:12-13]   

         In other words, he had been a complete doofus with regard to the truth and because of his high intensity personality he had acted out with extreme aggression on his great doofusness with great passion. Before salvation Paul had no love for the truth and was blind due to his rejection of it. He even ended up embracing bad spirits. By his own account he was formerly a:

1: Blasphemer

2: Persecutor

3: Violent Aggressor

          His passion for his religion was such that no man on earth would ever be able to get through to him. Like so many blind Christians today who insist on their own skewed version of truth, they refuse any and every corrective voice, and it is no wonder since they have great support groups of like-minded doofuses to back them up. This is especially true of the blind pulpiteers with no accountability to God since they are surrounded with great clouds of doofuss witnesses congregating before them and sycophant elder boards who often count success in terms of the offerings they siphon every Sunday.

         “Who can argue against our great standing and success and massive numbers, especially with all this money coming in? Come on man, gimme a break! Is it not obvious that God has blessed us?” 


         Some of these places have a level of salt and light but it’s not so tasty and not so bright.

         Cranking it up to a higher spiritual degree demands a level of discipleship usually rejected so success must be measured in alternative ways. The reality in our modern times is that church and ministry organizations in general subsist not on the Spirit of the Lord and His anointed Word for sustenance but on monetary donations, and their skillful knack at gaining donations is actually what makes them successful. Few other organizations have the boldness to repeatedly collect donations all the time regardless of next to zero spiritual effectiveness.

         And yet Paul, the former small-statured colossal doofus who became a powerful Spirit-filled apostle, preacher, teacher, and great witness giant of a man for the Lord had every opportunity granted by the Lord to accept donations for the spiritually abundant work he did, which quite possibly no real Christian has ever matched, but almost always refused to do. He even said it was his right. Why did he do this? Could it be the same reason the Lord never took anything at all for Himself except what was necessary to keep Him alive and strong for the pure purposes of ministry? He chose to hoe an extremely hard row on purpose and submitted Himself to a very difficult life due to the very difficult mission He had to complete.


         No one ever lived a more difficult life with more bountiful spiritual success. The Lord Jesus is our one and only perfect example, and most donation-obsessed so-called giants (antigiants) of the faith look absolutely nothing like Him. This is not to question those who rightfully accept donations but there certainly seems to be a correlation between the most powerfully effective ministries and their very low donation acceptance level.

         “Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.” [Luke 14:27]  


         I remember a preacher from my early days who insisted that whenever he preached he had to wear the three-piece dark suit he always wore that he called his “monkey suit.” I guess that is a form of carrying one’s cross. I also remember a good-natured friend at church who sometimes ministered in a pulpit. Remember, this was a few years back and among the usual conservative elements of that time. Smiling, he wondered about the possibility of “preaching in a flannel shirt.” Back then you never saw anyone preaching or even at Sunday church without wearing some form of higher conservative clothing, unless you were associated with the far out laid back churches on the west coast and a few others like them. I most often wore suits and ties, even in violent summer heat. I could certainly relate to the “monkey suit” idea. Nevertheless, though the Lord was always properly attired I don’t think He ever wore a necktie.

         But He also never put on airs or dressed for the purposes of being legitimate in the eyes of those with the cash in order to appear worthy to receive donations like so many so-called ministers do. However, Joel Osteen made a good point once, when someone suggested he go casual and maybe preach in some bib overalls. He answered with laughter something to the effect, “Can you imagine someone who looks like me preaching in overalls?”

         While I fully understand Joel’s sentiment and appreciate his humility, I think the apostle Paul probably looked more like the latter than the former, in that he probably dressed more like a farmer than a “latter day saint,” who apparently got their uniform ideas from a 1950s IBM dress code manual.


         I hope you can see where this is going. In its effort to look the part, much of Christianity has fallen into the same Pharisee pit that Paul was rescued from. When “official” Christianity does this regarding New Covenant truth, it bars the door to any truth they do not deem truth, which is exactly what the ancient Israelites did, which is exactly why the Lord was always raising up and sending out prophets to them, which is what He is always forced to do with successful though very wayward “churches,” and is why such establishments continue to fight the corrective voices of nondescript prophets sent their way.

         At the judgment the Lord may tell such Chorazin and Capernaum churches that He kept sending people to correct them, and they may say “Who?” and He may point out the sendees and say “Them,” and the faux church leaders may say “Them!” But we…” And the Lord may say something like, “But you silenced them or sent them packing or rejected them because you had no respect for them because they didn’t look the part (sound familiar?) and because you had so much pride in yourselves and you didn’t understand that in rejecting them you were rejecting the One who sent them.” At that point the Faux Bros may still be mumbling to themselves, “Them? But they, but we, but…”


         Some formerly screwed up church people and preachers have actually expressed this sentiment and corrected their behavior. Like the apostle Paul they finally saw the error of their ways after getting knocked flat on their backs doing their usual Damascus road routine which involved judging everyone on the planet that didn’t look like them and act like them and believe like them. Humble pie has served them well. They have since decided to try to get their priorities straight but it remains a struggle for some. Many continue having a hard time being corrected and are trying to get it right but are besieged under the onslaught of rigid Religious Correctness. (Yes, due to my own past knowledge of and experience in this regard I was ahead of the curve on that one also.) From my book:


         In these verses, Paul gives us a succinct yet powerfully revealing picture of that which continues to keep much of Christianity in the dark ages. He makes it plain that spiritual goals cannot be reached by human effort. He gives us a concise rendering of the fact that the power of God is not contingent upon works but upon pure faith. Why then are we Christians stubbornly intent on doing all that is possible to organize God out of His own fellowship and out of the very teachings which we profess to uphold? It’s no wonder much of the world thinks Christians are goofy. It’s no wonder we’re always playing catch-up ball—original thought is not allowed. True freedom in the Lord is not allowed either, and we’re paying a huge price for it. It’s impossible for one to be free when he or she is dragging around a Religiously Correct ball and chain. [1]

         We all know there are fake preachers thoroughly succumbed to religious deadness for the sake of wallets and respectability. Just turn on Christian television as a reminder. While there are some in that far away land of lights, cameras, and action who are for real, there are many who are as fake as a sold-out politician and are either seriously deceived (stupid) or thoroughly compromised. Bills must be paid, if you get my drift, and anti-Christian agendas must be attended to, because the people giving the money believe in and insist upon the false agendas. Does one really think one will get donations from (insert name of denomination here) unless one preaches the doctrines of (insert same name of denomination here)?


         “But I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Therefore remember from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first; or else I am coming to you and will remove your lampstand out of its place—unless you repent.” [Revelation 2:4-5]

         This is why so many churches are Goth dark even though the lights are on. Their lampstand has been removed because they left their first love. Many other churches are likewise dark though they never left their first love simply because they had no first love to begin with. What’s a Christian’s first love anyway? Is it not the following?

         And He said to him, “YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND.’ This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’” [Matthew 22:37-39]

         Of course, Christians can’t obey the second without first obeying the first, which proves why many do not obey the first since it is obvious they refuse to obey the second, and we know they don’t obey the second in part because they reject the corrective voice of the Lord who is trying TO SAVE THEM FROM THEMSELVES. Again, it is why we have four billion Christian denominations at odds with each other that insist on majoring on man-made differences and distinctions instead of coming together in unity founded on the ONE and only ONE full curriculum of the Lord Jesus.

         And Jesus said, “For judgment I came into this world, so that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may become blind.” Those of the Pharisees who were with Him heard these things and said to Him, “We are not blind too, are we?” Jesus said to them, “If you were blind, you would have no sin; but since you say, ‘We see,’ your sin remains.” [John 9:39-41]

         From this clear statement it is obvious that the blind Christians who insist they see remain in their sins though they play the church game very well and are excellent at looking the part. Again, these people are mere actors. There is no THERE there. They have rejected the Lord’s New Covenant truth as did Paul in his previous incarnation and defend their faux constructs to their own detriment. Therefore they do not know they are blind and in sin and must fight against such assertions even if they attack the One they claim to serve. If He can’t get through to them (and it certainly isn’t for a lack of trying!), who can? How long will they persist in fighting against the Lord?

         “But many who are first will be last; and the last, first.” [Matthew 19:30] [2]

         © 2017 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

[1] Excerpt from Real Christianity—The Nature of the Church © 2001 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

[2] Unless otherwise noted all Scriptures are taken from the New American Standard Bible, © 1960, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.

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  1. Howdy. I understand what you are saying but I wasn’t that keen on the delivery. It isn’t that what you are saying isn’t a reality, it’s the language you are using about those within the Church that doesn’t sit right with me. Matt 5:22 comes to mind. One thing that I learned from David in the OT in his dealings with Saul, was that he respected what was God’s, even when Saul had clearly grievously sinned. I admit there is a fine line to be aware of, but I’m thinking it is always prudent, when dealing with those within the Church, to remember to whom they belong to. Our mandate is to speak the truth, to build up, to encourage, not to tear down. Obviously there are exceptions in extreme circumstances but caution is always warranted. What Jesus has the right to say to the Church and what we have the right to say to the Church are not necessarily one and the same thing. Wasn’t really sure how your last scripture quotation fit into what you were saying either, Matt 19:10, because Jesus decides who is first and who is last and note that this is within the Kingdom of God. I could be out in left field but thought I would let you know how what you wrote hit me. please correct me if you think otherwise. Blessings!


    • Thanks Bruce. I appreciate the comment. These are tough times in the sense that the Lord is bringing forth something very powerful and great but it is not so great for those who insist on the status quo. First of all, I know we are friends. Since I met you over at your place a few months ago and you came to visit here, we have had some very good conversations as this format allows, and you have blessed this site with excellent comments. I know we do not agree on everything, and that’s okay, but we obviously agree on the things that matter most. I know we can dialogue and learn from each other and that is exactly what all believers must do.

      I understand your concern. But I also understand that there are Christians who resist very strongly when the Lord is bringing something new and fresh and powerful. The spiritual dynamics in this regard have always been the same. There are three groups here. One group insists on whatever status quo it is associated with and greatly resists any change at all, even change for the better. Another group is on the spiritual frontier trying very hard to obey the Lord as He is directing them to bring forth His kingdom which is our ever-present mandate. These groups are going to clash. The third group is everyone else. Based on much research into the history of Christianity in the world, there have been a great number of extremely horrendous events featuring great persecution of Christian on Christian. It is hard enough that the Lord’s people have to engage in spiritual warfare and be ceaselessly attacked by non-Christian entities, but it is a much more difficult level of battle when one is persecuted seemingly by one’s own.

      We see what happened in the first century, for example, at the very beginning. For about seven to ten years after Pentecost there were no Gentile believers and all real believers were descendants of Abraham. Their chief enemy was composed of other descendants of Abraham, or at least those who made that claim. Thus there were believing Jews and unbelieving Jews, of whom the latter brought great persecution upon the former. The real believers were loving and kind but also very strong and anointed spiritually and the Lord was working with them and through them to bring forth the kingdom which the unbelieving Jews did not appreciate. They were in fact incensed. Many real believers were killed. The old order was going down and the new was coming forth.

      The same thing happened during the Reformation. Those were again very difficult times and a great many real believers were persecuted, again, by other professed Christians. It was a time when spiritual and Biblical knowledge was spilling forth in a great powerful torrent, after having been stowed away by the enemy for centuries. Much New Covenant truth was being revealed. Again, great persecution went on for centuries, Christian against Christian, and the three groups were again being revealed. There was much treachery and betrayal, and a great many real believers were killed.

      This has happened countless times all over the globe, of course, for almost two thousand years. It is the same dynamic. It may be muted in many areas, especially in the West, but there is always an undercurrent of Christians rejecting other Christians and separating into their own respective folds. There is always much unexpressed hatred. This is especially true when it involves bringing forth the spiritual dynamic inherent in the Book of Acts.

      My delivery in this article is strong, but there is ample historical documentation that strong deliveries are required when attempting to help people bound by an intractable hard-core status quo that refuses change of any kind, yet does not realize it is accepting of a gradual change downward and away from the Lord. We see, for example, what has happened to formerly great Protestant movements which have degraded over time into denominations much more accepting of sin and non-Biblical mores which resist New Covenant truth to ever-greater degrees.

      I am thankful that we largely agree on the content of this post though we disagree on the delivery. But for every example of the type you have quoted there are also many examples of very strong deliveries. The OT prophets brought forth some very powerful language and the Lord had them do extremely difficult things in the attempt to grab the attention of a wayward people set on opposing agendas. It is exactly the same now. Though some Christians are generally accepting of positive change toward greater New Covenant truth, there is always the tendency to move as slowly as possible toward that change, but such gradualism must give way when it becomes obvious that great change is already upon us. It happened at Pentecost. That was an explosive event and nothing would ever be the same. Jews were forced by the circumstances to choose sides.

      It happened during the Great Reformation. It happened with the first Great Awakening in America in the 1730s and 1740s and with the second Great Awakening in the 1800s. Incredible change was coming forth whether some Christians liked it or not. These were truly like spiritual civil wars. The Lord brings it forth because it is what He does and He does it for the sake of those who want real LIFE. He knows the status quo won’t like it. The status quo never does. And the Lord uses different people doing it different ways. Love must always rule but we know by the example of the Lord during His many rebukeathons that love is sometimes expressed in what may appear on the surface to be an unloving manner. Paul was the same way. And the great dialogue of Stephen captured this best in the Book of Acts. He told the pure truth but ripped those guys. It cost him his life not because of his manner but because of the powerful level of truth he brought forth.

      We are heading into such times.

      Be blessed my brother, and thank you again. Keep up the great work.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi RJ, I’m thinking your discernment ability is probably a little more experienced than mine so I trust your feedback and explanations. Not to worry, just thought I would throw it your way for consideration. I do hear what you are saying and I agree with you that we are probably heading into difficult times. Thank you for the kind and considerate tone, sincerely appreciated. Blessings on you also my brother.


  2. Nice to see a new post from you. I wondered if you had gone on vacation 🙂 There is so much involved here. It really needs to be read, studied, and pondered in small bites! I share your respect for the Apostle Paul. Recently someone I respect wrote some extremely critical things about Paul, declaring him arrogant and haughty, without compassion. I’m still trying to decide whether or not to respond, and I’m thinking probably not, since I still have no peace about it. I never get into circular arguments on purpose, and I suspect that’s what would happen.

    Well, I’m rambling. I will read this post again when I am alone–no distractions 🙂


    • Thank you, Linda. I always appreciate your comments. You have added to this site greatly and have put up with me for a number of years. I hope you’re doing well.

      Yes, it’s been a while since I have posted. You know how it usually works. I remember last November I was posting an article every other day. But since May 31 nothing has been coming forth. I had to take a break anyway. There were many practical demands and other work to do.

      The apostle Paul was pretty much the perfect person for that time and fit wonderfully into the Lord’s plan. He is the perfect type of the last born Benjamin who came along when many of his brothers were grown men. I see Paul as the real twelfth disciple. He still sets such an excellent example. Where would we be as Christians without him and his work? I always think about how the Lord had a plan for him and had to express such patience while Paul was opposing Him, thinking he was doing right, until the day when the Lord said, “Okay, enough.” And He got him straightened out. He’s trying to get us all straightened out, of course, in different ways, but Paul’s case was obviously dynamic.

      Thank you again for reading and great blessings to you.

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  3. RJ, just an after note ….. “I see Paul as the real twelfth disciple.” Me too! Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!


  4. Gary Bertnick

    Thank you again brother. There is something called “reproof” and “rebuke”. Also apostasy and “falling away” are out there. Mathew 24 descriptions are tragically beginning. My passion is for the remnant, whoever they are. I do my little bit as I am led by the Spirit.
    To me truthful encouragement is a big deal. Eternal life is in the balance though invisible to most. But, not to me. The full number of Gentiles will come in; then the focus will shift to Israel’s salvation as Zechariah wrote. The Lord is more than able to sort out the cowards and idolaters. Peace


    • Thank you, Gary. I always appreciate your insightful and measured comments.

      The Lord was never shy about revealing the real truth of every matter, even when it appeared as though He wasn’t being very nice about it. He often had to be tactful, of course, and had to use parables, but He never backed down from saying what must be said. Souls hung in the balance.

      There is a giant misconception about New Covenant truth and the Lord’s delivery system, so unlike that of modern dance-around-the-truth ministers, in that it often appears as though He is being far too strong and offensive and that the truth He presents is usually unnecessary. There is a religious cult that has developed within Christianity in general in which the highest goal is to be non-offensive.

      It is the cult of the unrepentant convicted.

      Christians greatly convicted by pure NC truth refuse to consider that a very hard line is often very essential to getting the job done, though it is a job they refuse to consider, because their warped view of spiritual reality insists that such a job is actually antithetical to their own “Christian” objective, which apparently, is to water down the Gospel to the point of ineffectiveness so as not to offend anyone.

      This entire attitude reveals further the obvious sinful nature of mankind that the Word, and only the Word, puts forth, in that unrepentant sinners will fight with everything in their power to insist they are not sinners and not in need of repentance, and everyone is just fine just the way they are. This mocks the Gospel and it mocks the Lord. Every unrepentant human being is on a collision course with the revealed truth within the Lord’s teachings that he or she is out of fellowship with God due to their personal sin and rebellion and had better do something about it. To deny this fact in the name of Christianity by embracing a false Gospel that does nothing whatsoever to get one on the right track is to work for the Lord’s enemies. Telling people they are right with God when they are not is great for success and feeling good but is a damning schema diverting all who embrace it from salvation.

      Many of these popularity agenda enemies exist among us wearing the proverbial sheep’s clothing and are not a few here and there off in the hinterlands but are actually quite mainstream and it would shock a few how unbiblical their doctrines actually are when compared to the Lord’s truth. This is how far the deception has progressed. Not only must these people reject New Covenant truth and those who uphold it, they also must reject much of the Lord’s curriculum. They do this most often, of course, by simply never mentioning those parts of His teachings they reject. And those they rule over are none the wiser.

      Blessings to you.


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