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        This is a must-read article. Please tell all your friends. There is an anointing here that can be applied to otherwise impossible situations and bring victory.


         So when Jesus came, He found that he had already been in the tomb four days. [John 11:17]  

         The forty days officially began on August 21. The fortieth day begins tonight at sunset. We are about to complete the same forty day period the Lord completed just prior to the start of His ministry in which He fasted for the duration and then went toe-to-toe with the devil.

         This is one of those counterintuitive training methods that makes no sense in the natural and causes nominal Christians to recoil in horror. Rather than train conventionally as one may train for a prize fight in which a boxer imbibes in the best nutrition and a regimented workout lasting for several weeks in the effort to eventually outlast an opponent in the ring, the Lord did the opposite. He went far out into the wilderness all by Himself. It is recorded that He was out there with the wild beasts. Every day and night for forty days He had nothing to eat whatsoever. He prayed always. He prepared to the hilt. But it was all spiritual preparation.

         This kind of training and fight preparation is no longer taught by what we may term “official” Christianity and hasn’t been for many centuries. Most of today’s Christian ministers laugh at the very idea of teaching such a method of gaining spiritual victory. They keep almost everything in a purely natural and non-supernatural mode because the stakes they seek cater instead to material and “worldly” success.


         Now, please note that I like success. The Lord grants success. He is really into success. But it also must be noted that the spiritual must come first and must come correctly or whatever “success” one may have will soon be lost. When the Lord went to war on our behalf and on behalf of our future success He had in mind a way to buy back our freedom from the ravages of sin and bondage. That was His obvious priority. To that end, and because He loves us so, He was more than willing to subject himself to such austere and extreme training methods and face off with the ugly, gnarly, hell’s angel dipwad responsible for screwing everything up and turning His perfect creation into fallen destruction and His perfect sinless holy humans into spiritually dead, broken, compromised, and hell-bound shells of themselves.

         And He was in the wilderness forty days being tempted by Satan; and He was with the wild beasts, and the angels were ministering to Him. [Mark 1:13]   

         Who else would love like that? Who else could love like that? Well, HE did it. And it cost Him everything. Whatever we do for the Lord and others is great and duly noted but based on the practices of Christianity in general most Christians not only fail to do the least in this regard for the Lord, they don’t even see the need for it, as in “What’s the point?” This attitude is borne out by people completely unaware of the concept in that they see no connection between much prayer, fasting, standing in faith, and fighting spiritual battles with eventual great spiritual victories which would otherwise have no chance of happening.

         The Lord Jesus, however, taught the why and how every day of His ministry. He showed us how it is done. His disciples did what He said and had great spiritual success. The entire Roman Empire was evangelized within a century and a half, so much so that the leaders thereof eventually threw in the towel. If those mighty spiritual warriors could do that then why can’t we do it now? It is not that we can’t. It is that the definition has changed. And because the definition has changed there is no longer any need for the great spiritual practices of the originals because Christian success is no longer defined by doing the impossible but by doing exactly as this fallen world is doing.

         If the Lord could defeat the devil without a forty day fast and all night prayer sessions and making Himself poor and putting up constantly with religious idiots trying to kill Him then why did He do all those things? Why did the apostles do all those things? They knew, of course, that it was the only way. There was no other way. It was also why they were all filled with the Holy Spirit according to the real New Covenant method and thus gained supernatural strength to fight such battles and do the impossible.


         I just got through fighting such a battle. It was very difficult. I knew from the beginning that the Lord had a plan and a solution but that did not make it any easier. I had to stand in faith consistently over a full forty days. My faith grew. That was part of the reason why it lasted that long. It was an opportunity to increase my faith. The process was fraught, however, with ups and downs and dead-end failure and inspiration and bright spots and hope and temporary depressing defeats and rallying and an incredible amount of prayer and much fasting. There were some I counted on that let me down, others that helped in increments, and at the end a great blessing that the Lord saved for the very end that made it all possible and made the victory complete. I know this will probably sound far-fetched but the victory truly did come on the very last day.

         My forty day time period began three days before the solar eclipse. I had a very unfortunate event take place on August 18. It was a very big deal. I was quickly in an impossible situation. I immediately stated that it was no surprise to the Lord and that He had a plan though I had no idea what it was. In my previous post, Forty Days Toward Victory, I was writing on Day 24 and stated that I was in the middle of trying to make something happen that had to happen in order to continue and that it demanded strong faith and a relentless approach.

         As mentioned before, the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 was also the day of the new moon which began the Lord’s forty days and which would end with the Day of Atonement on September 30. Those who understood the stakes and decided to participate knew that America itself was hanging in the balance and that the nation had better repent. That was not possible unless Americans repented and properly prepared for what was coming. I knew something was up and that the Lord had great plans for this autumn, but there would be a price to pay to bring it forth. I wrote about this in At the Crossroads: Will America Repent?

         My fortieth day, that is, the fortieth day after the unfortunate recent event in my life, was on Wednesday, September 27. I stayed in faith until then. It was not easy. Yet that day was the exact day the Lord brought forth an otherwise impossible victory.


         There are many very interesting aspects to the story of the raising of Lazarus. This was a man who along with his sisters, Martha and Mary, was a very dear friend of the Lord. Lazarus had gotten very sick. A messenger was sent to find the Lord so He could come and help. The Lord was found at a distance. But instead of immediately rushing to the side of His good friend He did something curious. He waited two days. He essentially waited for Lazarus to die. And He gave His friends no warning whatsoever that He would do this.

         So when He heard that he was sick, He then stayed two days longer in the place where He was. [John 11:6]

         By the time He went to the home of Lazarus, His good friend had already been dead for four days. The Lord was hammered with, “If only you had been here…”

         When I began this article I planned to go into greater detail about the Lazarus story, but I am running long and need to start closing. One thing I will say is that the Lord showed me several parallels to my situation. He could have warned me but He didn’t. He just let it happen. He could have arranged things to where it would not have been so bad but He didn’t. In the case of Lazarus, He could have rushed back and healed Him and that would have certainly been a miracle. But He wanted something better, something much greater. He wanted to raise Lazarus from the dead.

         Consider this perspective. The Lord could fix your current problem, but if you allow Him to He can bring a much greater miracle. I know this happened in my case. I was looking for the path of least resistance and the lesser way out. But the Lord had already determined, “No, I am going to do something much, much better.” It meant the problem had to be much worse. It meant the problem had to be impossible. It would require resources I didn’t have. It would require Him to come through in the nick of time.

         A friend gave me a book over four years ago. I never read it. I didn’t care for the author so much. I kept the book, of course. I put it right up there on my bookshelves. But I never had any desire or inclination to read it. Then, last week, when my situation was most dire and it looked like all hope was lost, the Lord led me to that book. I began reading. I started feeling better. I got inspired. Then I realized that the Lord wanted the very best for me and I should go for the whole enchilada, to go for the best possible outcome, to not settle for a mere partial victory, like the healing of Lazarus, for example, but for an actual resurrection from death. In other words, for an impossibility.

         That’s what I decided. I saw in that moment that it was what the Lord wanted. I had perfect faith in the BEST outcome because I knew it was the will of God. It was still impossible but because I knew the Lord wanted to go that route I was all in. He would make a way. I started praying and believing to that end all the more. I was at my absolute lowest on the thirty-third day. Then hope began to arise. The last week was still very difficult but as the Lord had planned all along, and I am so glad He gave me the strength to do His will, the victory came on the fortieth day. YES!


          Now, regarding the Lord’s forty days, the fortieth day begins at sunset today. It begins the Day of Atonement, which is representative of having all of our sins washed away. It was the one day during the entire year that the high priest entered into the Holy of Holies to make atonement for the nation. Only the high priest could go in there. And he could only do it once a year. The Lord Jesus is our High Priest. Only He can make atonement.

         When the sun goes down Saturday evening, September 30th, the forty days will be complete. What started with an incredible nationwide celestial event, a full transcontinental solar eclipse, will end in a way that only the Lord knows. After that we will see what the Lord has had in store all along. After that we will begin to see all the various “Lazaruses” being raised from the dead.

         When He had said these things, He cried out with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth.” The man who had died came forth, bound hand and foot with wrappings, and his face was wrapped around with a cloth. Jesus said to them, “Unbind him, and let him go.” [John 11:43-44] [1]   

         © 2017 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.  

[1] Unless otherwise noted all Scriptures are taken from the New American Standard Bible, © 1960, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.

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  1. Hi RJ, you state “After that we will begin to see all the various “Lazaruses” being raised from the dead.” I’ve been following your posts, are you saying what I think you are saying, that we shall actually see resurrections take place, here, now? Am I reading you wrong? Didn’t that happen already when Jesus rose from the dead, when the tombs were opened and those saints who were “asleep” rose and were seen within Jerusalem? What makes you think this will happen again and why don’t the scriptures say something about this? Curious and I mean no disrespect. – Bruce


    • Thanks for the comment, Bruce. Blessings to you. While there have certainly been reports and claims of people being raised from the dead by the power of the Lord since the time of the early Church and into present times, the story of Lazarus actually goes way beyond the subject matter. It is a fascinating study.

      I remember a sermon series by David Wilkerson titled “The Death of a Promise.” I would think the subject matter is one that Christians have been aware of since the beginning, but it was how I was introduced to it. In concise terms, David spoke of God making a promise and then speaking death to it, not because He wanted to block its fulfillment, but that only He could bring about its fulfillment according to His terms in His time. One can study the OT promises and see this is true. One example is the promise made to Abraham about the future birth of Isaac, through which the Messiah must descend, yet which must take place through an old man and a barren woman. Sarah had always been barren and unable to have children. Yet she ended up birthing a miracle child at ninety years of age. Abraham was ten years her senior. God made the promise about twenty five years or so before its fulfillment.

      As I stated in this article, The Lord Jesus let Lazarus die for the very purpose of raising him back up, in order to bring forth glory for Himself and reveal what He was capable of doing to build faith in others. It was yet another teaching moment working through actual people in the three dimensional world. There was obviously an understanding among Martha, Mary, and Lazarus that the Lord was their good friend and would take care of them. They knew He could help them when Lazarus got sick but were heartbroken when He didn’t show. They could not understand why He let it happen. And yet the Lord knew He was dealing with maybe the only people or certainly part of a small group of people who would allow Him to work such a miracle. He needed people who would always love Him and trust Him regardless of circumstances. They needed to understand that He would be heartbroken also over the loss of His good friend.

      So when Lazarus died, Martha and Mary were never so disappointed that they would lose faith or break relationship. Again, the Lord knew He was dealing with people who were excellent candidates for this kind of miracle. It was the same with Abraham and Sarah, though Sarah’s barrenness represented a complete lack of faith which she had her whole life until right before Isaac was conceived. She never turned her back on God, however. Of course, Abraham was a great man of faith and always knew the Lord could do anything and fully trusted Him always, though he yielded to his wife regarding Ishmael.

      Therefore, when I am speaking of various “Lazaruses,” I am referring to all of those situations and events in our lives in which the Lord wants to perform a “resurrection.” In order to do that He has to let a bad event occur, or a “death,” knowing full well that He will bring forth life regarding that event or situation in accordance with our faith. As Lazarus trusted the Lord, even unto death, so must we, regardless of the circumstances. We must always know and apply the fact that all things are possible with God though 99% of the people around us may not believe that.

      Job, in the midst of his great trials and dealing with so much misunderstanding, hurt, pain, and disappointment, was still able to say, because of his great never-ending faith, “Though He slay me, I will hope in Him” (Job 13:15). Abraham obeyed even to the sacrificing of his only son, who came by a miracle, would generate the nation of Israel, and would in later generations bring forth the Messiah, through whom all of us are saved. Killing Isaac would destroy everything forever and Abraham knew that but He still obeyed God.

      Whatever any of us may be going through at present, it may be a Lazarus moment. It may be something that the Lord could have indeed stopped from happening or applied a relatively minor miracle to but instead wants to bring forth the best outcome, whatever that may be. Such things are not possible without our 100% faith and trust in Him throughout the process. Martha and Mary were certainly very saddened by what happened to their brother and knew the Lord could have prevented it, but never lost their love for Him and their faith in Him. The Lord was greatly heartened by this and it is partially illustrated in His response to them in what is the shortest verse in the NT: “Jesus wept” (John 11:35).

      Their response must be our response when it looks like all is lost and any solution is impossible. We must stay in faith. We must love the Lord always. The coming forth of our promise could happen soon. The raising of our Lazarus may be just around the corner.

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      • Thank you RJ for taking the time to break it down for me, sincerely appreciate. You are a patient man! Blessings!


      • Hi RJ, just so you know, I have indeed experienced a number of Lazarus moments in my life, amazing testimonies of God’s faithfulness when I had all but given up. In fact, they are one of the sources of my faith in Him. Last minute, back to the wall moments that I shall never forget. God’s character is revealed by His Grace and it is beautiful to behold. Blessings my friend and thank you so much for your faithful witness.


  2. I hardly know what, if anything, to say to this article. Fascinating, compelling.


  3. Thank you for “paying this price” as an example to others. In the circumstances the Lord has me in I often pray- “Lord, today may I discharge my priestly duties in Your sight.”
    Thank you for sharing glimpses of your Kingdom Life.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. God is so good to not let anything in our life that is destroying us go without the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and so good to not withhold “every spiritual blessing.” I love this image of what we thought was dead being submitted to God’s destination: life! Thanks for writing this, I’ll be sure to follow this blog to see future posts, and I would adore to have someone like you read anything I wrote! God bless!


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