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      You say it can’t happen here? It’s been happening here. Great Awakenings and Christian persecution always go together.


           All who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. [2Timothy 3:12]

         The difference between Christian persecution in America and the rest of the world is that in America Christians persecute Christians.

         Notwithstanding the fact that there is certainly a multitude of cases in which the government and other secular institutions have attacked Christians and Christian organizations for their Biblical beliefs, most persecution does not come from that direction. Even though the United States Constitution has been shredded and cast aside by very powerful people who will never let the law of the land stand in their way from doing whatever their money and influence grant them, and though this has been going on for a very long time, government itself has rarely or never been the main perpetrator.

         For one thing there is the vast Christian voting bloc that candidates must have to one degree or another to have success. But most Christian voters are uninformed and Biblically illiterate or they would never support so many successful candidates. When they do support them and believe the untruths from the campaign trail, the vast majority of voters never hold the successful candidate’s feet to the fire once they gain office. The candidates know this, of course. They know all they have to do is put on a big show when running for office and then switch gears once they gain office. They know Christians will almost never hold them accountable and that they would never be able to do much after the fact anyway. The candidates know that once the big show is over the voters will have exhausted themselves and must return to normal life. The voters may feel they have done their part and must now leave it up to whatever is going to happen. They also want to keep the newness of new office holders and administrations fresh because it gives them a good feeling.

         This happens every election. Yet, over the last few years America has certainly adopted a new “throw the bums out” approach that has not happened before. One can see this in the large turnovers that have been taking place every two and four years. What Americans still do not comprehend, however, is that even though they do this nothing substantial ever changes. I and many others have been saying for many years that there is effectively no difference in the two major political parties. Both are sold out to the money powers and are much more influenced by lobbyists than voters. That is who they cater to. Also, there are some very powerful member organizations in which the members thereof, many of which are office holders, see to it that their interests always come first. These people have taken over a long time ago. They are the people most often in office. They were selected before they were elected.

         The current administration has shown great promise and it could be the case that a few good things may keep happening long term. It is probably too much to hope for, however, to see such continue as would happen in a real reform effort. Great change for the better usually only happens over a relatively large length of time. Real reform of this kind does not happen fast because there is so much evil to weed out. The greater concern for now, however, is that any reform which has begun may be cut short due to the powerful interest and control of those who strike back. They took over long ago and most American Christians either don’t know they exist, feel powerless against them, or are simply too apathetic to sustain a drive.

         Nevertheless, the Great Awakening has already begun and sides are being chosen. This is also happening among Christians.


         I have written about the Christian Great Awakening in China several times on this site. Forty years ago, China was in very bad shape from a Christian perspective. It was a vast non-Christian swamp. Christianity in China had been severely persecuted under the Chinese Communist regime and effectively wiped out. Most American Christians don’t know this or care much if they do, but the Chinese Communists had murdered roughly forty million Chinese, a staggering number. But after Mao died in 1976 a miracle began. The Christian presence in China began coming forth. It was obviously very small at first and, as usual, the early spiritual pioneers paid the biggest price. But the underground church has grown exponentially and overall current numbers of Chinese Christians indicate approximately 200 million. Trends indicate that China will soon become a Christian nation.

         Christianity, of course, is illegal in China, except for those Christian organizations that receive the Chinese government stamp of approval (and are thus government controlled). Conversely, raids on underground house churches and others continue in force.[1] Regarding government control, the same thing has long since happened in America. Only those churches and Christians organizations approved by the government are free to be what they are and they largely escape any persecution. The 501c3 boys made a deal to limit their effectiveness and their voice, and are thus hopelessly compromised. We have the same licensing process here as they do in China though it appears much less obtrusive. Any Christian group in America that neglects to gain this government approval will subject itself to scrutiny. Most of these never make it to the radar screen because they are far too small and inconsequential. They are also mostly independent, scattered, and unaligned. They represent little or no threat.

       If they grow large enough or become connected enough to gain a voice they will certainly show up on the radar. For example, there was much persecution against many Christian groups under the prior administration when government agencies were weaponized against them. Many of these were destroyed as a result as were the lives of the people involved. As a real Christian, do not ever think the Freedom of Religion right as guaranteed in the Constitution will protect you. Yet, it is there and will certainly act as a protector if enough real Christians get involved and protect one another. But American Christians almost never do this. There will always be a few selected causes and individuals that Christians will defend if such causes gain enough attention and notoriety. That which happened with an American pastor’s recent release from a Turkish prison is a great example. But these causes can often act as brakes on the overall cause of all Christians undergoing persecution here because it makes them that much more invisible.


         For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? [1Peter 4:17] [2]

         Churches and denominations protect themselves. They will always fight believers who do not believe as they do and do not strictly believe and obey all their church doctrines and denominational bylaws. It does not matter that most of these churches and denominations never preach the full Gospel or that they teach non-New Covenant doctrines. The only thing that matters to them is protecting their swamp and the people who run it. This is why the people with the real power to do something never do anything to press real reform. It is the same reason the Old Testament prophets were always disassociated single individuals with no protection whatsoever except that which came from the Lord. The kings would never protect them, of course, or only very rarely. The prophets were always persecuted.

         If they came for a mega church pastor in America, well, then, everybody in the country would know about it. But when has this ever happened? And why is it not happening?

         This proves beyond anything else, perhaps, that the bigger the church the bigger the compromise and the bigger the odds are of a pretender or compromised minister in charge. There are far too many Christians, churchgoers, and “pastors” in this country that if they decided to demand that reform must come then I guarantee you reform would come. But they never do this. They have a different agenda. They would rather protect themselves and let all the struggling persecuted Christians in America fend for themselves. This is why it is not the government that is the overall problem. If anything, though there have certainly been documented cases of abuse by government entities directed against Christians, the government really doesn’t care what you do as an individual Christian as long as you obey the law. And when the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion you are not violating the law by preaching and teaching the real Gospel!  

        No, the bulk of Christian persecution in America does not come from government, it comes from other Christians. This reveals that the most effective Christian enemy is not in that other swamp in need of draining, but most likely in one much closer.

         © 2018 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

[1] 100 Christians Snatched in Overnight Raids on Underground Chinese Church

[2] Unless otherwise noted all Scriptures are taken from the New American Standard Bible, © 1960, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.

LINK: Exactly eight years ago, in late August of 2010, the Lord spoke to me very clearly: “WE ARE IN THE EARLY STAGES OF A NATIONAL GREAT AWAKENING.”

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  1. It has always been about the “few”. Those who truly love their Lord and serve Him. Who know their Shepherd and walk with Him. Those who “taste and see” as Peter described. The “few” will stand strong till the end as described in Mathew chapter 24. As revealed by Prophet John in the Book of Revelation. Thank you.


    • Thanks Gary. Excellent comment. The true test of a real believer is indeed “enduring to the end” which can only occur, I would think, if one has a close personal walk with the Lord. The Lord revealed this especially in the Parable of the Sower. I would think one must have what is, essentially, a supernatural strength given by the Lord to successfully withstand the rigors of the spiritual fight associated with achieving the objective. Though it may sound overly dramatic to those on the outside looking in, Christian persecution is somewhat equivalent to being dropped behind enemy lines and surviving to accomplish the mission.

      Thanks again for your comment and support my brother. Be Blessed.


  2. I am always surprised, even after all these years, at how naive and ignorant we can be about who really holds the reins in Washington D.C.

    Follow the money, folks. Check out career criminals who are never indicted, never charged, never called to account. Take off the blinders. Most of our elected officials are NOT particularly concerned about what we, the people, want. Christians, especially–strong believers who are not afraid–need to keep a steady pressure on our congressmen. Never let up. Never let go. And talk to EVERYONE about what’s really going on in our nation’s most treasonous city.

    Boy. I must be one of those ultra-conservative nuts, huh?

    One thing I will say in Obama’s behalf: He never lied to us about what his intentions were. He refused to salute our flag. He read books about post-modern America, the world without America. He was open, as was his wife, about their disgust and outright hatred for this country. He vowed, after his second victory (!) to “fundamentally change America.” He exempted himself from his own health care mess. So did Congress. He flagrantly wasted taxpayer money on personal entertainment. Never was called to account for any of it.

    Sometimes I think we’re getting exactly what we deserve.


    • I can’t help but agree. When we stand before the Lord to give account ignorance will be no excuse. Nor will laziness. And it is no excuse to not see the long train of users and abusers who have robbed the American people and exploited Christians. We currently have a great chance to get this right because so much truth is now available. In the last few years some very diligent people have figured out a lot and presented it to all in the form of books, papers, blog posts, radio shows, pod casts, video productions, and etc. It’s all there and more arrives every day. All of these people, who have and are working so hard, bring forth ongoing small pieces of an extremely large and complicated puzzle which reveals the truth and the Wizard of Oz-like goings on formerly out of public view. The devil works hard to stay hidden.

      But this type of effort to take control and keep the inner workings hidden from the very people who support churches and ministries, as if wrong was being done or the people are too ignorant to understand, should never take place in Christian organizations. This type of secrecy, high-mindedness, and lack of accountability is the very thing that allows for behind the scenes evil and an inevitable persecutory attitude toward those who live right and want reform. The Lord Jesus was wholly transparent in everything He did in His public ministry, as were the early believers. They did nothing for personal gain. They never used other believers to feather their own nests. They always took it on the chin and many gave their lives. Their success was off the charts. The persecution they endured was a clear sign that they were doing it right. If not, they would not have been fought against and hated so intensely.

      “But many who are first will be last; and the last, first.” [Matthew 19:30]

      Thanks for a great comment. Blessings to you.

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