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The Lord Jesus is available. He has never stopped being available. All things are possible with God.



The faux brethren are preaching a different Gospel. It brings no honor to the Lord. But it does bring them a living, and that is what they desire the most.

“Christianity” is very different behind the scenes. Once a Christian performer leaves the stage he or she can be seen for what they really are. I remember very well the early days when idealism gave way to reality. While the reality of the Lord was always the same the Lord showed me how the faux brethren change when away from the spotlight. I wondered then, just how a Christian performer is supposed to represent himself in public. There is obviously no way he can maintain the same persona and attitude as the one presented onstage.

Again, these were the very early days of my new Christian experience. Everything was brand new, holy, and pure. I had no reason to doubt anything presented as spiritual reality. The preaching I became associated with was powerful and convicting. It was obviously inspired and anointed.

But I began to realize that I never saw that kind of preaching outside a church venue, unless it was a larger church venue transported to a rented auditorium or something similar. Why did I never see that kind of incredible preaching out on the street in a non-official setting?


This is how the early believers did it. They had no church buildings. There were in fact no church buildings for almost three centuries and yet those powerful early believers turned the Roman Empire on its ear. One must keep in mind that the Romans were brutal. That is probably the best one word description of their entire culture. They perfected crucifixion, for example. Gladiators fought to the death as entertainment. Massive crowds came to the many entertainment venues to see human beings suffer and die. Once the early believers became more numerous and were seen as a threat, they too were sentenced to die in entertainment venues, often ripped apart by wild beasts. Imagine being one of those early stalwarts of the faith.

Despite all the persecution and barbaric brutality, the early believers actually brought the Roman Empire to its knees. They did it with love. They did it by making themselves vulnerable. They were never two-faced. What you saw was what you got whether they were behind closed doors, in small settings, or out in the public on the street. They learned all of this from the Lord Jesus. It is exactly the way He was and the way He did things. He was always the same and He is still the same.


Official Christianity, however, has been transformed into a stage production. Preaching has become an art form. Yet, such is not close to being new. The Lord called the Pharisees and those like them hypocrites. Though the word has a different connotation now, hypocrites were stage performers. They were actors. The Lord called the Pharisees actors. They were merely acting out a part. Their outward performance was never how they really were. Off the stage and out of their religious costumes, they were the opposite. They were as fake as the day is long.

It should be obvious that without church buildings and professional preachers most Christians would have no clue what to do. Yet again, the early Church never “went to church.” They had no “church” to go to. Today, most Christians go to church in order to have church. Back then, real Christians were the Church. They couldn’t hide once they were out of the spotlight because they didn’t want to hide and the “spotlight” was a 24 hour a day proposition.


There are still Christians that are like this. They are always the same. They can do the will of God wherever they are. However, they are not professionals. They can’t be fake. It is simply not in them. Because of this they usually don’t have an easy time collecting donations. People are so used to having only one out a thousand presenting themselves as worthy “official” ministers that they are conditioned to support them, even though the great bulk of Christian work—99%—is being done by non-supported nobodies who must work closely with the Lord to gain a necessary living doing whatever they must. These are the real Christians. There are a few real Christians on stage and before cameras but are very, very few. You will know they are real because they do not perform. What they are in public is the same as what they would be in your living room or on the street.

It is largely why most of the early Great Awakening is not visible—it is not happening in official venues in churches, on stage, or on television. The controllers of those venues do not want a Great Awakening. They oppose it. It is too threatening to their cushy status quo. Almost all of it is happening out there among the nobodies, the forgotten Christians, the rejected Christians—the ones who never have and never will make the grade to be prime-time players. They are all lousy actors. They can’t make a living that way. But they are real— just like the Lord.


And the Lord Jesus is with them. He is always available. He takes care of them all because they have each presented themselves to Him as a living sacrifice to be used in whatever way He wants. These are true disciples. The one thing they have in common is their pure love and desire to help. Part of that involves believing the Lord for a miracle when a miracle is called for. They KNOW the Lord will always take care of them and one another and they have experienced the Lord’s miracles to that end. The Lord does miracles for them out of love and concern, however. He never does it as part of some twisted religious stage show. He blesses us in this way because He loves us and cares about us and because He can. He wants to meet our needs and if we let Him and obey Him and trust Him He can and He always will.

And sometimes He blesses us with a miracle not because there is a dire need but simply because He just wants to bless our socks off. He’s in love with us. He sometimes just can’t help Himself.

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  1. Amen!
    thank you RJ!
    thank you Jesus!
    When we give all the broken pieces of our shattered soul to Jesus, he exchanges it for His perfect, nothing lacking, complete, holy resurrection spirit and soul and body and identity and life. God takes what the enemy meant for evil and turns it to good and we see the Victory of the Lord on our behalf. I am praising God for healing and breakthrough this morning! Thank you Holy Spirit for every good endowment and every perfect gift from the Father of lights! spiritual gifts of faith, prophesy, gifts of healing, working of miracles, utterance of wisdom, utterance of knowledge, discernment of spirits, etc. Thank God for the Blood of the Lamb! Thank God for the finished work of the Cross! Thank God for the healing and restoration of our soul after suffering trauma! Thank God that you never leave us or forsake us! Thank God that we can be one with the Father in Christ and Christ in us! Thank God for the kingdom of God and His righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit! Abba Father we thank you and give you all the glory!


    • AMEN. Thank you, Yvonne. Great and uplifting comment! All you have said here is true. The Lord turns evil to good. The Lord restores. His effort toward blessing us with abundant life is eternal. It never stops. Our lives can be made right and new and whole again. He always wins. Those faithful believers who have suffered trauma know this to be true. We walk in the resurrection power of the Lord. All the glory to Him for His love toward us never ceasing.

      Weeping may last for the night, but a shout of joy comes in the morning. [Psalm 30:5]

      Blessing to you!


  2. Terry and I were just talking this morning about how sad it can be when a pastor/preacher starts out with a humble spirit to serve God, becomes famous and popular, and changes into someone completely different.


    • Thanks Linda. I think some ministers can be self-correcting or humble enough to be teachable. Or maybe moldable is a better word. I think of the apostle Paul’s powerful anointing, but he was also subject to much suffering in the process of ministry. But most ministers need other ministers around them, not simply for the sake of accountability but because the Lord instituted leadership by group, as in a group of elders working together instead of a single pastor. It should at least be two, as the NT consistently portrays. Sometimes, though, a single pastor works well. Sometimes there are not enough ministers to go around. But most pastors of single pastor churches don’t ever get close to being famous or achieving great popularity. The ones who get the big heads are most often not team players. They don’t have to fit into a team but have free reign to indulge themselves. There is much potential trouble in this approach. The Lord Jesus should be the only actual LEADER of every assembly, whether a church of thousands or two or three gathered together in His Name.


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