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The Lord needs you to step up. It is time to make a move into greater spiritual maturity and quit being overly dependent on the Christian means and methods of yesterday.



Churches are shutting down and forcing the use of other ministry options, such as live streaming on various internet platforms. Even those who were reluctant to make such a drastic change, though ostensibly temporary, have faced the facts of these strange days and complied with the overall transition taking place all across the country.

I will reiterate here that the threat is real but on a much lower level than advertised. There are any number of supposed threats at present that can be ginned up and harped on to drive a panic. It is all in the application. The means to drive a narrative have been here for decades and, of course, have been used repeatedly. What you as a Christian must do is discern the difference between legitimate threats and those which are merely hyped to become much more than what they are. If you are used to always obeying authority figures and never questioning them, then this post is not for you unless you may be willing to see things at least a tad bit differently.

Christians often forget that they are supposed to be serving a Lord who can do anything anytime in any circumstance, in that there truly is nothing impossible with God. In that regard He does not merely suggest living by faith, that is, stepping out of familiar comfort zones and entering a realm of miraculous possibility—He demands it. One cannot be a real Christian otherwise. A large part of a Christian’s means of operation must involve the unfamiliar and the unknown, which requires a close walk and willingness to operate far outside the box of conventionality.

There are some I am speaking to here directly. You have had this very sentiment on your heart for a while now. You are wanting to get it right. You are not as comfortable as you would like to be in going forward but you know you must. From personal experience, let me tell you—there are times when you never reach a fully “comfortable” feeling in making such a move. You feel something like a pressure but it is not really that, but more of a personalized directing into something different. You don’t have the full picture but you know you must act. You are not sure how because you don’t have all the facts. Guess what? You will likely never have all the facts. All you know is that you are being somewhat strongly led in a new direction. There is something out there you must do. There is a move to make. It is actually somewhat exciting but such is contained due to a reluctance to leave familiar surroundings. Sometimes it is geographic but it doesn’t have to be.

Many Christians refuse to obey when such a time comes. They would rather stick with sure security and not take a chance on a possible wrong move or upset a current lifestyle. This is not a bad move to make at first. It is the prudent thing to do. If the Lord has us where He wants us then we must be very careful to fend off any “calls” to a new thing somewhere else which has much more to do with one’s own personal desires or those of another, and usually entail running from God or away from Him. We must always test these things. There are times when it seems the Lord is calling us elsewhere or upward but time will tell if it is really Him or not. If it is not Him, whatever initial leadings we may feel will never get to the point beyond mere consideration. But if it is Him it will not stop. The directing will grow stronger. In these cases the Lord is telling us that the fruitful fields of the future are elsewhere, whether geographic or not, and that current fruitfulness is lessening and will continue to slide.

It could be that the Lord is driving both, in that He will no longer bless a current effort because He wants you to have greater fruitfulness and it can only come if you make a move. I will caution whoever may be reading this, however, that it must be by His direction and you will have to be close enough to Him to hear His voice and be sufficiently inclined to His guidance.

There is a surplus of examples in Scripture. Someone was going about his life as always when the Lord, somewhat suddenly, spoke and began preparing him for a move. There will always be a time of preparation. The Lord will initially speak, often with plenty of time beforehand (but this is according to His reckoning and not our own) and it is up to us to hear. After getting the message we must do the next thing which is to obey. We begin preparing. The Lord continues to speak to our spirit in stronger tones. We keep checking to make sure it’s Him. He will bring spiritual verification during the entire time. Things begin working toward the goal. The old begins to fade. He won’t bless it anymore. The new begins coming into greater focus. The blessing is in the transition but will soon be fully in the new. The new becomes more exciting. We reach a point when we want to do it and it cannot come fast enough but we must still be patient. He always does things the right way with no ups and downs or zig-zags.

It’s okay to make a few incorrect moves because He can fix that, but we must stay in touch. What He can’t fix, however, is willful intransigence and disobedience. This borders on outright rebellion. I have no idea how many Christians make these moves the right way or how many refuse to move altogether. But I know a real Christian is bought with a great price. We do not belong to ourselves but to Him. Each of us cost Him His own shed blood. That being said, we know He always treats us well and it is good to “try the spirits” to make sure what we are feeling or hearing is the Lord. He expects us to do that, of course. There comes a time, though, when we cannot allow conventionality, common sense, social pressure, or other elements to hold us back from the greater life the Lord wants to give us. And it is not primarily for our personal blessing but to be of greater use to Him and for others.

It will involve personal blessing, however. And it will involve all the joy of leaving a not so great but okay place in which fruitfulness is harder to come by though we remain in good standing with Him, into a new place filled with fresh new possibilities, opportunities, wonderful people, and increased spiritual fruitfulness. If this resonates with you, make absolutely sure it is the Lord and His direction. You will have to be mature enough to make the final decision and not depend on another to make it for you.

One thing all of us know, or should know, is that we are in the midst of a great change. Forces of evil are pushing a sinister narrative. The world is changing drastically as you read this. But again, the Lord is not surprised. He remains fully in charge. Our destiny with Him remains on course. New challenges may be throwing a wrench in the works somewhat, but His strength, guidance, and anointing will keep us secure and at peace as our mind is stayed on Him.

For some of you, now is the time to move on to greener pastures.

Vaya Con Dios.

© 2020 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. We’re thinking alike on this on, RJ.

    Twice in the past week, I’ve had nothing but interruptions as I’ve sat down to post my Bible study blog. Today, after two+ hours of frustration, I prayed. I asked God to shut Satan down and put His hand on the interruptions.He did exactly what I asked. If we can pray over such simple things, why can’t we exercise the same prayer over larger things? We’re going to be faced with MUCH larger issues of obedience vs, disobedience very soon.

    Did you see the article about the Jews who gathered to pray and were disbanded by the police because they ignored the governor’s order of no more than 50 in a crowd?

    Just the beginning.


    • Yeah, heard about that. This reminds me of a few things. It was probably about twenty years ago or so. There was an effort in the former USSR, for whatever reason, to limit the size of non-sanctioned Christian gatherings, as I recall. However, groups of ten or fewer were okay. The same thing happened in Cuba. Of course, China has always tried to limit the size of unsanctioned Christian gatherings if not eliminating them entirely. These efforts are interesting because limiting the size of Christian gatherings is actually a good thing because it produces that many more groups in which Christians must learn to mature and they become more effective Christians. The Lord set this precedent with His original model of twelve disciples.

      This is exactly how things were in the early Church in the beginning. There were no official church buildings for three centuries so all these small groups met primarily in private homes. The only chief persecutors were the unbelieving Jews who rejected their Messiah. The Roman emperor Nero came to power in 54 AD and remained until 68 AD. Until Nero’s time, the early Christians were seen as a Jewish sect or offshoot and were thus protected by Rome but it was next to impossible for Rome to protect the Christian believers, many of whom were Jews, from the unbelieving Jews. Later in Nero’s reign, there was enough evil influence in his court to turn Rome against the Christians, who were then perceived as a separate sect unassociated with Judaism. Nero’s persecution took off exponentially when he falsely blamed the Christians for the great fire of Rome in the summer of 64 AD. These persecutions continued to force Christians to remain in smaller groups, which were part of their original DNA, made them stronger and more dedicated, and also caused them to continue spreading the Gospel throughout the empire at relativity great speed.

      It is further interesting that ruling governments in America are now dictating unconstitutional practices severely limiting our rights and freedoms. Churches are eliminating services. This could end up being a very good thing for American Christianity because it is forcing smaller meetings primarily in homes. Believers will also need to trust the Lord more which will bring greater individual maturity and development. This will not last but the PTB is taking full advantage of it for a greater power grab. Christians must use it for their advantage as well.

      Thanks Linda. I appreciate your input. Blessings to you.

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  2. We are living in serious times and we need the wisdom and guidance of the Lord. Thank you for sharing. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. It will be published tomorrow at 4pm. Have a blessed weekend.


  3. “Secure and at peace,” a great blessing of God’s grace no matter what’s happening around us. Also, thank you for choosing to follow my blog. I do hope it encourages you in your walk and work with the Lord.


    • Thanks for the visit. We live in a time now, in which what we all say we believe will have to be lived out in such a way that confirms the teachings of the Lord. This is a challenge, but nothing the Lord cannot handle. There are very encouraging signs of His people drawing together in love and for others. There are so many people willing to lend a hand and be a blessing. We all must work together. It’s a great time. I’ll be following. Blessings to you.

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  4. “WE ARE IN THE EARLY STAGES OF A NATIONAL GREAT AWAKENING” I noticed this as I started to leave your site. My grandson, who is 21, echoes this thought often. May it be so.


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