Christians taking life-changing advice from people on their way to hell is not a good business model.


This current plandemic will end up being exponentially worse for America than 9/11 ever was. The economy is self-destructing all around us, though we are still in the early stages. Granted that is was cover for an economy about to implode anyway, though two years off schedule, due to Fed gerrymandering and whizzing money mints. Enough has happened to date, however, to set in motion transformations of the not good to the nth degree. And the absolutely ridiculous, unfortunate, jarring and nonsensical greater aspect of said transformations is that they were voluntary. They said “You must destroy the country,” and Americans said, “Okay.”

Those with eyes to see knew something was off right from the start. This brings us to psychological definition time, in that there are two basic types of people in the world. Occupying the seeming majority are those who largely go along with the status quo and cultural narrative with no questions asked willing to jump through any hoops presented and wolf down everything they’re told with not even the slightest concern that the authoritarians they love and honor so much might be something other than presented. The talking heads and proxy air-preachers could be shading the truth. No! They could be lying. No!! They could be openly deceiving the populace for the sake of a hidden agenda. NO!!!

Or maybe they’re just morons. This is similar to what the Lord Jesus taught, an applicable variation if you will, that if a moron follows a moron they both fall into a pit, a pit so deep and otherwise inescapable they never see the light of truth and readily reject it if a miracle ever happens and God sends a messenger down there.

The other type of person has a brain and uses it. He or she has a tendency to see other people as on a lateral plane possessing no inherent superiority and thus unqualified to be worshipped as human deities. This used to be, in the distant past, a cultural bench mark of real Americans, who essentially said to hell with Europe and all its hell-bound, power hungry, impious, inbred, sociopathic kings, queens, money pimps, and ecclesiastics. And don’t bring your human spirit-killing, freedom-hating, individual liberty-bashing, idiots-in-charge, cultural-rotting demonic authoritarianism over here!

This truly American ethos actually lasted a while. A century and a half of colonial liberty and a leave-me-alone-to-pursue-my-dreams individualism took deep root, eventually reaching its skyrocketing beyond Everest zenith in the early 1770s when a relatively small group of Americans finally had enough of the arrogant dictates of a clueless English Parliament and smug crown-wearing fool on the hill.

Today there are, of course, countless fools on countless hills in the former land of the brave backed by unseen uber-morons with pretty much the opposite beliefs and principles of our holy and loving Creator. These puppet-owning backstage big boys with wads of cash do whatever they want whenever they want but love to make a game of it. What little mischievous boys once did, asserting their power and will over their bugs of choice with a magnifying glass, so do these present world elite no morals top hat-wearing monocle-clad mustachioed misfits on any sane planet do to the billions they rule. Why? Because they can. And they don’t believe in God. In their minds they prove this by engaging in the most reprehensible actions with no apparent pushback or immediate punishment, thus deeming themselves bullet proof and untouchable.

Which brings me to my next point. Did anyone happen to catch what Augustus Caesar said the other day? How about Tiberius? Or Nero? Or any Roman emperor? Oh. That’s right. I must have forgotten. They’re dead. They ruled the world, of course. For a short while. They could pretty much do anything they wanted. It eventually got pretty sick with Nero, who made living torches of Christians. But Nero’s dead. And all those Christians he persecuted are in a far out heavenly land of peace and joy with the Lord who purchased their salvation.

The modern guys of oligarchic ilk in our illustrious times eventually die off also, though with relatively extended lives, but every single one of them have another thing in common: They each get to face an angry God granting just judgment for their heinous crimes of imprisoning the world, making slaves of humanity, and gobbling up all the goodies for themselves.

The bigger question in all of this is why. Why do Americans put up with it? I understand that in the early going this year the v-problem was somewhat mysterious begging for information in order to set the proper course. But we’ve seen this movie before. Many times. And many of us quickly surmised what was happening early on but knew it would do little good to sound the alarm because the majority of Americans have been conditioned to tune out alarm bells and warnings as something originating from the dreaded conspiracy corner. Aghast.  

This is what America has become. A seeming majority of shallow-minded nonsense news imbibers sans critical thinking skills willing only to maintain their ground level common denominator social standing carrying a hidden fear of the slightest possibility they may be seen as authoritarian-challenging boat rockers. Rather than holding the feet of those in power to the fire (actually placing such feet directly in the fire might be best), they curiously worship said feet, the various owners of said feet, and the proverbial ground said feet walk upon, as if the people attached to said feet are the experts of our lives when in reality they subsist on appropriated undeserved authority willingly granted by those who formerly possessed it.

Beyond this hapless conglomeration of happy Gumps is a rising faction which the greatest American generation would possibly be proud of, depending on eventual outcomes. That greatest generation of the middle to late 1700s gave us this country, what’s left of it anyway, and knew from personal experience and incessant drive that whatever may appear to be lost forever or impossible to achieve is actually not impossible at all. They won their independence from the greatest most implacable power on earth through the implementation of mere Brown Bess single and cluster shot long muskets from behind trees and low stone walls, taking many small victories here and there, fighting and retreating, inventing convention-busting warfare tactics on the fly, and planning on outlasting an enemy ill-equipped to deal with true Patriots who actually believe and fight for a cause, not merely territory or hoped for riches. That cause was individual human freedom and liberty, something the elite few have always hated. To them, liberty is a virus, a deadly one, and must be stamped out and stomped on through whatever means necessary. And they mean it.

Therefore (and I know I will lose some of you here), rather than submit to hellbound authoritarians and their stolen liberty-mooching, top-down, Constitution-shredding, highbrow hijinks, we should instead submit to a loving Creator who died to buy our freedom which initially must involve delivering us from a far worse contagion—our sin disease and its evil power. No actual freedom is possible without this prerequisite.

Once people are spiritually free, they grow spiritually strong. Spiritually strong Americans can re-enliven and restrengthen the land. A life-giving flow of intravenous liberty invigorates a dull-witted sleeping giant tied down by multiple kite strings, which would otherwise have no power, allowing for the rediscovery of inherent champion-level world-class DNA and the inborn fight to rise and conquer.  

The strength and power of the Spirit of God overcomes the enemy.

© 2020 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.      

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  1. I agree with your assessment, brother. I was just discussing this issue with my wife today. Christians who are presently protesting in the streets about their “constitutional rights” as citizens of America during this pandemic crises are arrogant; they are acting no better than heaven unbelievers. A Christian has no “rights,” only the LORD has rights!


    • Roger, I thank you for reading but I’m not sure how you arrived at that conclusion from my post. I certainly believe that Christians possess God-given rights, some of which are spelled out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. No one has the right to remove these rights. Also, I am not against peaceful protest. If God instructs us to love Him with our entire heart and also love others as we love ourselves, then we should be opposing those who attempt to remove our rights and liberty in the Lord and try to assist those who are under attack. Blessings to you.

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  2. someone said, “we don’t see the world as it is, but as we are”

    When we are of this world we see from fallen Adam; but when we are of the kingdom of God and His righteousness we see from resurrected, ascended, glorified Christ Jesus!
    Before being born again, anew from Above, of God, of Spirit, we only see the smoke and mirrors, types and shadows, delusions, illusions, counterfeits, lies and deceptions, and old wine (whine!) of the “god of this world who blinds the minds of unbelievers from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, the likeness of God” (2 Corinthians 4:4) so we can see the Light and awake from sleep, arise from the dead and receive True Light from Christ Jesus (Ephesians 5:14).

    thanks RJ! God’s abundant blessings to you and your family!


    • Thanks Yvonne. You spelled it out perfectly. The Word of God gives all the clues. Early correspondence was sometimes couched in the parabolic, to be seen by the see-ers but unseen but the non-see-ers. Just as today. The Lord is presently revealing so much LIGHT but many continue to dwell in darkness oblivious of it largely by their own choices to follow the bad guys who pose extremely well as good guys. A single man must stay close to the source. Finding the Light and staying in it is imperative. It often moves, as a spotlight shining, and we must move with it or will find ourselves lost again without a compass. The Lord showed us how it’s done. Thank you for your witness and blessings to you. Keep up the good work. People are listening.


  3. Powerful stuff, RJ, and I think it takes reading and re-reading to actually come to grips with what you’ve said here. I believe our founders, even those who were not believers, would indeed be rolling in their graves today. We are quickly deteriorating into a nation of people who lack the common sense to see what is actually happening to the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is heartbreaking.


    • Thanks Linda. Powerful forces with a sinister agenda have been working at it for a very long time. It takes a lot of work to keep up with them. Many who should have been paying more attention and opposing the various movements that got us here either did nothing or worked with them. In fact, a seeming majority of Americans have adopted an attitude which refers to those who stand for truth in this regard in derogatory terms, sometimes engaging in character assassination. In other words, not only have they been deceived, they turn into Judases and Benedict Arnolds.

      But again, there is presently a rising tide of Americans fighting back with much fervor. Various truth movements are breaking out all over. There are some brilliant people revealing truth and exposing evil. It takes a little searching but they are there. Despite the bad news we are optimistic regarding the future.

      Blessings to you!

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  4. You are on target with this post. This is really a case where the blind is leading the blind. However, as Christians our eyes are opened to the truth and we need to take a stand


    • Thank you, Beverley. We credit the Lord for granting eyes to see and for blessing with the opportunity to follow Him instead of those on the wrong path with sinister agendas. Every person is responsible for their personal beliefs, actions, who they associate with, who they honor as authority, and who they choose as spiritual authorities. I agree all believers must take a stand.

      Blessings to you.

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  5. Gary Bertnick

    Thanks brother.


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