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The actual Day of Pentecost, according to celestial rendering, was yesterday May 29. This is a very important date in our current timeline and relates directly to the Great Awakening.



For those of you who have been following my site, a little news is in order. Due to circumstances beyond my control I was unable to access the net for over three days early this week. My last article was posted a week ago Saturday. It was Lesson 22 from my latest series Early Church History 101.

My intention was to write two or three more Lessons to finish Acts Chapter 2 by this past Thursday and then post an article about the Pentecost anniversary yesterday. However, it may be a couple of weeks before I can get back to writing and posting the next Lesson. I ask for your patience and your prayers.

I want to thank those of you who are still following the series. I hope you are learning new facts from that time. It is imperative that Christians become much better informed about the Christian happenings of the first century in order to better prepare for what the Lord is doing and planning now. Official church policy in America has most often supported a complete rejection of the events of Pentecost and the actual truths of Acts for greatly watered-down renderings thereof. The main reason for this is that their substitutes can be authored and controlled by them.

Christians should know, however, that they cannot control God. They should not attempt to control God. What they should do is submit to God. I can guarantee you that if these people who comprise a majority would actually obey God, Pentecost would be breaking out everywhere. Churches all over the country would be transformed into Upper Rooms. But this is not happening. For the most part it never has. That’s because the Lord Jesus is not in control in these places. Those who are in control refuse His full authority. They don’t want Pentecost.


Nevertheless, something spiritually profound started yesterday. As I have said all along, there are two types of Christians in America at present: (1) Those who WANT the Great Awakening and will do anything within the will of God to do their part in bringing it forth, and (2) Those who insist on having the same old same old.

This is why there is Civil War in American Christianity and why it has been building to a crescendo. The Lord needed time to prepare His people for these times. The enemy is not only composed of non-believers who refuse to support the Lord and actively fight Him with their own agendas, but also Christians who do the same. Though many of these Christians are deceived and unaware, and thus just as quick to reject and denigrate the new move of God, many are being led by fake leaders who are not getting their marching orders from the Lord.

Real Christians know whatever they attempt for the Lord will be opposed. But it’s a sad thing when they are opposed by fellow believers. This must stop. Real believers know that whenever the Lord Jesus is given full authority, that is, when we fully submit to Him, obey Him, and invite His rule, Pentecost happens. Some of you reading this know exactly what I am talking about. You have been in the presence of God. You have had your initial Upper Room experience and many more since. For those of you who are yet to experience such and sincerely want to, it always begins with your personal prayer time.

Our current times have become flat out nuts. Incredibly weird things are happening. But also, truth is coming forth. Millions are becoming aware. A spiritual outpouring is in process and will not stop. The evil and strange things you have seen before you over the last several weeks are generally a reaction toward the new move of God and the various attempts to stop it. For those with eyes to see it is apparent that the perpetrators will stop at nothing.

But neither will the Lord.

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  1. wise words, thank you RJ!
    “Submit to God, resist the devil and he must flee”
    “Just as the body without the Spirit of the Lord is dead; faith without works is dead”
    Without faith in what Jesus has done for each and every person, we can’t please God. Without the Holy Spirit with and in and working through us, we are still of the flesh and can’t please God. But when we submit to listen to only God’s True Shepherd and be led by his Holy Spirit, we stay awake, aware, alive and alert to listen, hear, and do the Word made flesh that is written on our hearts, minds and will by the Holy Spirit and fire light, and see the Victory of the Lord on our behalf! thank God for Jesus!


  2. Your post has prompted many thoughts in my head, most of which I’ll not take the time and space to share, as I’m sure they are the same for all who read this post. One thing stands out, though. I believe that the lockdowns have indeed been a test run to see how Americans will comply. I believe there are several governors out there who would love to see all churches remain in lockdown indefinitely, including my own here in PA. We’re going back to church this coming Sunday, and I can’t wait! We have a church full of people who have experienced their own Pentecost, who actively witness and share their faith. We’ve used Zoom to stay in touch, but it’s not the same as the personal meeting of fellow believers.

    I believe there is a time of persecution in America that is approaching rapidly. Believers will be blamed for all that is wrong. We need to be preparing the generations that follow ours to be able to stand strong in prayer and in the Word. As a post WWII Baby Boomer, I can say that for the most part, we have lived relatively free of trouble in our own country, but trouble is coming. It’s already here. We’re going to be tested, and I pray we’ll have that personal AND corporate Pentecost experience to strengthen us for what is coming.


    • Thank you Linda. Excellent comment. I posted the following on March 31, over two months ago:


      The problem with the majority Christian approach toward first, the plandemic, and then its immediate segue, the planned riots, is that it is not based on the basic teachings of the Lord, which calls for being spiritually aware and well-read regarding His Word. It seems that it doesn’t matter what any Christian teacher, prophet, reformer, etc. tries to do, the majority of Christians always fall back on trusting human authority, both religious and civil, rather than trusting the Lord Jesus. Those who do the latter have eyes to see. They want to do and make sure they are enabled to do the Lord’s will. This is impossible without His Spirit.

      When the civil and religious authorities of ancient Israel defied God and insisted on operating in the flesh, God’s chosen recourse was to send prophets. It was extremely difficult being a prophet because everything he did was against the grain of a corrupt society. Yet without their salt and light there would have been no preservative whatsoever. We see the exact occurrence today in that the majority of Christians either refuse the Lord or are too spiritually lazy to strengthen themselves and stand for Him. Those who do see spiritual reality, know the truth, and are able to be proper witnesses.

      Because institutional Christianity, in all its many forms, has refused the will of the Lord and largely gone their own way over the last many decades, even though their “way” appears on the surface to be right, it has allowed evil to rise to exponential levels invading every area of the country. As that power has grown, so has Christian persecution. The Lord showed me this very clearly almost thirty years ago. In that time, rather than Christianity in general embracing Pentecost in its actual form and reality, rejection of it continued both because it made interactions with others embarrassing and uncomfortable but also because so many watered-down substitutes were always available.

      This latest test has proven everything I just wrote. Another thing I saw long ago was that division would continue and accelerate, and it would become more and more difficult to stand for the Lord. One MUST “come out from among them and be separate.” Those who do may lose worldly acceptance and prestige, and maybe much more, but they will gain an actual close walk with God. They will enter a “strong tower” and be protected. They will gain great spiritual strength and be effective in spiritual warfare.

      You bring a great report of how to deal with this current nonsense. I’m glad your congregation will be getting together again. We have learned that we can do without what are deemed necessities and still thrive. I am hoping enough Christians have learned from all the nonsense and excesses that the next time this is attempted they will refuse to be taken advantage of again and stand their ground. If American Christians could only learn to properly follow the Lord Jesus, obey His Word, experience Pentecost, and love each other, we could have a powerful unifying force that the devil could not defeat.

      Sadly, this will likely not happen. But there will be many who do so and they will continue bringing forth the Great Awakening. The greater problem for now and our future, however, is Christian on Christian persecution. This is the worst form.

      Blessings to you.

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  3. RJ, One of my readers comments on my re-blogging this item: “This reminds me of what I wrote in the night of when revival began for me. God is so good. Thank you for sharing.”

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    • Thank you Richard. I greatly appreciate the reblog. These are most interesting times. Sometimes we may not see all that the Lord is doing “in secret” but we do see other manifestations reacting to it. The enemy often attempts to override moves of God by answering with his own movements in the attempt to overshadow Him, take “market share,” and even try to capture the Lord’s people. It is why we must always do our best to stay grounded in the Lord, His Word, His teachings, and remain in His will so we can continue to be good disciples and witnesses. We can’t get distracted by outside forces that are counterfeit by nature and oppose the Lord. Our first and primary priority must always be the Lord Jesus. We must stay focused on Him and be busy doing His work or we will get sidetracked and likely deceived. There is no mixing His work with that of others who have yet to submit to and honor Him.

      Though we may not see all that He is doing we see enough to know what He is doing and we certainly know by what He is doing in our own lives. Thank you for keeping track of so much regarding this present Pentecost and the Great Awakening. More truth awaits for us all.

      Blessings to you, my friend, and blessings to your readers.

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  4. Gary Bertnick

    John baptized with water; Messiah Yeshua baptizes with the Holy Spirit. A true believer hungers and thirsts to know Messiah and grow closer to Him. Without the Holy Spirit active in our lives it will be difficult to endure what the future becomes as the Scripture is fulfilled.
    Thank you dear brother for encouraging us all to draw closer to our Savior through our own personal Pentecost experience..


    • Thanks Gary. The Lord is great. I appreciate it, especially coming from a spiritual veteran. I trust you are doing well these days. Things are happening at present that many thought they would never see. Believers must grow as close as they can to the Lord. He designed the Pentecost experience in part for that very thing. My hope is that many more will seek Him. His strength and anointing is all the more vital as we move ahead.

      Thanks for your witness. Many blessings to you, brother.


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