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Current events have opened a national discussion on race. Later in this article I will relay my early Christian experiences in this regard. We were way ahead of the curve.


When the plandemic news narrative came blasting forth back in March, I noticed that many Christian blogs, ministers, etc. immediately began referring to it in their writings and pronouncements. Over the past week the same phenomenon has ensued only this time it’s about the riots and race. In both cases Christians are responding to the news of the day, taking the bait as it were, as if it is our duty to do so. It exposes what is actually on the minds of Christians in general most of the time, apparently, in that we are no different than anyone else in being highly influenced by news and culture, and consequently sometimes taken off in directions chosen by someone other than the Lord Jesus.

This obviously does not mean we should not be aware of current events. We should. We should be aware of as much as possible. But current events driven by the agenda-based, monetary-based, faux-narrative-based news corporations should never be a priority as opposed to the spiritual-based teachings of the Lord. It is certainly fine to comment on news of the day as some of it is appropriate toward greater truth. I also began writing about the plandemic at that time but my focus was what it had to do with Christianity in these times and what Christians should know and how to properly respond. I saw in the very beginning that there were obvious signs of a major false operation in transit and this has proven to be true.

By now informed people know the entire thing was largely an agenda-based deception and this has proved accurate by the lightning fast segue into the riots and race narrative in which it is suddenly okay to break all the social distancing rules of the plandemic. Previously, those who wanted to keep their churches or businesses opened or attempted to open them later without official sanction were severely sanctioned, both socially and by government authorities. Some were thrown in jail. Those who are now looting and burning, by contrast, are largely getting away with it and even being encouraged.

The first phase destroyed lives and livelihoods to the tune of multiple millions, many of which will never recover. We are talking the greatest magnitude of such in history. Reports say there were a hundred thousand businesses in New York alone that were destroyed. All for what? Fifty to a hundred thousand dying from the flu each year is a common statistic. The vast majority of the people who died from the virus did not actually die primarily from the virus but from any number of other conditions.

As this real news began coming in, that is, actual truth and science fact put forth from many intelligent and well-informed honest people telling the truth and destroying the false narrative that had captured and indoctrinated the majority of Americans, something had to be done really fast to recapture the focus. Hence, the happenings of the past week or so. The focus has indeed been recaptured. The majority has now segued cleanly into the second phase which involves the same destruction as the first but in the literal sense. This segued majority again includes the majority of Christians.

Yet, truth began coming forth right away to counter the new false narrative. This has happened much faster than the first time around and is great news. It reveals that many more have become aware of the real agenda of the narrative makers who are trying their best to stay ahead of the Great Awakening.


Again, it is fine to stay informed. The problem, however, is that Christians in general are more inclined to get highjacked by such current events based on the media shriekometer, especially those as charged as these, rather than stay focused on the Lord and His work. They get sidetracked most likely because they were not focused on the Lord and His work to begin with. Imagine if the disciples following the Lord were suddenly slammed with some powerful narrative/rumor event and just left Him standing there in the midst of a session and ran off to engage in the new proceedings. Their actions would prove their focus. Whatever they allowed their minds to be occupied with would prove their discipleship level.

Even with this article you are now reading, my intention is to comment on what’s happening now but only in the context of how it relates to Christians. And this current context certainly does relate to Christians. It tells us very clearly what is actually going on (for those with eyes to see) and what is coming next. We saw how the majority of ministers and churches quickly succumbed to government dictates and shut down their ministries and churches. These were all non-essential, you see. Most Christians let it happen without a fight. Next, these same people are suddenly adhering to the current narrative and obeying once again, apologizing for something of which they are not guilty.


A little background: America obviously used to be largely segregated. There was progress in the 1940s associated with the war. There was great progress in the 1960s. By the 1970s great strides had already been accomplished and more were ongoing. I began attending Pentecostal churches at that time. There were white Pentecostal churches, black Pentecostal churches, and mixed Pentecostal churches. I attended them all.

The Pentecostal movement in America which began 120 years ago was from the start racially mixed. The great Azusa Street Revival was largely led by a young black minister from Texas by the name of William Seymour, whose parents were emancipated slaves. He was a former student of Charles Parham, a white man. There were people of several ethnic backgrounds involved at Azusa. Of course, Pentecostals were greatly scorned by mainline Christians then, the bulk of which were absolutely segregated. This disparagement continued at least until the 1960s. It was not only because these Christians had a powerful aversion to Pentecost but also toward those they saw as inferior regardless of race.

As a young man I was born again among a small group of peers who belonged to a church that contained all local backgrounds. We never had a problem with race. It was no issue to us. This might sound completely unbelievable. I can understand that based on the current narrative. In that church of roughly 100-150 people, there was an older black couple who always sat in the same place on the central aisle about four of five pews from the front. The man always sat quietly with his Bible open. She, on the other hand, was quite vocal. She would often be used of God for vocal spiritual gifts. When she spoke you paid attention. Right behind her sat a white woman powerfully used in the same gifts.

We also had female pulpit ministers. There was a black woman, a friend of the church, who visited on occasion to preach and was always smiling and cheerful but could without doubt bring a message from God. I can never forget what she did for me once. I had a problem with my car one Wednesday late afternoon and ending up having to walk to church. It was a long way. While walking down the highway a car stopped up ahead to give me a ride. It was her. She actually recognized me.

Although the majority of the pulpit time was taken by the senior pastor who was an excellent preacher, and something we all agreed with and wanted, it was a not a closed pulpit. It was open to any number of traveling evangelists and ministers. It was also open on occasion to church members, local believers, singers, and musicians regardless of background. They even allowed yours truly up there later on.  

On the very back pew sat a man and his large family. He had about six children, mostly young. He and his wife sat back there because they didn’t want to be a distraction. His children however, were always full of joy and well behaved. Before this man was born again and gloriously filled with the Holy Spirit, he was a classic Texas redneck. I have no idea what his thoughts on race were before he joined up with the Lord but he had absolutely no problem afterwards. He worked in commercial construction. He was the strongest man I ever met. I was taught by my Dad to have a strong handshake, but this man could break your hand if he wanted to. I’m serious. He could have played middle linebacker in the NFL. Before salvation he could outdrink anyone and smoked two or three packs of cigarettes a day. But the Lord delivered him of all of it. He was always bubbling over with the joy of the Lord. The old song says “Give me that Old Time Religion—Makes me love everybody.” What a joy to see all these people loving and hugging one another and working for the Lord together.

We also had a lot of young twenty-somethings who previously lived, before giving their lives to God, among the conditions of that culture at that time. All of us were aware of everything social. I was among this group. We were way ahead of the previous generation. Therefore, joining this church and being around so many different people of all races was no big thing but normal and never an issue. We also had a married couple in which the man was white and the woman was black. Again, whatever. They were great people. I had two close friends in that church. One was white and one was black. I was great friends with a married couple instrumental in my salvation. He was white and she was Hispanic.

Thus, because we were far too diverse, our common denominator was not race or background or income level or social standing. It was Jesus. We were all sold out to Jesus. He was everything. We each gave our lives to Him. We were all filled with His Spirit. That was the real dividing line. It is exactly as He said, in that there would be those who were dedicated to Him 100% and then there would be everybody else. When we came together in our services we were one large diverse and loving family from all walks of life and former traditions. We were black, brown, and white.

I was blessed to win someone to the Lord who happened to be Hispanic. She wanted me to witness to her mother. I was still relatively young in the Lord but was astounded that God was actually giving me these opportunities. I went over there and told her mother about the Lord and she ended up giving her life to God and became a church member. I remember taking my pastor aside while this was going on and telling him, “The Lord is using me, pastor!” How incredible it was to be used of God so He could save and bless them.

My friend told me she had another friend she wanted me to witness to. He was also Hispanic. We went over to his house, which was actually his mother’s house, in a far part of the city. This young man was the farthest thing from what I thought in my natural mind to ever change or be born again. But he actually trusted his friend and we took him to church. Over the next few weeks everybody saw the most amazing transformation take place in his life. This young man became a great follower of the Lord, absolutely dedicated. He also knew a lot of people. Over the next few years it is estimated that he won over five hundred people to the Lord!


The moral of this story is that whatever one happens to be, Jesus said we must be born again. When we are born again and filled with the Spirit of God, we have Him in common. We become members of the Lord’s one family which is composed of “whosoever will” and is open to anyone. He loves everybody. He treats everyone the same. God does not discriminate. All are welcome in His kingdom. This is what He meant when He said the following:

31  “Treat other people as you would like them to treat you.

32 “What credit is it to you if you love only those who love you? Why, even sinners love those who love them.

33 “What credit is it to you if you do good only to those who do good to you? Even sinners do that.

34 “What credit is it to you if you lend only to those who you expect will pay you back? Even sinners lend to each other, expecting to be repaid in full.

35 “But love your enemies, do good, and lend expecting nothing back! Your reward will be great, and you will be children of Ha`Elyon; for he is kind to the ungrateful and the wicked.

36 “Show compassion, just as your Father shows compassion.

37 “Don’t judge, and you won’t be judged.

     “Don’t condemn, and you won’t be condemned.

     “Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” [Luke 6: 31-37][1]

© 2020 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.  

[1] © The Complete Jewish Bible. Used by permission.

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  1. Great article brother. Been thinking along the same lines. There is no such thing as race. That is a lie from the devil to divide men. We are all men and women created in the image of God. Pigment of skin has no bearing on our mutual need for Salvation in Christ.

    Still have a book or two on Asuza and William Seymour. What I got out if it is that God started a work and men used of satan came in to try and break it up.

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    • Thanks Al. Great to hear from you. I do appreciate it. I have also been reading again of those times in the process of doing this post. Regarding what you referred to about Azusa, isn’t that always the way? Christians react to moves and movements of God according to the light they have (and it is often not so much) or their personal experiences or chosen religious forms. The Lord has a tendency to blow all that out of the water through His means and the people He chooses. He often has to do it that way. And even though there has been much sorting out since, the world has changed dramatically even until now with massive fruit from that revival, to the tune of multiple millions. From small obscure beginnings and obscure people…

      Blessings to you brother, and thanks again.


  2. thanks for a great word RJ!
    I was raised in a small midwest town that was all white Norwegian-Americans, and when I went to university I met African Americans for the first time and loved getting to know people from different races. However, when I went to live in Washington D.C., working the night shift as an ICU nurse at Washington Hospital Center in the district, I was told not to stop for any policeman on the way to work because it would not be safe for a white woman in D.C. after dark. I also found I was hated and treated badly by the all black cafeteria staff, whose disdain for me was overt. I was taken aback that they would judge me for the color of my skin without knowing me. It was eye opening.
    For a few years I was attending a multiracial megachurch, loving the diversity as we all had love for Jesus in common, until the pastor wrote a book on racism and began marketing his book more than preach the gospel. He preached racism was wrong but I felt in my spirit that he was still harboring resentment against caucasians. I hope I was wrong.
    I wish I could have experienced the Azusa revival. I love that Willian Seymour would put a basket over his head, not wanting the glory or be the center of attention, but for all the glory be given to God our Father and his Christ; at least that is why I thought he did it?
    I pray that God will pour his Spirit upon all flesh and send his Spirit of Truth to guide into all the truth, so multitudes will wake up and run to our Lord Jesus Christ! God bless you and your blog!

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    • Thanks Yvonne. It appears quite clearly at times that the Lord makes His choices based on how much of a need there may be to shake things up and grab attention. I think it was why He chose William Seymour. Awakenings obviously imply sleeping. The Lord taught on this theme often, as in constantly warning us that we must wake up and stay awake. Real Great Awakenings are always preceded and accompanied by false awakenings as a way for the devil to sow seeds of confusion and deception. We have seen this for a while now. I remember when I received the revelation almost ten years ago that the GA had already begun, though very early, and that false awakenings were already being presented as yet another diabolical method to co-opt the real one. People who have little or no love for the truth are greatly prone to being brainwashed and we are seeing this to a great degree at present. Facts simply don’t matter anymore for so many. The Golden Rule doesn’t matter to them either.

      The Lord makes it clear there will be no evil people, no evil activity, no bitterness, resentment, or hate in heaven, and those who will get there must be rid of any of it in this life, through their own choices and discipline and also through the Lord’s cleansing. To hope for a pleasant, lovely, loving, righteous place of peace and joy proves one has the right idea and attitude. This is what heaven will be like. We know this is what His present kingdom is like.

      When one lives long enough in serving the Lord he or she becomes aware of much evil behind the scenes in Christianity in general, and this even extends to ministries and ministers, of course. But when I was a young Christian I was clueless to this. I thought ministers were a giant step above. Some are, but you wouldn’t know it necessarily by the otherwise obvious signs. The humility the Lord requires has a great tendency to make spiritual giants look like losers in the natural, and one cannot afford to appear as a loser and also have all the ministry perks.

      All people are sinful, some more so than others. Some are absolutely evil. The Lord said we would know them by their fruits. Evil activity and evil behavior proves an evil heart. There are so many wonderful young people who are raised right that are completely naïve regarding the level of evil in the world, and it’s a sad thing. But that’s life in this fallen world.

      The default position for everyone is hell. That’s where we’re going. Unless we do something to override the default. It’s a terrible thing that the Lord had to suffer so terribly and give His life but it was the only way. Real Christians are forever thankful to be saved from the pit and given an opportunity to be free from the power of sin and on top of that receive His Spirit as not only an anointing for service but as a strengthening against temptation and sin.

      Remember how Paul wrote to the effect that the Lord chooses the weak and ignoble things of this world to overcome the wise and great? He is telling the world that all one does to promote pride is disgusting in His eyes. He will therefore bless those of His who the world disparages as a way to shame, shock, and repudiate those high and mighty. It makes prideful ministers extremely angry when the Lord raises up and uses one who appears to the religious highbrows to have no qualifications or proper standing. Sound familiar? These humble ones allow the Lord to show forth His greatness and many can thus be saved, set free, and delivered. Prideful ministers using some schlock gimmick to promote themselves or their pet causes, on the other hand, are spiritually dead and useless.

      I am sorry you were treated so badly. Also, you are being too kind. I understand your purpose in that and honor it. Suffice it to say, again, that we live and we learn. Some brightly wrapped packages are actually filled with garbage. The Lord essentially called them painted tombs, all decorated but filled on the inside with corruption. A person is known by his or her fruit. Actions speak louder than words, especially in these days.

      Please take care of yourself. Keep up the good work. There are few who have your bright and cheery outlook that is so greatly needed in these times. Thanks for all the spiritual work you put in, and thanks again for the comment.

      Blessings to you!


  3. Timely and truth-filled. It’s taken me some time to get around to reading this. I’m WAY backed up on my email. Anyway, this is an article all believers should read.

    I especially like your media shriekometer :).


    • Thanks Linda. I appreciate it. Much communication is a good problem to have. Regarding the mainstream media, it has became a great tool of the devil. The majority waits for its daily marching orders and dutifully complies no matter how inane or self-defeating such orders may be. As long as the message is simple, direct, and in a pretty package, the shriekometer continues to work wonders.

      Blessings to you!

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