This year’s Lockdown revealed the lowdown on the state of Christianity in America. The hidden truth long since discovered by real Christians was exposed to everyone paying attention.

Church leaders all over the country were notified this past March that they must shut down their churches. They said it would likely be for only a short time. Rather than ask the right questions or even attempt to take a stand, the majority weakly complied without a fight. Once the brief interval of closure passed they were told in no uncertain terms that conditions had changed. The church lockdown would be permanent until further notice. And just like that American Christianity changed forever.

There will be no recovering from this. The enemy that hates Christianity was allowed to dictate the terms. There were certainly a few who fought the order and they were made to pay. They were made examples of and shown what will happen to those who don’t toe the mark. Some of those who invoked their Constitutional rights did everything right in obeying the dictates of the order but were attacked anyway. Local governments and police were quickly on the scene to enforce “the law,” which was actually a violation of the law. Fines were issued, force was used, ministers were abused. And all the other Christians and church leaders looked on in shock that some actually refused to comply. The majority, ensconced in their homes, watching church online, were embarrassed. Don’t these people know we must always obey?


Now as they observed the confidence of Peter and John and understood that they were uneducated and untrained men, they were amazed, and began to recognize them as having been with Jesus. And seeing the man who had been healed standing with them, they had nothing to say in reply. But when they had ordered them to leave the Council, they began to confer with one another, saying, “What shall we do with these men? For the fact that a noteworthy miracle has taken place through them is apparent to all who live in Jerusalem, and we cannot deny it. But so that it will not spread any further among the people, let us warn them to speak no longer to any man in this name.” And when they had summoned them, they commanded them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus.

But Peter and John answered and said to them, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to give heed to you rather than to God, you be the judge; for we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.” When they had threatened them further, they let them go (finding no basis on which to punish them) on account of the people, because they were all glorifying God for what had happened; for the man was more than forty years old on whom this miracle of healing had been performed. [Acts 4:13-22]

Some people study history. Some people study church history. Some people make themselves aware through much hard work and prayer of not only New Testament truth but the background of the times that birthed it. This is a vital component of understanding real Christianity. Knowing at least the general timeline of the Old and New Testaments is absolutely necessary for knowing what is expected of a follower of the Lord Jesus.

As I stated in my prior post, the Lord arrived among His people during a time of national darkness. It is very important to understand this in context. Though the land was shrouded in a mysterious and sinister dark gray undulating spiritual cloud, brooding and foreboding, as before the onset of a great storm than never seemed to fully arrive, the nation was also captured by life-sucking religious entities intent on dominance and submission. The people were the host.

Then, suddenly, it was Genesis 1:3 all over again:

‘The people who were sitting in darkness saw a great Light, and those who were sitting in the land and shadow of death, upon them a Light dawned.’ From that time Jesus began to preach and say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” [Matthew 4:16-17][1]

The people had been told by those in charge what to believe, how to conduct themselves, and what they must do to support the official organization. Individuals did not matter whatsoever. There was no love here. Whoever might resist such encroachments were targeted with abuse. The majority knew their social standing and ability to earn a living demanded compliance to the dictates of the order. Some managed to make it on their own. Most were far too fearful of the prospect.

If there had been a prophet the truth would have been shouted from the housetops and every high hill. The Hebrew prophets were sent directly by God with a powerful spiritual anointing sufficient to overcome the dominance of the religious and secular hierarchies when they strayed (which was often). Their voices were always heard. But the establishment hated prophets. The prophets revealed the rebellion of the controllers and the disgusting personal lifestyle sins hidden behind the walls of false piety. Why do you think the fakers had to dress up in such outlandish costumes and affect such fake religious attitudes? They had to hide what they really were. They had to fake the people out to gain and remain in power.

But there hadn’t been a real prophet in the land for centuries. There were likely individuals here and there that had some semblance of diffused spiritual light but such was obviously not enough to stave off the rise of evil disguised as holy. Some could see the pretenders for what they were but had no power to fight or stop them. This is what always happens when the strong, powerful correcting voice of God is not around to speak spiritual truth and light, and counteract the perpetrators of evil.

When there were prophets the evil ones did their best to oppose and defame them, and often resorted to murder. They saw the latter means as the only reliable solution. Many prophets were killed. As their voice was eliminated it allowed for evil to rise exponentially.

If the nation prayed earnestly for deliverance and brought forth the fruits of real repentance God would respond.

He would send another prophet, as pure salt and light, not necessarily to defy the idiots who had wrested control but to save the nation. If the nation didn’t care there was nothing God could do other than be there for the remaining faithful Remnant. The people composing the Remnant had the double whammy of standing for God in a Godless society but also being under constant attack by the despots in charge.

Understanding this dynamic should cause one to get the big idea regarding our present circumstances. In the not too distant past, if the government sent out a directive to shut down all the churches, Christians would have fought back with holy fervor. Such a directive would never work. Other directives did, however. There are many ways the sly ones can force compliance to their will, the central tenet of which involves compromising and diluting the strength of Christianity, if not causing its outright destruction. Sadly, Christians in general were too dumb to understand the ulterior motives utilized to neutralize them.

As the great compromise advanced, the day arrived when church leaders made a deal with the devil, so to speak, and aligned themselves with governmental monetary dictates, such as the 501c3. This worked out great for both parties, except for the simple fact that free speech in the pulpit was erased. Ministers could no longer speak out against the government (you know, like a prophet), or speak the will of the congregation regarding candidates for government office.[2] The congregants weakly complied with the plan also because if they didn’t, their social and monetary status would likely suffer. Couldn’t have that.


Somebody would have stood up and said something. Oh yes, they did. And they were eventually showed the door. If Mr. Big Bucks in the front pews did this it would be different, of course. He had money. Preachers have always traditionally listened to money and would generally back off. If you don’t see this happening outwardly it’s because both are already in it together. No, the one who would stand up and oppose the non-New Testament garbage being spouted would most often be a man of no means, exactly like the Old Testament prophets. He stood no real chance of being effective toward actual reform without the support of the people and would be silenced or removed. Therefore, even when God sent a corrective it was most often rejected. Sound familiar?

Some went out and started new churches. They had no choice. They knew too much. They would likely only be accepted elsewhere if they kept their mouths shut. Why this strange attitude toward New Covenant truth? Why were the big boy controllers so afraid of the real teachings of the Lord? Because it exposed them as frauds.


I remember, a long time ago, a certain church leader, who appeared to be a good guy and sincere, was talking about how easy it was to live for God. There is no doubt this man had mastered some of the requisites for discipleship. He was Spirit-filled and had a good attitude. He had a good record. But he was also on the payroll. Guess what percentage of solid real disciples are on a ministry payroll? We have this strange tradition in Christianity that only very few believers are qualified to gain monetary compensation for their Christian service. 99% of Christians are thus on their own. It’s a good thing some are with the Lord while on their own. They are forced even among believers to seek a secular means for making a living. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that if it came down to the apostle Paul getting paid or pretty much anyone else in church, including the majority of preachers, I would go with the apostle Paul. Why? Because most preachers could not perform like the apostle Paul in a million years. They are not there to “follow Paul as he follows Christ.” They don’t even pretend to be like Paul.

But guess what? There were a great many believers in Paul’s day, a large percentage, who were doing the same spiritual things Paul was doing. They were certainly not the evangelistic teaching apostolic dynamo Paul was, but if that’s the criteria for getting paid then most preachers and church leaders in America must go off the payroll immediately. That was not the criteria, of course. The Lord always took care of His people and still does. Yet, I submit that if the majority of Christians, the very ones who make Christianity work and supply the lion’s share of money and effort, are deemed officially unworthy of compensation then so are the majority of Christian ministers. There are enough ministers who do the same work sans donations or paychecks and work like anyone else and should be commended for it. And there are certainly ministers who do the will of God and should be supported financially. But the Lord in general only obligates Himself to support those who do His will and not those with mere titles who pretend to be something they are not.

Regarding the first century AD, there was simply not that much money to go around back then among believers. It never meant the Lord did not provide for His own but that a higher level of discipleship was necessary. They had relatively hard lives. Real Christianity was illegal. Rome could be brutal. Unbelieving gentiles thought Christians were at least strange if not lawless cultists. The unbelieving Jews were constant threats for open attack. Who do you think killed the Lord Jesus? And instigated the death of James the apostle? And Stephen? And almost Peter? Who was trying to kill Paul every day of his Christian life? Each of these men were Israelites who were deemed “strayed” and “heretics” by the Sanhedrin. The greatest persecution ever faced by the Early Church was by the unbelieving anti-Christian Israelites who saw Christianity as a vile heresy.

Despite this and all the rejection, the believing Israelites held on, continued honoring and working for the Lord Jesus, were later joined by great numbers of believing gentiles, and both together eventually prevailed against great odds. However, there was no way it would have been possible without the game-changing indwelling Holy Spirit of God. The devil got in his licks but could not stop the juggernaut.


But what about the persecutors? What happened to those opposing the Lord? —The same thing that is happening to Unreal Christianity at this very moment. This overall entity has traditionally rejected real believers who do their best to know and comply with the Lord’s teachings, even if they clash with church doctrine, until many churches have none left. Without them there is no spiritual salt and light. Without the presence of the Lord it becomes easy for the devil to invade the premises. Their lack of spiritual strength makes it impossible to make a stand for God. In the effort to keep themselves in control and honor a different gospel, they have set themselves up for ruin by having no one left to come to their rescue.

The only choice remaining is to accept the terms of surrender.

© 2020 by R.J. Dawson. All Rights Reserved.   

[1] Unless otherwise noted all Scriptures are taken from the New American Standard Bible, © 1960, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.

[2] President Trump promised to change this but the ministers involved probably decided against it because it might wreck their funding.

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  1. Every church building in the United States may close its doors but the church of Jesus Christ will not be defeated. He has insured the victory. We may have to meet in homes, go underground, but the Lord is the head of His church and He has and always will supply all we stand in need of. He will take care of those who choose not to follow Him ours is to keep proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever we are. We are the Lord’s servants and He will be our judge. May we join together and seek the Lord using Ephesians 4:12-16 as a guide. May we not be “tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.”

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    • AMEN. Thanks Donna. Excellent comment and one that should make us all think a bit, consider spiritual reality, and the Lord’s great love and power.

      We know from history that His Church (Community) can thrive in the most challenging conditions and this is most evident by the history of the Early Church. It is why I am always pointing to the Book of Acts because it proves the point you just made, in that if our forebears could achieve such spiritual greatness we can also. The Spirit of God always makes the difference, regardless of times or circumstance.

      Your statement is powerfully encouraging. How many times have veteran Christians been in “Crossing the Exodus” positions in which God must come through or all is lost? I’ve been there many times and I’m sure you have also. Each time is different, of course, and requires its own faith and determination. BUT GOD IS FAITHFUL. I remember hearing long ago in some sermon that the Lord loves coming through for His people. As we wait and pray and hope and believe we are building our faith and making it stronger so the next time we need it we can achieve even more.

      You wrote: “Every church building in the United States may close its doors but the church of Jesus Christ will not be defeated. He has insured the victory. We may have to meet in homes, go underground…” On top of everything else they had to deal with, the Early Church had no church buildings for three hundred years. They DID meet primarily in homes. They DID go underground. Thank you for sharing this because many believers are still unaware. Church buildings can be great but if suddenly without them, we still must do our work and serve the Lord. That’s the point.

      I can understand the fear of being socially shunned if one stands against false teachings masquerading as truth, and it is why most Christians remain silent. It was this way for the Jews during the Lord’s time, who knew that suffering would be great if they went against the religious leaders. But when a believer is filled with the Holy Spirit the entire dynamic changes. Fear can be overcome. We possess much greater spiritual courage. We have a greater will to fight the good fight of faith.

      So yes, the Lord keeps telling us victory is ours because victory is His and no one can overcome His power. Of course, the devil knows this. At the end of the day he is deathly afraid of the Lord we serve. This fact also puts spiritual battle in the proper context. We must live correctly. We must exercise our faith. We must fight spiritual battles. Achieving victory is conditional. But the Lord’s people are destined to win.

      Thanks again, Donna. Blessings to you!

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  2. Funny how “church” has become reality tv, and a reality tv host has been appointed and anointed to resist the new world order and her unjust, unholy, unrighteous, ungodly laws and harlotry, trumpeting the Truth and taking Pence as a name symbolic of rePENTance, repenting, turning from the shadow government and religion, to the Truth and Life of the Real America, a constitutional republic, bringing America back under God, indivisible from God, even as the Real Church is under the governance of Christ, under God our Father as the Bride. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ!!!

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    • Yes. People who are aware of actual facts and have not been shanghaied must admit that our President is not controlled, or at least not as controlled as other Presidents were. There is no doubt he loves America. No one can fake that. Even though he is limited in what he can actually do to change things for the better he is for the most part unscripted. I believe he represents a chance, an opportunity. There is no possible way he could have survived so far without really missing a beat in the face of so much demonic hate unless he was a man not of the usual ilk.

      Jeb was supposed to be the guy and Donald Trump destroyed him. He destroyed every other candidate. I’ve been following politics since I was about twelve years old and have never seen anything like this. There are still concerns, however. It remains to be seen how far he can go or is willing to go, and what kind of connections have his hands tied. But I am optimistic. Considering the alternative it’s a no-brainer.

      But none of it matters unless enough Americans get off their duffs, fight for righteousness, live for God and as Americans, according to the principles of our Constitution, and pray that the Lord will bless us with a massive scrub brush and an ocean of clorox to detox DC. It’s never over until it’s over and it’s far from over.

      The devil’s having a fit. What else is new?

      Blessings to you, Yvonne! Thanks for a great comment.

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  3. The Lord will build His Church and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it. Thanks Rev. RJD.

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  4. Shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?
    Without warning to Job, God tested his resolve giving the Devil carte blanche to torture him. But as Job points out, the Devil is not the only one that puts us to the challenge or visits evil upon us. God can and does as well to reveal our integrity.
    Daniel did not have a Synagogue to attend, he observed his faith without the collective. Can it not equally be possible that God’s intent is to try our own integrity in all of this- to expose our weakness of devotion? That is to say, can one not discover that the truth of their Christianity is that they are in it for the community rather than for God?

    What value is the church is there, if you are in *need* of it to continue building a relationship with God? Do we not have other tools imparted by which we can build a relationship with Our Father during these times?

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    • Thank you for the comment. I appreciate it. Regarding your central question, in relating the life of a Christian to the actual experience of Job, I would like to clarify that the Lord never sends evil upon His children. The Lord Jesus made the clear statement that He came to give us abundant life. He also said He did not come to condemn the world but to save it. The experience of Job must be placed in the proper context. Job was a highly righteous and faithful man. He honored the Lord. He knew the source of His strength and blessing. He was a mature believer.

      The enemy challenged the Lord that Job would desert Him in the face of calamity, in that he was only faithful because of his many blessings. What does not get mentioned here are the many years of trials and spiritual instruction that Job endured that manifested in such strong faithfulness. His discipleship did not come easy. He played a direct role in allowing the Lord to bless Him. The Lord knew He could trust Job with blessing. This is why He would not allow what He allowed the enemy to do to Job to anyone of lesser faith and discipleship, likely because they could not have handled it.

      But again, this was not God being capricious or sending evil upon His own son in the faith, but a test. It was a test to prove the devil wrong. Job would have to dig deep to stay faithful. The devil was convinced he could get Job to renounce God. The devil failed. This same dynamic takes place regarding Christian persecution. The Lord is not sending the evil or inflicting evil upon His children. The evil comes from those who hate the Lord and thus hate His children. But the Lord must send His children to the hateful to bless them with the opportunity of salvation. There is no other way. But He does not send His disciples out without first preparing them properly. Many Christians are not actually connected to the Lord as they think and send out missionaries who are not prepared, which is a different subject.

      We know the original apostles and disciples suffered attacks for their faith and the work they were doing, especially the apostle Paul whose recordings were made and preserved. But these attacks were due to spiritual warfare in which the devil and his unseen minions were the initial perpetrators working through human agents. The original disciples were not necessarily being tested as Job was, though the story of Job was useful to maintain their faithfulness and ministry.

      Regarding the current crisis, I have always been an advocate of serving the Lord Jesus regardless of circumstances, and operating from within or without a traditional church. I believe home church or home Bible studies are great. The place is not so important. The spiritual activity is. It was greatly encouraging to see so many Christians continuing their walks even though they were shut out of their churches. And I do see this lockdown as a great opportunity to become more like our forebears who had no church buildings or even a New Testament. Real Christians always find a way. (I will include a link at the end of this comment to what turned out to be a popular article I wrote in March of this year regarding this that I think you will appreciate.)

      I must also state that real Christians will experience times of being absolutely alone and cut off with no human support and must find a way to remain faithful and survive with only the Lord Jesus. This can always work, of course, if one does his or her part. It is usually temporary but is often longer than expected. There are Judases that must be dealt with. There are many things that challenge us in this fallen world. But also, all real Christians know there is also ongoing victory because we are on the Lord’s side. He loves us. If we focus on Him and the doing of His work it is the key to staying on track. His work involves loving and assisting others. The enemy hates our walk and our work and tries to interfere and stop it. The enemy must be overcome and can be.

      Regardless of challenging times and circumstances, or lack of support and fellowship, an individual, like Job or Daniel, can not only survive but thrive. The Lord clearly said that all things are possible with God and there are no exceptions.

      Thanks again for a great comment. Blessings to you.


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