Many church-going Christians in America, a probable majority, are currently acting powerless in the face of tyrannical secular overreach because they’re long conditioned to be subservient to strict clergy control.



There is only ONE Person deserving of all praise and honor. If Christians honored this ONE Person the way they honor their preachers/pastors/ministers/priests/reverends, the response to our present circumstances would be swift and powerful. That it is not is due to centuries of church conditioning that renders Christians largely harmless to the enemy, primarily because they have surrendered their God-given authority to authoritarians and high hat ecclesiastics more interested in power over Christians than serving the Lord to foster power within Christians.

We have the perfect example in the Lord Jesus. He had to die to release us from bondage. His intent was to free us from the prison of sin, usher us into abundant life, and empower us to stand, as He did, against all enemies. His example did not allow for a mere lone potentate on a platform throne but a sea of Spirit-filled believers let loose in the world to tell everyone the Good News and defeat every single spiritual enemy in opposition. His example, teaching, and spiritual equipping created spiritually powerful people willing to do battle anywhere and everywhere. They were never a collection of docile sheep silent and servile under a single high and lifted up human subsidiary or some absolutely unscriptural vaunted hierarchy with a dominant pyramid topper, but a collection of equals under the sole authority of the ONE who died to save them.

The Lord Jesus was the only ONE the early Community of the Lord honored above themselves. They honored each other laterally as sisters and brothers, and served one another as sisters and brothers, and lowered themselves to the status of servants but only in ultimate service to the Lord. They served one another not according to the standard servant-authoritarian paradigm but for the love they each had for one another. The Lord taught them to do just that and to even prefer their brother. This allowed not only for the destruction of human pride but also obliterated any idea or desire of taking charge over one another. This attitude allowed for an otherwise impossible dynamic in that the original Christians were both humble to the nth degree but powerful enough to whip demons and take their names.

Speaking of which, if so many of today’s pastors can’t even stand up to obvious attacks against Christianity and one’s calling, and stand up for the people they are supposed to be serving, and instead teach their congregants to stand down without a fight, which also involves standing down against clear violations of the American Constitution, does anyone really think these compromised authoritarians are fighting unseen spiritual enemies? If they refuse to stand up against petty tyrants—those in the process of seeing just how far they can go to restrict or even eliminate Christian freedoms—how can they possibly stand up against unseen demonic forces?


And therein lies the rub. For the Christian authoritarians to be in charge it means the Lord Jesus can’t be. Now, please don’t get me wrong here. The Lord is in charge anyway, everywhere, in an overall sense, but He allows the possibility of being voted down. He never forces Himself upon anyone. Does Hebrew history reveal anything with greater destructive spiritual impact than this one primary fact? —That God is sovereign but the Hebrew nation rejected Him repeatedly? Why then is it so difficult to see Christians doing the same?

It’s different in one sense, however. The Israelites never made rejecting God a traditionally accepted practice. They always knew it was wrong, that is, whenever they actually had a mind to think about it. Also, the prophets, when they weren’t dead, never ceased to warn the authority thieves of their illicit behavior.

For Christianity, though, and I am certainly speaking in general terms, clergy dominance did not only become an accepted tradition, it became foundational policy to trumpet at all times. Once the people were thoroughly cowed (sound familiar?) the big boys let up, but still insisted on building and maintaining the outward structure of control. It is in part why most church formats all look the same: There is a restricted area up front or raised platform with platform thrones and sacred pulpits, and down below or beyond there is the mass of powerless nobody little people all lined up side-to-side in lateral rows staring over the back of each other’s heads dutifully supporting their betters. One group is very small, compensated, and overtly respected. The other group is very large and must find their own way in the world. Does this look like Christian fellowship? Does it look like the spiritual interacting of the people of God? Does it even look like Scripture? Why do theaters, concert halls, opera houses, Roman basilicas, and ancient pagan temples have the exact floor plan?


The greatest trick the devil ever perpetrated was convincing a few prideful bigwigs to elevate themselves over everyone else and demand subservience. Why? Because in the process it removed 99% of Christians from viable ministry. It turned a massive untold number of believers into passive non-workers so those who wrested control could have full control. Remember, however, though it might be hard to understand now, the original Christians were world-changing devil-busters filled with the power and love of God who wreaked havoc on the devil’s evil kingdom and rescued millions of people from his clutches. They attacked hell en masse and took no quarter. They knew what their purpose was and achieved it every day. They were the direct opposite of passive pew-sitters allowing the few in charge to do whatever they want. Is it any wonder, then, that the history of Christianity is filled with the abuse of power? Is it any wonder that evil at the top grew without restraint? Who was rightly checking it? Who was holding them accountable? Who is holding them accountable at present? I am being very kind here. I could go on. It would be somewhat akin (to an infinitely lesser degree) to the Lord’s rebukeathons against the Scribes and Pharisees. There is no end to the subject matter.

Whereas once false Christian potentates ruled with an iron thumb, murdered masses, persecuted real believers, and demanded even their own people to grovel before them, the greater aspect of today’s abuse involves a mass misallocation of funds. Most of the money given is spent unwisely and inappropriately. It is spent on the accoutrements of this world and comparative little is given to those who need it most. Not only have the great bulk of Christians been relegated to the sidelines, their individual ministries are rarely or never supported, and certainly not financially. Meanwhile, a few have no end of funding. Some of those in the clergy class know the money allocation state of affairs is inherently incorrect and one-sided (because they still have the modicum of a working conscience) and consequently reduce their takings to what may be termed a sensible amount. Others, however, go whole hog. They rake it in like gangbusters and have a ball. There is often no end to their excess. They always have a tendency to spend it on the wrong things, which mainly involve their personal lives and the material trappings of their fiefdoms. They will also send assistance elsewhere, often far elsewhere, but neglect faithful brother Jones and supportive sister Smith sitting right there in the congregation.


One may wish to remember the Lord’s example. If He did not allow any extravagance for Himself (or pretty much anything), where do such Christian leaders get their authorization? Again, it’s not from Scripture but from a false Christian tradition. And if anyone might be thinking the actual problem is not the clergy barrel as a whole but only a few bad apples within it, why don’t other Christian leaders call them out? One denomination doing this to another doesn’t count. That’s often just religious/political backbiting and posturing. Each denomination believes it has the best interpretation or expression of Christianity and thus rejects the others. They do this to protect their status as distinct Christian cults and will always protect their own even if their own are guilty. It’s called protecting the brand. The higher up the ladder you go, however, the more corrupt it becomes because they have more power to shield the guilty. The corruption then spreads downward through their corrupt policies.

A better example may be the polyculture associated with Christian TV. Apparently all these different people with all their different backgrounds and all their different doctrines have no problem with one another. Have you ever seen anyone on Christian television openly rebuke and call out the frauds among them? Is it because there are no frauds? Is it because they think it’s not “Christian” to do such a thing? The truth is that many are chicken, compromised by the same process, and don’t want the spotlight shining on them (or all weapons turned in their direction). They are all drawing from the same money well. Therefore they forego any possibility of being a corrective force. It proves they collectively have no interest in reform. This is absolutely no different than the dynamic played out among the ancient Hebrew prophets and evil kings. Those connected to the kings knew they better keep their mouth shut. The prophets, however, said to hell with that and refused to be silent. Have you ever seen an actual prophet in this sense on Christian television?

Imagine much of the power of that medium being wasted because many of those in control are no different than most politicians. The latter ilk are often compromised entirely and are usually controlled puppets, world class rip-off artists, or both, and this is why they talk but never act unless it’s in favor of their lobbyists et al. Sound familiar? How much money and support has been going to Washington forever? And things keep getting worse for the country. Meanwhile, Christian television, multiple mega churches, and scads of ministries all across the nation have a preponderance of money, equipment, and locations to preach from with their congregations in full support, but the country keeps going to hell. Maybe it’s because their stuff is in the hands of the wrong people. You can’t expect someone who refuses to clean up his own act to clean up larger venues. How long will we keep going through the motions to nowhere while souls are not being reached with the real Gospel? The people who could do the job and are doing their best with what they have routinely get mothballed, blackballed, or disfellowshipped in a complete reversal of the actual intent of fellowship. The ones who should get disfellowshipped are the faux controllers and their supporters. (In reality this has actually happened, though in reverse, in the sense that it is easier for one or a few to leave. See Luke 9:5.)

Since those interested in truth and reform always amount to a small minority, the controllers believe it is better to kick out a few, render them inconsequential, or cold-shoulder them into oblivion. This has caused all those who remain to fall into the clergy worship trap which renders them powerless. Perhaps this is why you can never count on them to come through when spiritual effort is most needed. The powerful spiritual DNA is gone because they removed it. The great frontline soldiers with all the grit and determination were seen as way over the top for the sensitive spiritual reality rejecters. And the leaders like it much better when Christians are simple-minded and docile who never, ever challenge them. They fight anyone else. The only ones left are thus easily controlled. It’s the religious equivalent of putting strong little boys on Ritalin to neuter the strength God gave them in order to make them behave and fit within a contrived, inhumane round-peg-in-a-square-hole system in which all must be coerced into silence and servitude.

This is how the elite in charge have transformed Christianity. Instead of developing dedicated disciples per the Lord’s direction they contrive collectively constrained converts under clergy control.

Real Christians are thus largely off the radar. They don’t fit so well once gaining maturity. It’s the same thing with the country. The elite in charge vote themselves excess and merely patronize their “constituents,” especially at election time. America used to be a great country filled with strong moral people but is now inhabited by a seeming majority of selfish, apathetic, and dependent unawares without a clue or the gumption or ability to right the ship. The real patriots who can right the ship are constantly under attack which makes it difficult to mount a charge. And then there’s the quite successful divide and conquer strategy which always seems to rear its ugly head in times of spiritual progress.

The same has also always been the case in Christianity. A few Christians get it right and attempt reform to the Lord’s original standard but sold-out authoritarians crush them to the best of their ability with the silent support of the majority. The guilty party has obviously decided on planet earth as their heaven which renders spiritual graduation into eternal life essentially undoable. They may have a rude awakening upon casting off their mortal coil.

They likely will not see what Stephen saw when his time came.

© 2020 by R.J. Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

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  3. LoL RJ!! Just what I said the other day, pimps for Jesus, some have better branding than others and are all competing for the same buck.

    First stop may be to deconstruct the myth of “Christian nations” and stop hiding behind this falsehood and sighing about it.

    There is NO indication that God has designated any land for Christians. The only nation that God called out were the Hebrews. Deut 7:7 7 “The LORD did not set His love on you nor choose you because you were more in number than any of the peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples, 8 but because the LORD loved you and kept the oath which He swore to your forefathers, the LORD brought you out by a mighty hand and redeemed you from the house of slavery, from the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt.”
    However, what was promised were a people.

    In 1 Peter 2:9-10, we are told; “9 But you are A CHOSEN RACE, A royal PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PEOPLE FOR God’s OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; 10 for you once were NOT A PEOPLE, but now you are THE PEOPLE OF GOD; you had NOT RECEIVED MERCY, but now you have RECEIVED MERCY. “ This was preceded by Jesus saying to His disciples in Matt. 28: 18-20, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

    “As people accept Jesus as their KING, He has been gathering citizens for HIS Kingdom since His first coming. The kingdom of God will be worldwide (and is now), however the inheritance of the overcomers will be in the order of Levi, whereby in Numbers 18:20, “Then the Lord said to Aaron, “You shall have no inheritance in their land, nor own any portion among them; I am your portion and your inheritance among the sons of Israel.” Dr. Stephen Jones. We do a disservice to Christians around the world when America sees itself with special status and deep rooted exceptionalism which is no more than “faith in oneself.” All our brothers and sisters do the best they can under the yoke of their individual governments be they republic, parliamentary, totalitarian, socialistic, communism/mixed or monarchies. All are under the New Covenant and will be gathered at Tabernacles (end of the age).

    I always liked Watchman Nee’s thoughts on discipleship, local, in unity working together, but since sectarianism came with the colonist-settlers there’s no hope of that today either for the same reasons. Those who left the institution for the house church merely exchanged one large building for a home with the same leadership structures. However there is nothing preventing us from being alert to the Holy Spirit’s calling and disciplining in our own home communities. Think of all the funds that have been directed to the multitude of ministries that could be used to build our community and model life as the early disciples and apostles of Christ did.

    Re: the USA Constitution by Martin Armstrong, “While we pretend to call ourselves a Democracy, we are by no means such an institution. We are exactly what Franklin replied: a REPUBLIC.

    While it is a theory that democratic republics are founded upon the consent of the people, any review of history reveals that they are founded upon pretenses and have never been able to constrain those in power. Once they get a taste of that power, they abuse it. This is what drives the cycle of history which shows that society is born, matures, corrupts, and collapses by normally suicide taking shape as a revolution.”


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    • Thanks Tanya. Regarding the concept of Christian nations, though I agree there is no specific designation of such in the New Testament, there is always the possibility. There have certainly been Christian groups throughout the Church Age with their own covenants which amounted to limited governments on a small scale. Keep in mind, the best government structure is first and foremost the smallest and least obtrusive as possible. Such obviously requires mature, industrious, freedom-minded moral people who desire to pull their own weight. For such people, individual rights, which they know are derived from their Creator, are a must. The original American colonists perhaps best typified this and was best represented by the English Separatists who founded Plymouth Colony in 1620. These were people who refused inclusion in the newly created hybrid Anglican Church in the mid-to late 1500s and were greatly persecuted for it. They found no religious freedom in England but did find it in America and laid a foundation for religious freedom which later became codified in the Bill of Rights.

      The Community of the Lord Jesus, of course, is a worldwide spiritual community based on the government of the Lord, the only King, which is based on His teachings. Those who adopt and follow His full curriculum, as the early first-century believers did, fulfill His blueprint of a loving and vibrant community based primarily on the two greatest commandments. His own discipleship school, composed of the original twelve and other disciples, initially represented this design perfectly. The 120 at Pentecost represented it perfectly as well. I consider their example as the perfect prototype all Christians should follow though only few do.

      Regarding Christians worldwide and the various types of government structure they are associated with, they obviously must do the best they can. Even under oppression, however, some thrive. The powerful uncompromised Christians of China are a great example. However, I must note that when European Christians who already had a Christian foundation, though were later subjected to Christian religious tyranny (I know, an otherwise contradiction in terms), broke out of said prison and began inroads toward religious freedom, some stopped along the way with limited freedom while others insisted on full freedom. The latter allowed for the greater possibility of actually returning to the Book of Acts. This would not have happened unless there was a place like America to set the tone and show what was possible. American religious freedom emboldened other Christians in the world all the more. Great progress was made in the 20th century, starting for the most part with Topeka, Kansas and Azusa Street and continued all across the world.

      The point I am making here is that the Lord is on the side of freedom and we learn to fight with Him under His direction for it, which means the possibility of actual Christian governments or nations is not so far-fetched. The reason secular governments have gained so much unwarranted authority is because the people of those nations surrendered their personal freedom to them. But just like the Separatists, religious freedom can be regained if enough Christians stand up for the Lord and do His will. When this happens, all the other people in general benefit as well. Remember, the level of authority the Lord gives to His followers exceeds and outranks that of secular government. When Christians grow lax or procure the wrong teachers this knowledge is lost to them and consequently, not so great people fill the resultant void and turn the tables, taking power over believers when it should be the other way around.

      Though Christian churches and ministries in general do not represent the Lord’s original Community very well and thus do not have much of an effect on creating or maintaining a general sense of salt and light in a society, they exist only due to the will of the people. The will of the people can also move in a higher direction. Regarding your final paragraph, we must think in terms of individual Christians who do get it right and never subject themselves to up and down cycles, the latter of which ends in spiritual ruin. Mature believers maintain their walk and grow spiritually stronger and more effective over time and eventually graduate to heaven. When many of these get together in one place, as did the early believers, and give their all for the Lord, Pentecost happens.

      Also, the early Community of the Lord certainly did have a limited government structure and did an excellent job under severely trying circumstances, part of which involved spiritual battle against those who hated them and their spiritual freedom, and tried their best to eliminate them. The Lord’s adversaries eventually failed. Everything they tried to inflict upon the Lord and His people later happened to them. We must keep this in mind regarding current circumstances.

      Blessings to you.

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      • Thanks Tanya. I read your additional replies and agree in general. I appreciate the information. I have used some of the Scriptures you quoted in previous articles here, notably, as one example of many, the following post from late 2016, almost four years ago:

        BIBLICAL WIKILEAKS (3): God Warns of Corruption at the Highest Levels (Listen Up, All Who Rule)

        I think we agree in general and on the topic of this current post. I stand by my previous reply to you. It’s okay to disagree somewhat. I appreciate your attitude here. Because Christians have traditionally decided that disunity is preferable to remaining in fellowship with different perspectives, it has obviously caused much damage. I prefer to stay in fellowship regardless of disagreements as long as attitudes are right and love is first. The Golden Rule covers this.

        Because your two comments are relatively long and I don’t have the time to vet all of it and give you a detailed reply, I will treat them as a private exchange. I am also concerned we are getting a tad off topic through your introduction of so much subject matter and I don’t want to take away from the gist of the post.

        Also, because you are so well read and passionate on this particular Christian subject matter and likely many others, I highly recommend you start your own blog, if you have not already done this, especially under current historical circumstances. I know I always had more to share than outlets to share it and it’s why I ended up primarily sharing through the written word. Of course, I recommend WordPress. I’ve been here since May of 2011. Also, if you are interested, I have well over 600 articles on this site, and like I said, I have delved into many of these topics in that time. You can find the tabs in the header for access.


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