It was ten years ago when I first heard the preceding words. The Lord spoke to me clearly and directly. There was absolutely no doubt regarding what He said. I’ve done my best to relay the message ever since.


For those of you following the site over the years, you know I have brought this up before, several times. It has, however, like so many other truths I have received, largely fallen on deaf ears. Sometimes truth is not accepted because people simply cannot hear it. They don’t get it. It could be they have no frame of reference. One might as well be speaking another language. Others cannot receive it because there is something in the way, something is blocking transmission. The something, of course, is in their minds. A strong signal goes out. They cannot help but be in the direct path of the frequency, so to speak. But an unseen or unacknowledged obstruction disallows their reception like a mountain might block radio waves. They have no ill intent, necessarily, to block it, but something is blocking it.

In the majority of cases, however, at least according to my experience, which is extensive over many years, the truth is openly rejected. People hear it. They understand, at least to a degree, what is being said. There is not necessarily any obstruction in their minds blocking transmission.

Some reject truth out of hand, almost immediately, simply because it appears far too foreign for their chosen narratives which they live by or because it sounds too far out for any further consideration. These people are often in a hurry with maybe many irons in the fire. They keep their personal beliefs on the surface for the most part. Regarding the big picture they are shallow thinkers. They put most of their effort into making a living and living life, including their down time, which is filled with other pursuits. They give very little or mostly no thought to higher things that might allow them a brief glimpse into spiritual reality.

Many people, however, reject truth because they have already adopted their form of truth. If it’s religion or spirituality of some form or another, they already have that base covered. Their beliefs are set. They were either born into a particular traditional belief system and have accepted it wholly with no desire whatsoever to seek anything else, or they chose another at some point along the way, usually early on in life, and made it a foundation upon which everything else is built. Their thinking is such that they rarely or never question their beliefs or how their traditional religion came to be. All they can muster in this regard is unconditional deference to those in authority who pronounce it and they trust them wholeheartedly. They never look behind the curtain. Most don’t even know there is a curtain. They are also greatly supported by others in their group/clan/religion who believe exactly the same and it is from this well that they primarily draw from when questions might arise. Rather than do any serious research on their own they are content to be in union with a great many others who believe as they do and this is what they use for support. Whether they fully understand it or not, they are thus bound by a religious culture.

This dynamic is especially true regarding Christianity. Though the Lord Jesus has only one curriculum this has not stopped Christians over the centuries from rejecting it and creating their own, even though they still draw from His teachings in general. They acknowledge certain passages and verses and reject or neglect others. Another church down the street has their own favorites. Once you consider all the churches over the world you see that their respective constructed dogmas amount to a mishmash of various religious principles, some of which have no Christian basis at all. Their particular Statements of Faith include, of course, obligatory grabs and segments from the Lord’s original curriculum, as if they only had a limited supply of papyrus fragments or scroll segments to choose from, but also a rejection of much of His teachings because they don’t fit their perception of what Christianity is or what it should be.

I have always been somewhat astounded at this. When it comes to pretty much anything else, especially as it regards their means of making a living, these same Christians will do the opposite and adopt the full instruction manual. Earning money means they must know their product or the elements of the service they perform to the fullest extent in order to perform their best and engage in all that is required to procure success or maximum success. These Christians also have authority figures of some sort breathing down their neck to get their jobs right and perform correctly. It is how one gets in good standing and remains there to keep getting a paycheck or the necessary remuneration which they need to live and upon which their lives are built. The better they get at their profession, which obviously includes as much knowledge of it as possible and the experience to perform within it toward possible excellence, the better off they will be. This is what we all work at to varying degrees in order to receive maximum compensation which makes for a better life.

But strangely, this dynamic is rarely applied by Christians toward the Lord’s teachings. We have a billion Bibles largely going to waste and many appear as pristine as the day they were published. We have a full accounting of the Lord’s extant teachings in written form in pretty much every language known to man. We also have a great many works referencing His teachings that lend excellent support to our further understanding of it as well as any number of technological tools for assisting deep study. The material is there. The knowledge of how it got here is there. This is not simply a slow well to draw from but an ocean eclipsing the Pacific.

Why then are so many Christians, a probable majority, content with so little knowledge of the Lord? Why are they content with trusting their Christian education to one or a few religious authority figures? Why are they content with so little, even with purported degrees from “accredited” Christian schools? Many Christian “pastors” are only knowledgeable of their own Christian perspectives and can therefore only speak from what they know within their limited environment, which is often limited by design, especially if particular outside teachings appear strangely foreign regardless of Scriptural pedigree. Thus, their narrow approach regulates and imposes limits on “acceptable” Biblical truth, rejects that which they don’t feel comfortable with, and creates restricted parameters rather than allowing for access to the effective limitlessness of spiritual knowledge and the written Word of God.

Now, if they need a miracle in their lives, which can only come from the supernatural world, notably the Lord’s miracle realm, and can only involve supernatural miraculous means, well then, the supernatural in this case is suddenly not so odd and becomes agreeable. For anything else, however, especially everyday living and getting along, and making sure they do nothing to appear weird to friends and family, they reject the supernatural. I mean, come on, everyone must save face don’t you know.

AUGUST 30, 2010

I had hoped to write this article sooner so I could present it on the exact ten year anniversary of having received it. It was on the preceding date, so I’m close. One might consider that time ten years ago. I can still see it clearly. There was very little or nothing then that suggested any such thing as a Great Awakening would happen. Though a few Christians have believed in a coming great revival for perhaps a few decades, it seems as though their beliefs were presented in a general inarticulate sense in which the belief of revival outweighed any efficacy toward it.

To set the scene of hearing this message from the Lord, I was in the process of writing a paper presumably to be posted on my former website. During the previous year and a half, starting in early 2009, I had begun to write again and continue my research. Previous to then I had been inundated with practical necessities for a few years which restricted my time and opportunities. In that year and a half from early ’09 to August of 2010, I had created a relatively large amount of work including much research. The papers I created for posting averaged maybe 8-12 pages. I assumed the paper I began writing in late August ten years ago would be the same. The one thing that was different about it however was the unique subject matter. My relatively brief paper, over the next six months, became a book of well over 300 pages. I considered that a confirming sign.

One of the central purposes of the initial paper was to reveal fake revivals. One was occurring at that very time. It was mainly in the political realm but such often has strong Christian overtones. An event had very recently taken place in Washington DC at that time which involved the contribution of many religious leaders. It was supposedly about American patriotism associated with Christianity and included several national Christian personalities and church leaders. At one point the outdoor stage included a large group of these people in a lateral file from left to right. There was a call to lock arms together. However, intermixed within the mostly Christian leaders, both Protestant and Catholic, were several other leaders of various religious backgrounds, including Jews, Muslims, and Mormons. It was not simply another ludicrous ecumenical display but one absolutely antithetical to real Christianity. All those so-called Christian leaders, supposedly pledged eternally to the Lord Jesus, were locked arm in arm to those absolutely hostile to the Lord Jesus.

It was a perfect illustration of what would be ongoing deceptive efforts designed to stop what was coming.

© 2020 by R.J. Dawson. All Rights Reserved. [To Be Continued]  

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  1. I look forward to reading part two, RJ. Blessings.


  2. RJ, you said, “like so many other truths I have received, largely fallen on deaf ears.” There are those of us who carry a Jeremiah mantle whereby God says speak to the people, but they will not hear.

    I believe a large failing of the “church” is not teaching people how to hear God for themselves which is part of discipleship, but with that said hearing is also dependent on two things, heart idols as you say, “Many people, however, reject truth because they have already adopted their form of truth. If it’s religion or spirituality of some form or another, they already have that base covered. Their beliefs are set.” Heart Idol = mindset.

    Perfect example is in Ezekiel 14. In his day there were those who came to him asking for a prophetic word, but they had already made up their minds and were coming with preconceived opinions. They came to the prophet not to truly seek the word from God, but rather to seek a confirmation of their own beliefs and opinions.

    An idol is formed when we create God in our own image; that is, when we formulate an image of God in our minds according to our own carnal understanding. It is important that we not confuse the word of God from our understanding of the word, lest we end up worshiping an image that we have assumed to be the true God. God said I will answer to their heart idol.

    Secondly, God blinds the eyes of His people, (Ex. 4:11), and Moses said that if God does not give people eyes to see and ears to hear, they will not have the will to be obedient (Deut. 29:4).

    I read a lot of current prophetic peoples “words” and it is primarily a mixture of their heart idols (teaching) and true nuggets from Father through discernment honed over years of observation. To wit, the “Great Awakening” with words such as new era, reformation, revival, and others. However, it’s my opinion from studying historical and recent past revivals including what is known as the “Toronto Blessing” for which I spent significant time is that THE Great Awakening will not and cannot happen through a man or ministry but Jesus Himself. All revivals are rejected, aborted or peter out when the Holy Spirit removes Himself or is finished for that moment in time. Most revivals bring additional or restored revelation of the great I AM.


    Passover deals with our justification by the blood of the Lamb of God; Pentecost deals with our ability and willingness to hear His voice. That voice calls us up the mount into that all-consuming fire. It is a call to die, and most people today, like in Israel’s day, run away from this sure death, wanting to preserve their mortal lives and carnal beings. Hebrews 3. Again, we are dependent on the Holy Spirit to open the eyes and ears as He chooses.

    Blessings to all,


    • Thank you Tanya. Excellent. I have certainly heard the Jeremiah reference before…

      Like everything else ministry wise, the Lord is supposed to always be in charge, through His Holy Spirit. Of course, He is not always, sadly, because others have placed themselves in His stead. Regarding real revivals and particularly the Great Awakening, when He is the One bringing it we know in part because it happens beyond the control of those who would stop it or reject it. It happens in large part due to the cries and prayers of his people who long for spiritual reality and primarily the Lord’s authority in action. Real Christians WANT Him to be in charge. We WANT a kingdom in which He is the sole rule. It is the best possible world. I have seen enough over the last ten years to stand by what I heard. For those paying attention the Lord is being lifted up, truth is being revealed like never before, and the enemy is desperate. THIS is an exciting time to be alive. We are blessed.

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  3. RJ I sure appreciate the way you write! This article is fabulous and you are certainly being used mightily by God to wake up society today. You present Godly thoughts for the theologically-challenged average person to understand. I have stated this exact thought for years, As a counselor, I see people accept whatever false diet gurus declare as truth, too.

    An old Chinese proverb goes, “Even if 5,000 men are wrong, they are still wrong!” I’ve used this saying in my nutritional seminars to illustrate “Absolute Truth versus the group-think mentality” of today. I don’t care how many people you line up to tell me my red shirt is yellow if when I’m wearing a red shirt – it’s not true!” Absolute Truth prevails.

    There are certain physiological laws which are absolutely true. However, people sadly grasp untrue statements without researching and accept proclamations without thinking for themselves. Just like Biblical Truth. Another great post I had to pass along. Blessings back,

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    • Thank you Ellie. I appreciate this. It is greatly encouraging. We know the bad guys gain much of their success by simply repeating their untruths incessantly from what they purport to be an authoritative, credentialed, superior position. If one does not know the actual truth to overcome their false narratives he has little choice but to believe, accept, and incorporate the bad data. This has always been a major problem, of course, but it appears at present as though it has escaped its previous bounds and gone into hyper drive. A great many have been incredibly deceived, largely through exactly what you state, a group think mentality and fear of bucking the prescribed narrative.

      On the flip side, however, is a Great Awakening of those who see right through all the lies and support themselves with honesty, facts, and truth, though they must go against the grain and also pay the price for such. Nevertheless, the process is creating great truth warriors in many fields, not only Christianity, as you well know.

      Thank you for keeping up the fight in your life and work, which is vitally necessary for good health and proper mindsets. The good guys are going to win this war because truth is eternal and has incredibly strong foundations, while false narratives, lies, and deception have a limited shelf life. Truth always wins out as long as truth warriors continue to fight.

      We have the greatest One leading us. He IS Truth. Amen.

      Many blessings to you Ellie, and thanks again.

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  4. Never give up, RJ. Your faithfulness encourages me to keep on keeping on!

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