They spent decades preparing for this day. They have accomplished much and continue with their universal plan. Yet there remains a gritty opposing force, refusing to surrender, and giving them fits.


It was never part of the original plan. Once they decided to stray from the script and enter the emotional realm, allowing the unreliability of passion to be factored in to a previous hardline discipline, it exposed their vulnerable underbelly. Whether this was due to simple exasperation from heightened warfare, or from weariness of waiting—of shrewdly maintaining a marathon pace—or sensing the finish line so close the need for speed overcame their reason, and being unable to pull back the reins for want of finally achieving the long sought goal, they threw down the gauntlet for a full bore all-systems-go sprint, as if sucked ahead by lateral gravity, which eliminated their former mastery of strict impulse control, which in turn tarnished their former clandestine station behind the veil and revealed them for what they are: These were not high masters whatsoever, other than of guise and guile—but mere Halloween actors dressed to deceive and disappear, and shroud their demonic nature.


The assumption had been, with every base covered and each of a million different possibilities exhaustively vetted and deduced, that ultimate victory was not only inevitable but thoroughly predictable. An assured smugness had arisen among the perpetrators. The vast intricately detailed planning would surely bring about the desired outcome. How could the powerless possibly overcome it?

In the beginning it was wholly cerebral. They had the means and money. They knew it would take time. They knew it might not work exactly as they envisioned but had hope it would function in some form or semblance to the same effect. In the meantime, they would continue extracting wealth, appropriating political power, and generating the vast propaganda apparatus, which could only increase their chances.

It was a gradualist approach, a multi-generational effort. Nothing could stop them. They existed above all laws and restrictions. As the capstone group atop the pyramid, no one told them what they could or could not do. They were held back only by (1) cultural decorum, (2) an indigenous natural morality shared by all humans to varying degrees, (3) an unwillingness to sully themselves or their perfect plan with unnecessary sleaze and low-level filth which kept the more sordid forms of evil under wraps, and (4) established social barricades beyond the which they preferred not to travel.

The moment arrived when they perceived that such cultural barriers had been imperceptibly holding them back from fuller and faster progress. They had a sudden insight that their plan would never actually work as envisioned as long as such limits were allowed. Due to a better understanding of such mores and why they existed in the first place, and had existed from time immemorial in higher cultures—as hedges against corruption and the very plan they were attempting—they had come to an inevitable fork in the road. Would they recognize themselves as being completely out of line and even against the God of creation and not only moral but natural law and forget the whole thing? Would they care enough about their wives and children and grandchildren and family relations and friends to refrain from subjecting them to association with the evil they were planning? Or would they plow ahead anyway with all caution to the wind, endangering not only their own faint moral compass (essentially trashing what was left of it) but that of humanity as well?

Whether they saw that their plan was actually evil and could never be achieved by a moral people or that ethics were in themselves somehow evil and a mere abstract construct restricting progress—whichever one of these arose first in their minds—it ultimately did not matter because attaining the ultimate prize was of paramount importance and therefore the greater good. In other words, these parasitic creatures disguised somewhat as human beings who had already overcome in large part the dictates of their God-given conscience in attaining their wealth to that point had finally decided they would cross a bridge too far. They had decided that the end justified the means.

Therefore, they would henceforth, from that time forward, do anything whatsoever with no regard for any concepts of good or evil, to gain absolute control and capture the planet. They would own and control everything and no longer cared how they achieved it. This was the new plan, a furtherance of the former, and they were sticking with it. And the people be damned. Each generation of this upper crust clan thus engaged in greater forms of evil by degrees. They no longer called it by such, of course, but merely as the cost of doing business. They were the best. They deserved it. The rest of humanity were essentially nothing more than simple morons—cattle and swine, bovine and porcine—to be herded and processed by their superiors. They would do whatever they wanted with such people, though they numbered in the multimillions and billions. Such human detritus were no different than any other species of animal. It would never matter how many there were since the whole lot were insufferably stupid and could never mount an effective challenge even with the advantage of mass numbers. They knew a miniscule few had historically always ruled the masses which proved the sub-humans comprising the masses may as well be sheep led to the slaughter.


From the time Adam rebelled and was bounced from the perfect Garden planted by the LORD God, toward the east, in Eden, his future multi-generational progeny, for the most part, remained disassociated from God and resorted to their own devices. Survival was the name of the game my man, and whatever one had to do to survive was fair game, including making other humans fair game. Without the Lord’s overall protection and spiritual order, and the order of everything under His control for the benefit of His creation and humanity, and the sweet fellowship derived thereof, there was nothing but hardship and criminality. Devoid of laws to keep one another civil and to honor the needs, lives, and loves of others, humanity in general had fallen into a brute beast mentality. It is what happens when one rejects a benevolent higher order and closeness to the divine. One is on one’s own and those of his immediate group. Survival portends putting oneself and one’s group above all others.

Though the earth was large and stretched out forever, fear often kept them relatively close. And they always clashed at the borders—those intangible barriers that presented themselves when one group was threatened by another traveling upon it. The wandering group, chancing upon the other’s rude camp and possible spoils, depending on their mood and sizing up of the situation, would turn and travel on or decide to fight. Then the two nomadic groups would engage in yet more bitter battle, happening there as elsewhere, and shed each other’s blood. They would kill each other and add to the ongoing, incessant misery, a far cry from the Creator’s original plan.

And so it went. You could never trust a foreign group. You could only trust your own. But even within one’s own, rebellion would rear its ugly head. There would be power struggles. Beyond fighting for turf against evil interlopers one must also battle the threat from within—that a lesser young buck might throw off his restraints against established authority and take the group off in another direction with no concern for the people in it. That partners in marriage would turn upon the other, and sow yet more hate in the next generation, whose only future hope was more wandering, more searching, more looking for a place to rest, to simply stop and build, and be rid of constant threats from without and despair from within. But there was none to be found and no peace for the weary. Without the Lord it was every man for himself.

But soon, by heaven’s intervention in those dark ancient days, there would be a man of peace, birthed suddenly upon the scene, a compensation given from above. He would restore the way to God.

© 2020 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved. [To Be Continued]

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  1. God’s parallel plan. I love it. He will not be defeated.


  2. Hi RJ,
    Me again, Tove, Oct 31st blog, awesome, you have a sure turn of phrase and gift of storytelling.

    Do as you wish with this response, keep for yourself, edit up to you. Yeah I know it’s long 🙂

    Oct 9th blog, Forced Vaccinations – my comments as I’ve been busy bombarding my legislatures with letters to get the truth out.

    “Occupy till I come” Amen. I’d like to make 2 points if you will bear with me.
    Firstly, I do believe your Pres is not in on this and is perhaps naïve, so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt particularly in such a contentious election year where the opposition has not let up one iota in four years. Please be mindful what you are writing about is one of 2 prongs of attack. Domestic for America and global which concerns us all per the pandemic.

    As you mention much is hidden and more is in plain sight, we just haven’t seen it as it has been so subtle. Have your heard about the 4th Industrial Revolution? If not I urge you to listen to the two women’s interviews with Jamie Bosch attached.

    Alison McDowell (Philly, PA) and Cory Morningstar (Cdn). Both discussed their specific areas of research in the 4th Industrial Revolution by WEF part of the Great Reset…. 8 predictions for the world in 2030. First line is, “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.” https://twitter.com/wef/status/799632174043561984 Video from World Economic Forum, 2016

    I believe the plandemic has accelerated the process. Their exposes are jaw dropping and right under our noses.

    Alison’s is in 5 parts starting with #1 The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Global Technocratic Takeover

    Cory, one video, If We’re Honest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CVpccOS8cE

    Alison’s expertise is the education/health piece, Cory’s the environment and NGO’s. Both pieces speak about monetizing children, poverty and the environment/climate.

    From Alison’s glossary she talks about Human Capital Bonds-¬‐financial instruments generating profit through investment in privatized tech-¬‐driven social welfare systems that compel recipients to perform “life” on prescriptive data-¬‐generating pathways of “self-¬‐improvement.” Outcomes are weighted and measured against standardized metrics for “success.” Bonds can be securitized, creating opportunities for financiers to bet for OR against compliance of the poor.

    Second point, the “church”. I reached out to a larger Toronto one with a lot of information and with the view to helping them understand the difference in Father’s visitations. One for revival and one like this one, recognizing the fear of man and pushing back. Here’s what’s interesting, the western church is complacent and compliant which made rolling over easy. However, since we do live in democracies and have human rights charters that also gives us the right to civil disobedience which we should have already exercised. The freedom rallies around the world only get violent when the police and military harass the people. As we know we are also under extreme media suppression so these rallies are smeared and spun to fit their narrative, but we know better.

    The mere idea of civil disobedience doesn’t enter their minds and I also reminded them that it may seem a dichotomy for Paul to both invoke his Roman citizenship at a time when he needed it to protect himself and also teach us to be in subjection to governing authorities. However, when injustice is perpetrated against the people being governed then we rightfully can protest to restore the balance, as long as we do not sin or seek revenge. Yet our brethren living under communist conditions and who cannot protest, missionaries risk life and limb to help the underground church and here we cannot? Hmmm.

    Proverbs 29: He who is a partner with a thief hates his own life; He hears the oath but tells nothing. The fear of man brings a snare, but he who trusts in the LORD will be exalted. Many seek the ruler’s favor, but justice for man comes from the LORD. An unjust man is abominable to the righteous, and he who is upright in the way is abominable to the wicked.
    Their response was obey the government, but thank you for sharing…….sigh.



    • Thank you for the comment and information, Tonya. I appreciate you reading. The answer is yes. I especially like the information Catherine Austin Fitts has been revealing regarding this. Evil has its plans and God has His plans.

      Blessings to you.


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