Today is my site’s ten year anniversary. I appreciate all of you who have read my posts over the years and have contributed. Thank you.


It’s been a long haul. Like many of you, I have had roughly a million other things to attend to over the last decade but have always been faithful to this site. I have written posts from several locations. There have been interruptions, major changes, a few seriously tough times, and all the usual getting-on-with-life adjustments. I have written and posted roughly 700 blog posts so far, most in the two to four page range which amounts to thousands of pages.

There have been times when circumstances forced me to leave off writing but I always returned and hit it hard again. I have built up the site with many faithful readers only to lose most due to inactivity and then started over again. This has happened quite a few times, the most recent being the spring and summer of 2019. That is, until this year.

It is impossible to not be seriously affected by all that has happened in America over the last fourteen months. After the events of last autumn and especially at the beginning of this year I started sensing that we as Americans had been taken for a ride, yet again, and that the very worst was on tap. Rather than continuing to have hope I saw that no one was actually coming to the rescue. All those who appear to have tried got nowhere. Many who appeared to be for real have been proven to be frauds. A great many Christian “prophets” were dead wrong about what would happen. Many people trusted them. As usual, I would guess that most of these people explain it all away and keep on trucking.

There is no use getting into specifics at this point but everything has changed. I said fourteen months ago that nothing would be the same again. I spent a difficult summer writing many long posts revealing much truth. At the end of the day, did it matter? Have enough people really paid attention? I told you in my last post of 2020 on the last day of December last year what would happen in 2021: 2020 IN REVIEW AND A LOOK INTO WHAT’S COMING NEXT…

For all those Christians in America and their “churches” and denominations which have once again thrown in the towel and did what they were told, dumbing themselves down to an even lower level and surrendering whatever semblance of spiritual reality they had left, I can only say at this stage of the game that I have been warning of this very outcome over the life of this blog. But I started my warnings much, much earlier than that. I’ve been advertising a book here that I wrote in the 1990s. It hasn’t done any good. I had hoped to be a successful author so I could keep writing but the former never happened. I have kept writing however, though under more difficult circumstances, and plan to continue at some point.

At the moment I am inundated with practical matters that must be attended to and am making progress in that regard. My writing and teaching will have to wait. It might wait long enough that I will lose most of you. I don’t know. It is likely that few will even see this post or read it. For those of you who do I am thankful.

Regarding the Great Awakening, I will remind everyone that the Lord Jesus is God and He is still very much in control. He still lives to save. He still needs our help. For all the Christians in America who got sidetracked over the last year, they must simply be added to all the others who have done the same throughout history. At the moment it appears the goats and tares have the upper hand. Remember, I am only talking about “Christians” now. Forget about everything else. The devil has taken control over what the Lord has allowed him to. What’s done is done. Don’t engage in false hope.

When the Lord referred to sheep and goats, and wheat and tares, He was not talking about the world at large. He was referring to real believers and false believers. What happened in the first century obviously proved that. As we continue on, the unreal believers will become that much more closely aligned with the bad guys. You will have to use your own spiritual eyes to see this. This world is not what it appears to be. “Christianity” is not what it appears to be. But again, the Lord Jesus is very real and in control. He has all power and authority in both heaven and earth. If you want your life to really count you must join Him all the more. His kingdom is the only reality. The rest is mere illusion.

Going forward, those segments of Christianity which refuse His full will and direction will fall by the wayside, as always. I said many years ago that if every leadership team in every church in America were presented with a form pledging themselves 100% to full obedience to the Lord Jesus most would refuse to sign. It has always been this way. The goats have always outnumbered the sheep. There is likely a Judas for every twelve Christians.

Be careful. Get close to the Lord and stay there. If you are close get closer. Ask Him for all the spiritual power and strength you need. He has an unlimited amount available. Believe in the Lord! Trust Him! Great days are ahead. Many victories await. All things are possible.

Every story He writes has a happy ending.

© 2021 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved. 

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  1. Thank you RJ for staying faithful to God to keep on keeping on even when circumstances seemed like it wasn’t allowing you to post. Through many difficult times of your life you stayed the course and always posted what God placed on your heart and we as your readers thank you for that!
    Sorry to hear you won’t be writing as much, so I will pray the Holy Spirit stirs your spirit as your writings are truly divine inspired and look forward to what God gives you. Until then just know your writings as you said at the end of the day did it matter? Have enough people really paid attention? The answer is a resounding YES! And even as Jesus left the 99 to save just that one, it is that one you made the difference in.
    As I read this you reminded me of John when he said he felt like one crying in the wilderness, and many times may have felt his preaching was falling on deaf ears. God Bless and Keep you Always RJ as you walk with Him. May you be strengthened in the mighty power of the spirit of the living God who I know is your life!

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  2. RJ the thread throughout scripture of the “remnant” seems to be taking place again as all the dross of christianity is being burned off.
    100% submission to the leadership and rule of God in ones life must be where our eyes look and our mouth speaks and our lives shout it.
    It is and always will be the Lords part to bring others to himself using us as he decides. Faithfulness is our part in kneeling before him each day for our instructions.
    You speak and will continue to speak this well…blog traffic or not.
    I have an old computer system that will not navigate your blog but my phone will. I actually have to restart my computer when I go to certain sites…not sure what thats about.
    Congratulations on 10 years. Thats about what mine is. Evaluating my purpose as well in writing…take care my friend.

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  3. Congratulations RJ on staying the course against all odds! I always appreciate your writing and have experienced the ‘long winding road’ too. Keep on keeping on! You were bang on target 🎯 for the 2020 situation. God’s remnant people aren’t called a ‘band of survivors’ in His Word for nothing.

    BTW— if you aren’t familiar with the British ‘Pandemic Podcast’, I recommend it (it’s hosted Dan Astin-Gregory, and he’s on Bitchute in case the highly censoring YT removed the site for being Truth speakers) we are indeed living in the perilous times God warned us about.

    Here’s a “not to be missed” interview from Dan’s website featuring much media-lambasted former Pfizer VP of R&D, virologist & toxicologist, Dr. Mike Yeadon: https://youtu.be/Ay12R0e_7WM

    🙏(Daniel 7:27) 🙏

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    • (I apologize for not posting your comment earlier, Susan. WordPress put your comment in the spam folder and I usually delete them all without going through them. I happened to catch yours. I also apologize to any other reader whose comment may have been lost in this manner.)

      Thank you for your comment, long time readership, and encouragement. Blessings to you

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  4. I appreciate your honesty in that sometimes it’s hard to stick with writing, but you’ve always chose to come back. God is truly using your site to share truth. Thanks for sticking with it, and congrats on 10 years!


  5. Very happy 10th birthday RJ and well done for being a faithful servant of our Lord. Please try not to disparage prophets for they too are going through ‘Gideon’s army pruning’ as the Lord permits the spirit of Jezebel to have its way and thus expose its servants. Most are being faithful in bringing the portions they’re given rather than in repudiating their gifting and thus surrendering to satan!

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    • Thank you Richard. You’ve been a great friend and supporter over many years. I fully understand the Gideon paradigm applied to these times, and from several sources. I do not doubt that the Lord is allowing the unreal to showcase the real. This is what I am referring to in part in the post.

      In essence, this is what I have been doing here for the last ten years. I have been exposing Unreal Christianity and revealing Real Christianity, using only the Lord’s pure teachings and the New Covenant writings. This can certainly be viewed as a Gideon paradigm.

      I would never disparage real prophets, and real prophets are not all that difficult to discern. Immature prophets in training should otherwise be fully trained and spiritually mature before coming forth. We have several NT methods taught by the Lord and the early believers to discern properly all there is to know about the basics of real prophecy. I wrote an article regarding this posted on February 25, 2020: IMPRECISE PROPHETS AND ILL-DEFINED PROPHECIES: WHAT ABOUT THE NEW COVENANT MODEL?

      I stand by what I said regarding what I was specifically referring to, that many got what eventually happened in January absolutely wrong. I posted an article early on the day of the election last year referring to a prediction I made over two years earlier: ELECTION DAY 2020: TRUTH AND THE GREAT AWAKENING. I also mentioned in previous posts that not a single well-known Christian prophet that I am aware of said anything specific before 2020 about the coming plandemic.

      The New Testament teachings on prophets must be our only guide and proper foundation. The Lord Jesus is obviously the greatest Prophet of all. He prophesied clearly and directly, and always got it right. So did John the Immerser. So did Agabus. Real prophecy comes by the Spirit of God and God is never wrong. If a prophet gets it right it is because God revealed it and empowered him to speak it. Thus, real prophecy requires the Spirit of God and His anointing, and this requires a real disciple fully surrendered to the Lord and filled with His Spirit.

      If this is part of a current Gideon paradigm then so be it. Again, I have been writing all these years here in part to state that the Lord is allowing evil to come forth in order to expose it and also to reveal the Truth. This is in part what the Great Awakening is doing. If the Lord is doing the same with Christians and Christian ministers then we are living in a time when the Lord is whittling down the vast 32,000 who are spiritually worthless for such a time as this to reveal the 300 who are for real.

      I also believe He is exposing falsehood that has become deceptively established as Truth and is revealing actual Truth to displace it.

      Blessings to you Richard. Thanks again for your kind words and for being a long time reader. I value our friendship.

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  6. So pleased we see eye-to-eye RJ.

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  7. Congratulations on ten years of blogging. I, for one, am blessed by your wisdom and for Scripture’s motivation to honor Him in all things, ❤ Thank you!

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