For all the senseless sins of humanity

For all the hate

For all the children

Whose lives are snuffed out

By their parents.

And other beautiful children

Born deaf or blind

Who love their lives

And give their might to prove their worth

While privileged ones

Throw theirs away

For so many so rebellious

No one can reach them

Intent on evil

Who deceived them?

And on it goes

Century after eon

Nothing ever changes

Man’s inhumanity to man

Brings untold misery

And hard, hard work for nothing

Destroyed in a day

Lifetimes achieving

She said it wasn’t worth it

And darkness descended

But what of another choice?

What of beauty?

What of kindness and love

And compassion?

What of joy?

Why the hate and discontent?

When air can be so pure

And nature so rich?

How can creatures so bright

Descend into such a pit?

Day after day after day

Misery upon misery

And evil people in power

Will no one ever stand to save?

Will we let it all slip away?

Day after day, tears fall

Year after year, tears fall

Century after…

The dry void receives the wet

Salty, salty tears

The levels rise

Overflowing banks

And continuing upward

So much sin

So much pain

So much flat out rejection

Of the cure

Of the means to stop it

To live right

To get it right

To stop the bleeding

But they would not

And the levels rise

More tears, flowing daily

Won’t you stop?

Won’t you try to live right?

Won’t you take care of one another?

I’ve given all I can give

I can give no more

And the levels rise

Drowning continents

Filling the earth

Overcoming all bounds

An unending stream

Of the Creator’s anguish

Oceans of tears

Jesus Wept


© 2020 by R.J. Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Such truth. PROFOUND! God Bless and Keep You Always RJ.


  2. These are hard words to read, because it is so true. Life is such a gift that most do not appreciate or recognize as such. Thank you RJ,


    • Thanks Sandra. I wrote this about 16 months ago. It felt like the right time to post it. Life always changes when one’s perspective changes. I say that because babies and children generally always have a much better attitude than the rest of us. The Lord confirmed this in His teachings. However, life being what it is in a fallen, sinful world can cause us to become jaded and cynical, and fall away from a much better perspective. Returning to that right attitude transforms our outlook when we commit ourselves to the Lord Jesus and begin living according to His commandments and teachings. Our hearts become tenderized and we see goodness and the miracle of life. His mercy and love, and His ability to cleanse us and remove sin and its degrading power, does a 180 on our perspective. It’s like all those wonderful photographs you take capturing the beauty of nature. Focusing on the Lord makes all the difference. It is thus heart rending for Him and His people when so many reject the Life that would save them and refuse to stand for and preserve the good. Nevertheless, we all must continue onward because we know He is the only cure and means of salvation and Light in a dark world. Blessings to you and keep up the good work!

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