Every man’s way is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the hearts. [Proverbs 21:2]


“Official” Christianity’s ongoing and incessant obsession with the non-New Testament clergy/laity division apparently exists for essentially no other reason than to benefit those in control. For correct perspective, here is the New Covenant model:

For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. [Galatians 3:26-28]


By creating and instituting a non-New Testament ministerial credentialing structure composed of exclusive and compulsory key portals through which a candidate must travel and any number of additional required hoops through which he or she must jump, the prospective ministerial pool is significantly diminished until it becomes a veritable puddle.

The Christian ministerial candidates who make it through this credentialing process and thus end up in said puddle do not only thoroughly believe in its exclusive nature which bars 99% of Christians from “official” ministry for various non-New Testament reasons, they are also inclined to be brainwashed by whatever dogmas, doctrines, bylaws, and philosophies specific to their particular denomination they are forced to learn and believe in along the way. Their “Christian” education thus serves as a gatekeeper conferring ministerial legitimacy and confirming their official standing which everyone must honor to maintain their membership in the organization.

And though these “ministers” may appear to be learned, wise, and highly worthy of respect above that of the non-ministers, it is in part because the vast laity class which makes up the much greater part of the overall membership has been conditioned and effectively coerced to believe this as part of their membership protocol, also by obligatory persuasion. Sadly, this massive laity membership comprising the 99% also must believe (and most do believe) that the laity is basically worthless as a ministerial candidate pool (ocean) because:

(1) It belongs to the wrong class (inherently) and effectively embraces its low class status, and thus cannot possibly qualify.

(2) It does not possess the proper credentials (largely academic) or connections (preferential treatment, nepotism, social status) and has no hope or means of ever attaining them.

(3) Gains no support or recognition from those who rule and are in control.

One would otherwise see, then, that the entire ministerial credentialing system was created not necessarily for actual ministry but for control of the operation since it decides both what constitutes ministry and decides who will be ministers. In this they are not protecting the Lord’s teachings so much as their own. This was not the case in the Lord’s original Community in which every member was a minister and there was no clergy-laity division. There is therefore a huge dichotomy here between the Lord’s authority and control and those who would rule in His place.

Nevertheless, we see this division in almost every Christian organization. There is a controlling clique more concerned with control and funding than with preaching and teaching the pure Gospel. This clique at one extreme may be a large international ecclesiastical body with a single figurehead. At the other extreme the control may be vested in a single family unit which passes control of their church or ministry to the next generation in the family as one often does in business. This phenomenon is a fairly recent development and has been ramped up especially over the last quarter century. In both cases (pretty much all cases), the only ones allowed to be “official ministers,” which includes receiving official funding, are those within the controlling clique or those the clique chooses to support. We even have ministerial supra-organizations made up of individual clergy members from various churches and ministries (created by invitation only). If one is so privileged to gain such membership the ministerial opportunities and open doors are ubiquitous.


Just as in any other tiered hierarchy with a chain of command, such as that found in corporations, the government, or the military, those at the very top of the clergy class have strict control over the mid-level and lower level members of the clergy hierarchy, who in turn have strict control over the vast laity. It’s the perfect picture of a pyramid scheme hidden in plain sight created strictly for control—control of the operation, the religious beliefs of the operation, and perhaps most importantly, the funding of the operation.

Notice that all standards, teachings, beliefs, and statements of faith are all top-down while all principal funding is bottom-up. And though large monetary accounts exist for general support and funding specific projects in mainline denominations and larger churches and ministries, it is still the case that the bulk of the money was donated. In other words, the laity class, which is comprised of the great unwashed and unworthy, must finance the clergy class which curiously often has much greater needs and a higher standard of living than the average believer. It also possesses a predilection for extensive material outlays (understatement alert) rather than assisting members in need. And while it is true that there may be those within the laity class who are relatively well-off, most members are not and many are effectively poor. These economic percentages are roughly the same as those per capita percentages in the world at large. This portends (pretty much proves) that this structure is based not on the Lord’s example but on a worldly model featuring a high class ruling a low class.    

This entire system which has been adopted by relatively all official Christian denominations and bodies not only does not reflect the New Testament model and the pure teachings of the Lord Jesus, it is often the very opposite.

And even though in the unlikely event every existing Christian minister in the world of any denomination is legitimate (which would be a very good thing, of course), we are still beset with the massive difficulty that arises when 99% of potential Christian ministers are denied the same legitimacy.

Consider the following:

But Jesus called them to Himself and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great men exercise authority over them. It is not this way among you, but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave; just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” [Matthew 20:25-28]

One may also note the perfect example and lifestyle of the Lord Jesus which is unquestionably the effective opposite of that of many clergyites. Rather than exist at the top of a religious pyramid (however large or small) in which all money and control moves upward, the Lord existed at the bottom level of society—at ground level—and taught His men to do the same. This never meant that they did without, necessarily (though there were sometimes hard times), or that they were not provided for by the Lord, but only that ground level was likely where they were most effective at meeting the very people they were sent to serve so He could save.

Think about it this way: Many years ago I distinctly remember a little factoid put forth by a genius level individual who wrote for various publications. A question was presented to her regarding the amount of water which existed on the planet. She answered by saying that if the planet was perfectly smooth throughout with no mountain ranges, valleys, etc, the water level around the entire planet would be about forty feet deep. In other words, there is enough water here that under such conditions we would have a veritable water planet. In more other words, there is a lot more water here than what we may think and is roughly evenly distributed as best as possible since water always seeks its own level. Unless restricted in some way, water will always travel from higher to lower elevations and eventually fill low places and depressions. To go in the opposite direction is not natural.

If we put this in economic terms, there is plenty to go around for everyone if the existing world money supply was allowed to be naturally evenly distributed. It is the same with food. There is enough food and food production in the world to make sure nobody ever goes hungry. God designed it that way. He created a perfect system. It is not His fault that evil always-for-profit people have taken control of much of the world’s resources.

If righteous people—those who put people before profit—were in control, the problems associated with food production and distribution would be relatively minimal and fairly easy to address. The reason people do go hungry, starve, and die in mass famines is because the food is not being distributed to them due to any number of severe supply chain disruptions or local disasters, which may include:

(1) Periodic wars or other large scale events

(2) The controllers of food production seeing food as a purely for-profit commodity

(3) Food being willfully withheld from populations for whatever sinister reason

(4) Some taking much more than their share

Again, if the world was being run by righteous people practically no one would ever go hungry. It is the same with money, even though money is an artificial construct.

And in case you may be wondering, addressing such large scale challenges with forced authoritative (tyrannical) social controls never works long-term. The only reason they work or may appear to work for a time is because force is applied which causes submission usually for self-preservation. Such force always invokes an eventual corrective response, however. Only a truly organic system based on human freedom which has respect for human freedom actually works. Controlling people in general always has an ulterior agenda regardless of the faux beneficent propaganda thereof.

Most people have no need of such controls since they are well-behaved, self-controlled, and law-abiding. Such control only inhibits them, serves as a drag on their lives and production, and eventually enslaves them. Societal control should only be applied to those who cannot or refuse to properly control themselves since such people subtract from the freedom and wellbeing of the socially moral and responsible, cause trouble, destruct instead of construct, and disturb the peace.


Though a very small percentage, there are still a great many people in this world who are worth vast sums of money—millions, billions, and even trillions—who could do much to alleviate hunger, suffering, and poverty but most never or rarely do this. Why? Maybe it’s because they didn’t gain their money by giving it away. Maybe it’s because they actually got it by doing the very opposite—by siphoning it from the people at large through various means and schemes. Maybe this is the actual system they created that now exists in the world. Maybe they are fabulously rich for the most part because they are excellent rip-off artists and have been at it for a very long time. Maybe they’ve created an ingenious system of artificial money in this fallen world in which the real wealth always flows upwards to them from everybody else. Maybe they are serving mammon and not God.

And maybe a good percentage of these are those in the “Christian” realm who utilize the exact system for their own benefit.

And He found in the temple those who were selling oxen and sheep and doves, and the money changers seated at their tables. And He made a scourge of cords, and drove them all out of the temple, with the sheep and the oxen; and He poured out the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables; and to those who were selling the doves He said, “Take these things away; stop making My Father’s house a place of business.” [John 2:14-16][1]

© 2022 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved. [To Be Continued]

[1] Unless otherwise noted all Scriptures are taken from the New American Standard Bible, © 1960, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.






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  1. I’m not sure I understand your premise here so I hesitate to comment. My husband is a bi-vocational pastor of a small congregation. He didn’t graduate any seminary so you are right in saying, he would not likely be accepted in some congregations. In my opinion(for what it is worth) it is their loss. Where my husband is directed to go by the Lord, he goes. In each church there has been a leadership made up of the people-no one being paid monetarily for their service, except the pastor and this sum is as the church can give. There are times much of it is refused by the pastor or if taken, much of it returned to the church. The real question is whether the gospel is being preached, taught, and lived out. If not, find a church where it is.
    These are my thoughts, feel free, to let me know if they are relevant to your article and if not delete it. i do appreciate your dedication to expressing truth.


    • Thank you Donna. I appreciate your comment and your attitude. Regarding what I present here, your thoughts are perfectly relevant. First of all, sincere Christians can only walk in the light they have at any given time. For example, if a brand new believer has yet to have the time to read the New Testament or even one of the gospels but is out doing whatever he can to share the Gospel, his perspective will change as more Biblical knowledge is learned and applied. By having more light he will share more light. As he gains more knowledge of the Word he can reveal more in his witnessing to others. He can discover more of the will of God.

      The same holds true for the overall manner we as Christians go about trying to follow the Lord’s example in the doing of ministry, which extends beyond learning His verbal teaching. The point I am making here is that the Lord had a direct purpose for doing and teaching everything He did. His example was perfect. He perfectly accomplished the will of the Father on a daily and even an hourly basis. He taught His disciples (students) to do as He did. Therefore, believers should always try to not only teach as He did but also follow His ministry model. He never gave His disciples any free reign to deviate from His curriculum, use some of it but discard other parts, or invent new models. Yet this is exactly what much of Christianity in general has done.

      Regarding your husband, it is always refreshing to hear of such ministers. Truth be told, the majority of real Christian ministers are either bi-vocational or learn to live on a small budget if donations are involved. They are driven to do the work and do the best they can with what they have. It was no different with the Early Church in the first century. They were careful to follow the Lord’s example when it came to money. They put the resources they had into people. Once a believer reached a mature spiritual level and was able to devote more time to active ministry he or she only incurred the necessary upkeep thereof. There were so many needs as a great many new believers were constantly coming into the Lord’s fold and they all needed help in some way, often in vital areas.

      I know you know all about this as you and your husband dedicated your lives to ministry. You had to live and minister within your means. Believe me, I can relate. However, if all the billions of dollars donated and dedicated to Christian ministry were appropriated in the manner of the Lord and according to His example your husband would not have had to be bi-vocational unless it was a specific calling for whatever reason according to the Lord’s will. In other words, since we are all the same in the Lord’s eyes and are all equally important as ministers of the Gospel, there is no call for some to have more while others have less. The apostle Paul even went so far to follow the Lord’s example that he denied funding that was rightfully his so he would be an even better example. It appears that y’all must have done this also.

      Also, I knew a man once who had made a lot of money in the oil field and then dedicated his life to God. He started a church and became a pastor. He never took a salary. They never took up offerings. There was a way to give if people wanted to but such money was never used for him or the church upkeep. But boy, did people ever give. You can only imagine where all the money went, secretly, without fanfare, to help others and bless other ministries I presume.

      I was once a member of a church in the 1980s that was started from scratch by a preacher who was quite gifted. When the congregation was roughly 500 he mentioned from the pulpit once that he didn’t keep track of the books and hired others to do that. He said he was on a $60k church salary and it could have been a lot more. This was a popular preacher who often traveled the country. I know he put his own money into the effort. I personally never cared about how much money a preacher made or what his salary was. I never looked into it. I just didn’t care. It was none of my business. That was the only time I found out about such because the man made it public.

      The bigger point here is that the Lord calls everyone into ministry. And because the prophecy specifically states that there will be no mountains or valleys and that every believer is on the same level plane (as water seeks its own level), we should not be exalting some and refusing to recognize others. We should not be funding some and not funding others. Nevertheless, in addition to the Lord’s perfect example—the apostles, and especially Paul since we know so much more of his story, were going to do the work of the Gospel if they had the money or not. They would not be stopped. They would simply do without if necessary but would continue onward. We know Paul was sometimes relatively destitute but he always soldiered on and he never stopped and would have never stopped until the Lord called him home.

      He proved himself. He proved by his dedication in extremely tough circumstances that he was for real.

      Blessings to you. Keep up the good work.

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