“The axe is already laid at the root of the trees; therefore every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”


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All evil will be judged. Everyone and everything associated with it will be dealt with. Those who join up with evil and make the free choice to be connected to it and engage in its practices, whatever their reason, will suffer the same fate. The time will come when all evil and all evil people will be judged, sentenced, and cease to exist. Evil will never make the transition to eternity. It will be incinerated.

“Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” [Matthew 10:28]


“All the nations will be gathered before Him; and He will separate them from one another, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; and He will put the sheep on His right, and the goats on the left.” [Matthew 25:32]

The Word of God reveals a clear dualism. There is good and there is evil. There are the righteous and there are the unrighteous. There are sheep and there are goats. There is wheat and there are tares. Every human being who has ever existed or ever will is in one group or the other. There is no middle ground.

The Word of God also defines sin. No other definition matters. Any other definition is false. Therefore whoever makes the choice to live according to God’s commands knows that God is the sole Author of His commands and made them for a reason. A person has no choice, then, but to accept God’s parameters for living. One cannot make up his own rules and be right with God. He or she cannot choose some of God’s commands and reject others. His commands have already been established. Thus, it is simply a matter of a person living for God to the full or not living for Him at all. Again, there is no middle ground.

When God gave the Law to Moses He made no provision for alteration. There was no amendment process. He never allowed for the later “Oral Law” which corrupted His Word (and is still in effect today). His Laws were not suggestions. They were not experimental applications seeking personal and societal solutions. God already knew what worked and what didn’t. He already knew what was evil and what was good. He already knew what good and acceptable behavior was and what behavior was evil and unacceptable. He didn’t need anyone telling Him what He already knew. He didn’t need someone with an extremely limited level of knowledge and life experience telling Him what He had known for multiple centuries regarding the behavior of human beings. He created human beings. Every human being who has ever lived has an extremely limited level of knowledge and life experience compared to God. The same holds true for generations. Entire living generations of human beings existing at any one time are collectively grossly inferior to God. It is therefore laughable for anyone to suppose he or she knows better than God. An honest courageous person thus understands that the best way is God’s way, that God knows best, and that all one needs to do is do one’s best to trust God, obey His commands, and live for Him.

The dishonest rebellious person, however, refuses to accept this course of action. Such a one would rather submit to his or her own will or that of another rather than God. Consequently, he or she will question God and will question His commands. He or she will attempt to eliminate some or all of His commands, accept what he or she happens to agree with, and will refuse to accept the rest. He or she will desire to modify, alter, amend, change, or revise God’s commands to suit himself or herself not understanding or caring that such is a purely selfish course of action which can never be applied universally. The only universe such people care about is their own. The dishonest rebellious person, then, is not concerned with pleasing God but only pleasing him or herself. He or she does not care about an actual relationship with God. If the only way to be right with God and have a good relationship with Him is to obey His commands, such individuals would rather not be in relationship with Him at all. Their personal freedom, including the freedom to sin, is more important to them. They are thus contemptuous of God and His commands. They will violate any law, rule, or social more, usually to the degree they feel they can get away with (because most are cowards at heart), for personal pleasure and enrichment. 


This is exactly where corruption originates. It starts small and grows over time. When a person commits sin for the first time, always at a young age, his or her future course depends on how the sin is dealt with. Though God has blessed humanity with a working conscience which convicts a person of sin and which assists in one learning right from wrong, some people learn to reject the conviction of their conscience and eventually deaden their conscience to the point that they have no problem with sinning and engaging in ongoing sin. This is an otherwise obvious form of mental illness but when everyone else is mentally ill the mental illness does not register. When everyone else in one’s chosen group rejects God and chooses sin, are they actually living in sin? From God’s perspective the answer is yes indeed, of course, but from the perspective of those within that sinful group, society, or culture, since everyone adheres to the same principles and beliefs and behaves the same way, there is no comparative by which to judge. The people therein are therefore unaware of any acceptable alternative since they reject the possibility of all others and remain smug and secure within their own group and are constantly confirmed of one’s rightness by each other.

In other words, if all the animals in a particular enclosed pasture are goats, then goat behavior is perfectly acceptable because no one there will ever challenge goat behavior because everyone there is a goat. Goat behavior thus becomes the norm and any animal not a goat is perceived as a vile deviant that must be hated, rejected, censored, cancelled, ripped off, run off, and/or murdered, likely with malice. (That will teach them to mess with perfection.)

As another case in point, Cain and Able had a difference of opinion. Abel loved God, obeyed God, honored God, and served God. Cain did none of those things. Since Abel had love in his heart, he had the ability to put up with Cain’s sin and bad attitude. He had no evil intent toward Cain. He knew it was not his place to do anything about his brother except do his best to remain positive about him and pray for him. Cain, however, had no such ability or attitude. He grew to despise his brother. He was jealous regarding Abel’s walk with God. His hatred for Abel’s excellent attitude and good behavior grew until it reached a boiling point. Rather than repent, change, conform to God’s will, and eliminate his bad attitude and sinful lifestyle as well as create a happy union with both God and Abel, Cain chose instead to violently murder his brother and thus eliminate him. He did this in part to create his own “pure society” playing by a different set of rules in opposition to God’s Kingdom.

He also did it to remove the source of his conviction.

This is how it always happens. Rather than accept and conform to God’s perfect universal commands for living, rebellious sinners who oppose God make their own set of rules which benefit themselves and force everyone else within the range of their influence or authority to conform to them. Since all such subsets of rules are insufficient and even immoral and fraudulent compared to God’s, and since any number of such societal subsets exist simultaneously, they cannot help but spawn greater hate and ever-greater division. Some such societies and cultures will gain greater traction and overcome others. This allows for a strongman or chieftain to arise who plays the part of God and battles other such chieftains. The end result is incessant killing and perpetual warmongering. It is the end result of rejecting God and His commands. It is Cain killing Abel on an ever-increasing scale. In time, eventually, the pack of evil, selfish, unrighteous cowards will wipe out all the good, unselfish, courageous, righteous ones. The evil will eliminate the good from the earth. The goats will win. Sound familiar?      

Now the earth was corrupt in the sight of God, and the earth was filled with violence. God looked on the earth, and behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth. [Genesis 6:11-12]


I remember when I was a kid and learned about what happens when one flies an airplane too far out to sea with no opportunity to refuel. Once the pilot reaches the point of no return he will not have enough fuel for the return trip and is doomed. And I wondered why anyone would do that and not make sure it wouldn’t happen. I also remember a small factoid regarding the Japanese kamikaze pilots bombing American ships out to sea in WWII: They were only given enough fuel to make it to the target. Those guys were so dedicated, and they only chose the most dedicated, that they wouldn’t have turned back anyway. But just in case…

The same holds true for societies and cultures. Those who research the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, for example, become aware of certain societal signs to watch for which indicate the downward slope of a nation in decay. I studied this a long time ago and was certainly intrigued by seeing those exact early signs in my own country at that time. America was starting to look just like Rome in its declining phase. Things have grown steadily worse since then, much worse than most people would have ever thought, and we are now in the exponential days in which cultural decay is proceeding rapidly. There are no longer any sufficient societal checks to keep the inevitable from taking place. America has gone beyond the point of return.

People who used to have high moral standards have allowed their morals to slip. Many formerly strong people regarding societal mores have allowed themselves to be overcome by the upcoming lawless culture. They used to know what sin was and stood against it but stopped standing and laid down. Salt and light is at an extremely low ebb. Many in the older generation who had much better morals and a Biblical worldview have grown tired of standing against the incessant onslaught of sin and corruption. It is such that no one has escaped it. Evil has come against every segment of society. No one is immune.

Even many Christian ministries and churches have gone the way of the world. A majority have adopted whatever new cultural mores have come forth, mores which oppose real Christianity. A new agenda has replaced the former. Rather than living for the Lord and accepting, believing, and practicing the full Gospel, the new agenda calls for mere financial survival and ministry in general is now tailored toward making money and serving mammon. Sin, even egregious sin, is rarely or never addressed. This is just a fact. It cannot be denied. Money is now first. This means, according to the statement by the Lord Jesus, that most of Christianity is not serving Him but serving wealth. This means there is no longer any effective witness from American Christianity against the wicked traditional servers of money. These two used to be at loggerheads but now are joined at the hip. One has an infinite supply of ready cash and the other needs increasingly greater amounts. American Christianity has thus grown as corrupt as the corrupt ones it used to rebuke. There is no longer any effective rebuke. And this is in part why the evil ones are presently going in for the kill.

American Christianity in general grew weak and corrupted because it kicked out the strong honest Christians it could not control who were trying to save it.  

The same thing happened in the secular and civic realm. Those trying to save the country clashed with those trying to destroy it. I revealed this destruction protocol in my prior post though few of you read it. I understand that such articles are not popular. I suggest to those who have yet to read it to take a look, though. I told you in advance. Yesterday marked another one of those points in history in which everything is made clear to those paying attention.

Regardless of this present darkness and the corruption therein, however, the Great Awakening continues. Praise God for that. May many more wake up and get right with God.

Otherwise, consider the following:

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men.” [Matthew 5:13][1]

© 2022 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

[1] Unless otherwise noted all Scriptures are taken from the New American Standard Bible, © 1960, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.

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  1. I am reminded of Revelation 18 where God declares the world system’s (Babylon) collapse in a single hour. Sobering truth. Shalom 🕊


    • Thank you Susan. I appreciate it. What goes up must come down. Whatever expands must contract. Whatever is new must decay. Whatever man builds eventually crumbles. When God’s judgment is added such is only accelerated.

      However, the natural order of things do not apply to His spiritual Kingdom. We are most thankful that our Lord Jesus is dedicated to His children and has created the Miracle Realm where all things are possible. All praise, glory, and honor to Him.

      Blessings to you today

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I couldn’t help thinking of living in a culture of infanticide. Here in PA, the senatorial campaign of the Dem winner, John Fetterman, was based almost exclusively on the horrors of putting women back into the dark ages because his opponent was strongly pro-life. JF is a lousy candidate, a man cognitively impaired from a recent stroke; a man who lived off his wealthy parents until he was 49. He won because we live in a culture of sin.


  3. I just wrote and posted a comment involving abortion, but it doesn’t seem to have appeared. Interesting.


    • Thanks Linda. Interesting. I found your first comment in the spam folder. That never happens to your comments here. I must assume this is due to the WP AI based on the content in your comment. That content would involve either the name you mentioned, the questionable election process, the subject of abortion, or maybe all three. This may also explain why my recent posts appear to have disappeared and why I am receiving so little traffic compared to previous ones. Nevertheless, I like this platform and I appreciate your comment. The Lord Jesus is in control. All glory and honor to Him. Blessings

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I have been watching that tipping point as well RJ. As a country we seemed to have reached it. I have wondered how many “Jonahs” have been called to this Nineveh.


    • Thanks Gary. That’s a great way to illustrate what is actually happening, except for the greater possibility that America is more indicative of ancient Israel and likely first century AD Israel than ancient Nineveh. God sent Jonah to a wicked place in great need of repentance, of course, but a place that actually would and did repent.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This article reminded me of what I have witnessed over the years, especially when I was younger and trying to figure out why people chose to walk away from faith. As I was going through so many trying times, I would notice others who refused to have faith, refused to believe, they appeared to be happy and in my eyes back then, they appeared to have everything. They would get promoted faster at work, they spent money like it was growing on trees, buying new things left and right, new cars, clothes etc. While I, working the same job, same pay, looked as if I was poor. Old cars, old clothes. I had no desire to be like them but it made me wonder how is it they appear to have so much but had no faith. Little did I know a lot of these folks were also miserable at home when not showing off to the public. At least a few of them that I knew personally. I had mentioned before how one co-worker told me that she did not want to go to church because she felt she could no longer have any fun.


    • Thank you for reading Sandra. I don’t write these things lightly. Over a quarter century ago I wrote in my first book Real Christianity (published in 2001) that no nation lasts forever. I wrote:

      Will America be saved? No. But when certain people get out of the way and other people mature en masse, hundreds of thousands of hungry souls will find salvation, and America’s greatest great awakening will take place.

      I wasn’t necessarily stating that the first had to happen before the second took place. It is interesting, though, that as the Great Awakening has proceeded, for at least over a dozen years now, that America has grown darker and more corrupt. The corruption, however, notwithstanding the personal sins of a great percentage of the country, has been concentrated in higher circles. They don’t even try to hide it anymore as they once did. They no longer care. They know We the People, those who are supposed to be in authority, quit exercising their authority long ago and no longer exist as a check on their corrupt behavior.

      Sadly, the same is true in the majority of churches and Christian ministries. They surrendered any authority they had long ago. Many never had any spiritual authority to begin with by their own choice. Many of these also bought into spending money on the wrong things to show off in order to appear legitimate, seeking the approval of a sinful culture and covering their backside. So even as so many of the people claiming to have faith actually had little or none, they appeared outwardly to be successful.

      In my time, going back to the beginning of my walk, I saw so many sincere new believers struggling, working hard for little pay, driving old cars, not having much of a wardrobe, but very strong in faith and close to the Lord. They had great attitudes. Any of these who continued on would be blessed and were. The Lord is a great Provider. But they were filled with joy and were living for God even though they didn’t have much.

      I saw the other side also in which the more materially successful did not appear to have the same passion for the Lord. I know the Lord loves us and desires to bless us and does but monetary success is something that MUST be properly managed or it will war against one’s walk with God. And while many non-believers refuse salvation because they love the world and “want to have fun,” many Christians compromise their walk in the effort to have both and end up losing their faith in God.

      We are seeing the result of all this now. The OT Scriptures are absolutely filled with the news of what happens when a nation walks away from God. It becomes complacent and spiritually lazy. It loses its spiritual authority. It becomes greatly compromised by sin. This allows the enemy to come in like a flood and take over, usually relatively gradually over time. If there is to be any remedy at this point in America, only the Lord Jesus can apply it and He can only do this through His people.

      Many continue to fight against the corruption. Many have awakened. Many have seen exactly what is happening that most are absolutely blind to and are apathetic toward. At present it is probably too late to save the country but nothing will stop this Great Awakening. It is spiritual war. We must be strong.

      Blessings to you Sandra


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