President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on this day 59 years ago at 12:30pm. It was the result of a conspiracy.


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I wrote the following on November 22, 2019:

I remember when it happened. As was my routine, I had gone home for lunch. My grade school was within easy walking distance.

It was getting close to the time when I should be heading back. I was sitting right in front of our small black and white television. My mother was a few steps away in the kitchen. Suddenly, whatever I was watching was interrupted. There was a news bulletin. One could almost sense the haphazard effort of the station in relaying the shattering news while trying to maintain professional decorum. A man with a strong and hurried voice began speaking. The president has been shot…

The United States of America changed forever on that fateful day. After 56 years, the majority of Americans know the official story is full of holes. This was proven early on. But a very strange thing happened. Though evil people were having their way, Americans insisted on supporting the official narrative. As more truth leaked out regarding what really happened, and as many knew in their gut something was not quite right, it became one’s patriotic duty to do the very opposite of what should have been done.

This let those in control know they were in good shape. The country was in their hands. They could do whatever they wanted and would not only get away with it but would never even be questioned. Everything changed at that point. Fast, dramatic change ensued. Regarding the country, it was all for the worse. In the space of less than four and a half years our president was murdered in cold blood right out in the open in the bright sunshine in a gruesome display. His brother, who surely would have become president in 1968, was also killed right after securing the Democratic nomination. Martin Luther King was also murdered by a sniper two months earlier. Each one of these cases involved much subterfuge and unanswered questions. Quick verdicts were reached in the official narrative. The vast majority of Americans went along with the official stories though many had private doubts. What happened to the country?


Throughout the period of the 1760s to mid-1770s patriotic American colonists grew increasingly concerned about the great lessening of personal liberties and the increasing power plays of a distant British government. These people were a relatively small minority. Most American colonists were full-bore Tories who either supported the King and Parliament without question or were too apathetic and ignorant to care one way or the other. By the time independence was declared these three groups comprised roughly the same percentage. Only about a third of Americans were willing to commit themselves fully to the cause of outright revolution to secure their individual liberties which had been under severe attack for several years by those who saw their control weakening and who must strongly reassert its position of rule to overcome any notion of freedom from said rule.

How did only a third manage to overcome the other two-thirds? It is fully understandable that the third of Americans which fully supported the British overlords did so to protect their wealth and social standing. People like this are cowards at heart. They have little or no concern for others, those who make up the majority, who are on the outside looking in and do not share in their upper class stature. Their lives are not about higher ideals and ideas but merely a social position brought on by comparatively greater wealth and the desire to make friends with power—those who would advance them in their careers and protect their higher place in society.

Regarding that other third, the apathetic group, these people are also well-represented in history. They are those who never stay informed, don’t care about truth, will stand for nothing of any real importance, are willingly ignorant, and are basically only along for the ride. They like floating down lazy rivers. They find the whole idea of taking a stand for higher values and ideals ridiculous. They have no understanding for laying good foundations for future generations. They can barely see beyond the end of their nose. The present is what they care about, just like the Tory group, but they don’t care about it enough to make any attempt to excel.


Back in the 1960s the generation in charge still held to the false notion, “My country right or wrong.” The most insane occurrences were taking place all around from day to day and it seemed that most would insist on keeping a stiff lip and hard face refusing to question anything. Had they been brainwashed? Why could they not see the evil? Why did they continue to support those in power who were violating the Constitution on a daily basis and doing whatever the hell they wanted to insure that the rich and powerful gained even more wealth and power?

King George III and the British Parliament never came close to the violations inflicted on America less than two centuries later. It has only gotten worse since. We now live in a semi-surveillance state in which our God-given rights and freedoms have been seriously curtailed by the very entity supposedly existing to insure them. Where are the real American patriots? How many are left?

Exactly 56 years ago powerful people conspired in the dark to remove the President of the United States because he refused to go along with an ongoing sinister plan to run roughshod on We the People. They were willing to kill him in broad daylight to achieve their goal.

And they got away with it.    

© 2019 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.  


I wrote the following on November 22, 2020:

It has been exactly 57 years. An American President was brutally gunned down by an evil element in Dallas, Texas. That evil element gained great power that day. It has only increased in power since.

One can always tell when evil has gained a foothold: Evil unlawful acts not only proliferate but have no remedy. No matter what one may do to overcome the evil nothing works. It may be stopped temporarily. There may even be modest gains against it at times but such minimal losses are often quickly gained back. Exponentially speaking, evil continues on an upward trend.

At last a few bright people figure out that the reason for evil’s upper hand growing greater is because it is being fed. Somehow or another evil has gained access to great funding and support. These few bright people then figure out that evil is gaining this funding and support surreptitiously. In other words, otherwise good people have been deceived into supporting an evil element. Such good people are not so wise because only the unwise allow themselves to be fooled continually.

This is why, in Old Testament parlance, God always sent prophets. The prophetic voice was clean and clear. It was strong and unwavering. It was sent to shine a Light on TRUTH. It was sent to wake people from their spiritual slumber. Through the prophetic Word, the Lord Jesus identifies good and evil. He tears away the cloak of deception. He reveals the evil element behind the curtain.

When the unwise but otherwise good people then understand that which comprises the evil element, they cease supporting it. As its funding and support begins being cut back it no longer has the free ability to wreak havoc as before. In the effort to save itself it uses that much more of the only weapon it possesses: More evil. —More sin, more lies, more cheating, more obfuscation, and more dissembling. By this it only reveals itself all the more.

We are living in the days of a Great Awakening. Pay attention.

© 2020 by R.J. Dawson. All Rights Reserved.


In 2021 on this date I posted a compilation of the preceding two posts from 2019 and 2020. Before proceeding with today’s 2022 post I will add a comment I made in the 2020 post:

Yes. Times have changed radically over these last 57 years. Regardless of President Kennedy’s flaws, he was aware of a great evil element and did all he could to successfully fight it. He saw that it threatened great evil for the country. He had limited success against it but was making progress. In the end he was simply overwhelmed by it with too few standing with him. And of course, evil being what it is, the evil element had no reservations about murdering him in cold blood if it came to that. And it did. Everything immediately changed for the worse that day. It was the end of America as we knew it. The American people in large part never caught on, but this is changing.

“You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he tells a lie, he speaks from his own nature, because he is a liar and the father of lies.” [John 8:44]


As you can see, I established an annual tradition regarding our remembrance of our former President John F. Kennedy beginning in 2019. This will be the fourth year in a row. It was on this day, November 22, 1963, that JFK was murdered in Dallas, Texas. It was 12:30 in the afternoon. Though the day began with a dreary overcast and rain it slowly began to clear up as the morning progressed. By the time the President’s plane landed at Dallas Love Field the day was transformed into bright sunshine. There was much excitement and joy in the atmosphere. Little did the people know that an evil element, unseen to all, had been planning a brutal assassination for what was likely months.

Regardless of the various theories regarding the conspiracy that took the President’s life, the most plausible ones have much in common. There was certainly a secret cabal that had been cobbled together. Each participant had its own reasons and motives. As always, however, as I have often mentioned in these pages, the primary motive for such always boils down to power and wealth. The power and wealth of some very powerful and wealthy individuals, some at the state level, had been threatened. Such people operate largely in secret though their outer façade may be well known. Most people do not understand that there are always primary hidden agendas. That which is presented on the surface is mere cover for what lies beneath. What you see in the major media is mere window dressing designed to obfuscate and lead people off in the wrong direction. It is a deception game.

Remember, the greatest lie the devil always tells is that he doesn’t exist. Remember also that a major part of the Lord’s ministry was exposing the devil and his scurrilous hidden machinations. Evil always operates in the dark because it must. Otherwise its cover is blown. People catch on. Most people, sadly, never catch on and are easily deceived. It explains why the enemy gets away with his ongoing crime spree. We are talking multiple generations here. If you have never considered this side of history—actual history—you have work to do.

A great many authors have written a great many books about the assassination of President Kennedy over the last 59 years since the terrible event occurred. Some have gotten pretty close to the truth. When one reads these books and continues keeping up on the subject as new light comes forth it furthers one’s understanding of how and why it happened.


It is the same when one reads the accounts of the murder of the Lord Jesus. Of course, the word “conspiracy” and the term “conspiracy theory” have been branded by the perpetrators of such conspiracies as silly and foolish and used only by the screw-loose crowd. But the Lord Jesus was certainly murdered as the result of a conspiracy.

The religious leaders who controlled the synagogues, the Pharisees, wanted Him dead pretty much from day one. They hated everything about Him. This explains who they were working for and were aligned with. Remember, the Lord’s own people in Nazareth, the people who knew Him well and among whom he grew up, tried to kill Him the first day He preached there. (“Welcome home. Good to see you. Wait. What did you say?! It’s off the cliff with you! Let’s get Him!”) There’s a fine how-do-you-do.

Those who controlled the temple complex also came to hate Him once they understood more about Him. The wealthy Sadducees had become hopelessly corrupt by that time. They were closely aligned with the money power and Rome. It took them decades to arrive at such a place. The priesthood was also corrupt. It had become so corrupt that a large element of the Zadok priesthood, over a century before, had pulled up stakes and left Jerusalem entirely. These became the Essenes. They set up shop out in the wilderness by the Dead Sea, wanting nothing to do with the corrupt city or temple.

The deciding blow of the conspiracy against the Lord came when both the Pharisees and Sadducees, ostensibly religious but both great lovers of money, who had already conspired together, also conspired with the Zealot Party, which comprised the terrorist arm of the nation. The Zealots were murderous ideologues who would stop at nothing. They hated and despised Roman authority. They were pledged to throw off the yoke using any violent means possible. Once these people were brought on board the Pharisees and Sadducees were virtually assured of success. They did not realize at the time, however, that they had made a deal with the devil, so to speak, that would come back to bite them later on like an enraged rabid dog. It was primarily the Zealots who eventually caused the destruction of the nation.

How is it then, that these three great powers who conspired together, those that essentially possessed all the wealth and political power of the nation, could end up losing everything less than forty years later? It all came to an end in 70AD. The original city of Jerusalem and the great temple were both reduced to rubble. The entire place was wiped clean. The only structure remaining was the massive Roman Fort Antonia. The Roman emperor Hadrian built an entirely new city only sixty plus years later. Nothing that presently exists of the current city of Jerusalem, other than Fort Antonia, existed at the time of the Lord. It was a total annihilation, just as He had prophesied.

Thus, their great conspiracy ultimately failed. It succeeded in that they did conspire to kill the Lord Jesus and did kill Him, just as did the conspiracy to kill JFK had succeeded. The problem with the former conspiracy was that the Lord Jesus didn’t stay dead.

It could be that America won’t stay dead either.

© 2022 by R.J. Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. RJ, I remember it so well. I was a high school sophomore. We lived a long block from the school, so I walked home for lunch. That day, the TV was on, which was highly unusual. When I started to ask why, my dad simply held up his hand. That long ago, it was all a good father needed to do!

    I don’t remember what we ate, or even IF we ate. We had not supported the Democratic Party, but we were still appalled and horrified that such an evil act was perpetrated.

    Back at school, no one else had heard the news. I went to the office, asked to speak to the principal. He didn’t believe me at first, but quickly realized I wouldn’t make up such a story. He called an immediate assembly to inform the student body, faculty and staff. It was dreadfully silent before people started to cry, to question.

    Such a sad and tragic day, and most of us students didn’t understand the significance until much later. You’ve said some factual and important things, RJ. Is anyone listening? I wonder.


    • Thank you Linda. It was certainly a different time and appears you were chosen to bear the bad news. Back then, people might have been more innocent of the cause and reason for such tragedies in general, but were mature enough to accept and deal with them. Currently, it appears that a majority have simply tuned out the truth. And I know it’s become a cliché but many simply cannot handle the truth. Part of this is due to social peer pressure and not wanting to be excluded or cancelled, or the fear of losing social benefits. It is also the fear of being characterized as a truther. Sadly, this attitude has now adversely affected much of Christianity. Today’s Christians, for the most part, don’t understand what it is to take a stand or that their original forebears wrote the book on taking unpopular stands.

      I got a zero initial response to this article three years ago. It was lost in the beginning for some reason. The next two years it showed up well and I received a great response. Not sure about the present.

      I appreciate your contributions, Linda, and your personal historical perspective. It adds to the narrative.


      Liked by 1 person

      • My own posts are usually relatively short, but each one is prayed over, researched, and written to the best of my knowledge and ability. Sometimes I get discouraged when a post I was particularly pleased with gets NO response by way of comments. My stats are good, but I sure wish my readers would stop by now and then just to let me know they’re with me 🙂 The depth of your posts is always amazing to me. Thinking people should be drawn to what you write. Well, God knows. I’m pretty sure that you, like me, just want to write as God leads, and give Him the glory in every word. I guess I’m human enough to need a little pat on the back now and then :). You often supply that for me, and I appreciate it.


        • Wow Linda. I’m quite honored. Thank you. I’ve thought countless times about a way to expand my profile and reach more readers but it takes a lot of work and resources. At the end of the day I am very thankful for the great readers I have and this platform. This is year twelve for me. Maybe 2023 will be a breakout year. Though many of us labor in relative obscurity we must never discount the massive blessing we do have. I remember my first year or two when I had very little traffic and very few readers but felt great for the blessing of having a place to post. Like you, I am not going to get shallow. The Lord will always provide.

          I do appreciate your work. You have always allowed and I think appreciated my comments on your site. Sometimes I am reluctant to respond out of respect for you and your work. I know you are dedicated and greatly consistent and it cannot be easy. Your work is a blessing. You have already created several series on multiple books of the Bible. In time, you would address them all. That’s serious!

          I encourage my readers to visit your site Linda. Blessings to you

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  2. The only thing we can know for sure is that true disciples of Jesus won’t stay dead either. Our life is in Christ, a safe nothing can penetrate. What a comfort and what a base for courage to operate from in this world “take courage, I have overcome the world”


    • Yeah, Amen Gary. Excellent point. Regardless of what happens to our country here we have a country in heaven in the future and a spiritual Kingdom in the here and now. Real faith in the Lord demands we believe this. Real Christians know the Lord is real, that He saved them from certain death, and that He loves them and proves it every day. In this world we will have tribulation, but like you said, the Lord has overcome the world. Sometimes the battle gets tough. The apostles often went hungry for a time and were somewhat destitute as well but it was always temporary and largely due to spiritual warfare. Those spiritual pioneers were the great ones. They were the ones that had to get everything up and running. Of course, each real believer is also a genuine pioneer and must work with the Lord to survive and thrive. Blessings to you Gary

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  3. Wonderful encouraging words RJ, evil keeps trying to take over. But your words are so uplifting. The Lord Jesus didn’t stay dead and Gary’s words, “true disciples of Jesus won’t stay dead either.” I have been seeing comments and post by people who are questioning things and are in search of the truth. I feel that this is evidence that He is present and is holding the truth right in front of us if people will open their hearts to really see what is going on. That He alone has written onto our hearts how to return to Him by way of believing what we cannot see. By searching for what our hearts are telling us, things we know to be true but may have been afraid of because it is larger than life itself. Freedom exist in our hearts not our minds, He created, everything under the Son, it belongs to Him. We will return to Him when the time is right, mind and spirit. A true journey that we each must take on our walk through time.


    • Thank you Sandra. This is the Great Awakening. The Lord Jesus is revealing great Truth. He is exposing evil and making things very clear. However, one must seek Him. One must do exactly what He taught in that one must KEEP asking, KEEP knocking on the door, and KEEP seeking and searching. One must have spiritual eyes and ears or one will likely see and hear nothing.

      It explains why some people see the truth so clearly and others see nothing at all. When one seeks the Lord with all one’s heart the truth begins coming into view. It may be blurry and out of focus in the beginning but will increase in clarity over time as one continues the search. On one side people have discovered the Gospel truth and they try to tell others. Some have discovered factual information and they do the same. On the other side people have bought into false information, misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda. These things hide the truth and keep people from seeing it.

      It all depends on who or what a person puts their faith and trust in. Those who do not put their full faith and trust in the Lord Jesus or the search for truth are deceived. Even so, there are some who are not Christians but work very hard at discovering factual truth. They use their intellectual ability and critical thinking skills to ascertain facts which overcome false narratives.

      The time we live in is very different from ordinary times in that there has been so much propaganda presented as truth over the years that the inevitable holes in the false narratives are becoming more apparent. This is coupled with the greater fact that the Lord is purposefully shining His GREAT Light on falsehood and illicit authority. It makes it much easier to find the truth than in other times. The Lord told me about the current Great Awakening over twelve years ago when it was just beginning. What He told me continues to be true on an ever-increasing scale. This causes evil to fight that much harder to maintain control and control of all the false narratives. They have become obvious and sloppy in their illicit endeavors.

      The people are thus in the middle of this spiritual war and must make hard decisions on what they will believe. Again, they will believe the ones they decide to trust, the ones they put their faith in. The Lord Jesus presents Truth but forces no one to believe or accept it. Thus, one must decide on their own.

      Thank you for your kind words, Sandra. I am presently in a tough spot and your comment is encouraging. You have a great understanding of what is presently happening. Keep up the great work. The Lord is faithful!



      • Your words are so eye-opening, stating that the Father is shining His light on the falsehoods so people are seeing that something isn’t right in the world. I ask the Father to be with you and help to relieve what burden you may be facing now. He gives you words to help all of us, you shine His light with your writings. I am blessed that he put you on my path I walk, to learn from and to share the truth that I am witnessed to as well. If just one person stops for a moment and reads your words and that begins a new journey for them, that is what makes a difference. You are our Father’s son. 😊

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