Hey Friends. Hope all is well. I’ve been working on a new post since Saturday. I will likely post it either Tuesday or Wednesday. Read on…


I’m not sure what happened to my previous post. It seems to have slipped by the wayside. Thanks to those of you who did read it and your comments. In the event you may have missed it you can check it out here: Real Christians Are Not “Kings and Priests”

You may have noticed I am not posting as often. I am also writing longer articles. I may decide to continue with this format and make this week’s new post one relatively long article instead of dividing it into parts. Your feedback is appreciated. I know blogging in general should probably consist of comparatively brief posts posted more often and even daily but my current format is working better regarding my inspiration at this time.

Regarding the new post, it deals with a theme of the Lord’s ministry contained in many Gospel verses that consist of His direct quotes. However, these sayings, like many others, are NT Scriptural passages one will likely never hear in a standard sermon. Such shunned teachings of the Lord (there are many) reveal a hidden censorship and bias by some ministers and churches that reveal their personal and religious priorities and agendas. Therefore, this is Gospel material that many Christians are not aware of that we all have need of, especially in these days.

Until then,


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  1. RJ, I think you just need to write and post as the Lord leads you.


  2. I enjoy all your posts. I sit down usually in the early mornings when it is quiet around me. Read your words and reflect on what I am reading as my morning routine. It puts me in a wonderful place of solitude with our Father as I began my day. Plus I do enjoy reading all the comments as well. Seeing other’s perspectives and thoughts are a testament of other believers out there. Thank you RJ.


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