Over the last several years, Real Christianity, The Nature of the Church has traveled around the world—nestled in an evangelist’s knapsack in the northern regions of India—taken by a friend to southeastern Africa—and meandered all the way to the heart of the Middle East in the ancient land of Galilee. The book has also made the rounds in many if not most of the states in the Union.

In one particular instance, being used as a textbook in a Christian college in Georgia, Real Christianity became the object of controversy. The teacher, upon the class having serious questions about a certain subject in the book that few agreed with, assigned each student to write a paper about the subject without telling anyone else his or her findings. When the papers were turned in (as part of the grade), every student had changed their opinion based on their own research and agreed that the author was correct. This has happened many times.

Yet, believe it or not, some people still become quite agitated by the content. Others have actually opened their hearts, along with their Bibles, and had their eyes opened as well.

Generally speaking, Christianity in America has been going in the tank for decades, though fresh movements arise here and there at intervals.

Many have gone the way of erring Balaam, who was rebuked by a talking donkey. Others continue in the rebellious ways of Korah, thumbing their nose at the Lord by their blatant disobedience and hypocrisy. And many others still persist in the ways of Cain, ever ready to murder their brother.

Real Christianity is a simple effort at attempting to right our course. We must return to the bright, shining prototype of the first century. The Lord’s community was a powerful, united, and loving force then. It will be that way again.

We are currently in the early stages of an American Great Awakening, most likely the greatest to date. The Lord has been answering prayer and preparing His people here for decades. For those Christians satisfied with the status quo, the Awakening will largely go unseen. For real Christians, those paying attention and following the Lord, the Awakening is spiritually visible all across the country.

Real Christianity, The Nature of the Church was written in anticipation of today, remains vibrant and topical, and contains many of the answers we seek. It is a book for our time.


In the beginning, He separated light from darkness and He’s still doing so today. The Church is supposed to be white light, not a gray cloud. The seven colors of the spectrum are derived from a white composite. Therefore, the Church is not any one of the seven colors but a totality of the seven. The different colors are not separate Christian bodies but distinct elements of the same body. Christianity cannot be divided into non-relational pieces and somehow also be mystically united. There must be common ground other than merely sharing the moniker “Christian.” Jesus is building one Church, not several. It is high time we recognized this in terms of synthesis.

Ecumenical action wrongly calls for throwing all things “Christian” into a blender, but this only compromises the work of Jesus by circumventing His direction. Real Christian unity results from submitting and committing to God completely and from being obedient to His will. This is the only way unity will come because it is the only way we allow Jesus to build His Church.

When we, as individual believers, each love and trust Him enough to submit to His authority in our lives—when we each cast our nets on the other side of the boat and follow Him—the “lost” creative ability of the Church will be magnificently restored. Upon this occurrence, the Qahal of the Lord Jesus Christ will flourish, as at the beginning, allowing each of us to be fully engaged in being about our Father’s business by operating from within our Father’s house. [Real Christianity, The Nature of the Church © 2001 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.]

  1. I have read all parts of “Here Comes the Ark.” I am loving this blog, and because I feel called here, God has a purpose for me to see your work. Thank you. Very insightful writing. And you are totally correct on steps to God’s grace. In truth, many people miss this. For the times we live in today, this work is more necessary for understanding God’s purpose for each of us. Only then can we move on to being a Christian nation once again.


  2. Thanks. You make a great point. Everywhere we turn, it seems, we find the Lord keeps revealing some pretty good stuff lately that is part of a pattern toward greater unity and strength among His own. Thankfully, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Yet, despite some incorrect traditional models which still persist that do not encourage individual believers toward full spiritual maturity and development, the Lord’s people must mature as individuals before the Church can mature as a unified body. This is happening more and more through hands-on ministry among all. We are all ministers. We are all vital. The enemy is seriously concerned because so many more millions of God’s people are in the game, and the numbers keep growing…

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  3. Hope you don’t mind, adding you to my blogroll.


  4. Thanks, Susan. For those who do not know, Manoah was the father of Samson, and his unnamed wife, Samson’s mother, is a type of the significant though faceless believer who obeys God. The following quote is from the Manoah’s Wife Blog:

    “Manoah’s wife is a clear testament to God’s willingness in using ordinary people to birth the extraordinary and complete His purposes for a generation.” © 2010 by Susan E. Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

    This is exactly what is happening all across America at present.

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  5. I’ve really enjoyed my visits to your site and your support to mine. 🙂

    I wanted to stop by an say “Thank you” for following me at my wordpress.com site. BTW – I’ve moved and updated my site, you can continue following me at: http://barefootpreachr.org/

    Look forward to seeing you soon!


  6. I enjoyed reading this. Being a new friend, this gives me insight to who you are. Glad you are following my blog.


  7. Thank you, Terry. And thank you for your support. We’re living in a challenging time when the Lord is engaged in bringing real unity based on His teachings and discipleship amid much opposition. Keep shining your light!


  8. Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.


  9. Love your page! Very bold, yet humble, from what I can tell so far. Just like Paul…bold and humble at the same time! God bless you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad you visited or I may’ve not found your blog.


  10. Thank you for the kind words. I just discovered your site today and look forward to reading more of your posts. Be blessed!


  11. Rewards are great for attracting people to read who put importance on that stuff; hopefully, reading far enough to be witnessed to. It also is nice to know that the Lord’s use for us is touching others’ lives. Let us remember, though, that our reward awaits us in heaven! I think, for me, the biggest reward is when I lead someone to Christ. I’ll never forget when I worked for Hospice several years ago, I came across a young girl who was assisting me with a patient in the facility she worked in. She was telling me personal things and I began to tell her about satanic strongholds, and about being free from them. I shared with her Jesus. She had so many questions. She was also raising a small child whose father was a drug dealer. Anyhow, she teared up and she said, “I want to know Jesus too. What do I do?” And I told her…so we prayed the prayer. Afterward, we exchanged numbers because I said she would need someone to direct her through her new walk, and that she might have questions…and to help support her in the step she had taken. About a month later she called me in tears to tell me that because of receiving Christ as Savior, she had a more positive outlook on herself and life. That, as a result, she was going to school to become a technician in the hospital for x ray equipment where she would make good money and get away from the ex boyfriend who was a dealer. She had taken my advice, with the strength of God, and through the Holy Spirit, and shut him out of her life altogether. She said she was going to move to a better area, make better money, and raise her child in Christ Jesus..and she thanked me. I didn’t want her to thank me; I did what I was supposed to do, but she did. She said because no one had ever taken the time to just sit down and spell it out without being afraid or nervous; no one had ever really told her the truth about Jesus. How many people do we pass throughout our every day who are just like this girl? Ready to recieve, but do not know? Even when we are shut out, we have still planted a seed that will spring forth at the right time..even years later. They will always remember. To me, this is the best gift anyone could give to me…knowing that another soul was stolen from the kingdom of hell. Amen!


    • Thanks for the uplifting story, Lyn. The only reward I care about is the Lord Jesus. A good friend recently brought up this subject and then mentioned the twenty-four elders in Revelation 4, who threw their crowns before the throne of the Lord. Our Messiah is the only One deserving of praise, of rewards, and a crown. He defeated death. He defeated the devil. He bought back our freedom with His blood. Nobody else has ever done this or ever will. All praise and honor to Him. He’s the greatest.


    • A really beautiful story. Some who spread the word are not as knowing. Thanks for telling yours.


  12. And you’re welcome, my brother. We are to give and to admonish. God bless you. You deserve it.


  13. Amen. Every time I suffer, I imagine I’m standing there on the side of the dirt path where Jesus was hiking on His way to die. I imagine I’m standing there and He stops and glances up at me, and I can see the tears, the sweat, the pain etched all over His face… Yet He smiles because He loves me and He knows that what He is about to do is going to free me from slavery. I imagine what He must’ve gone through. I had read in my studies that death by crucifixion was one of the most agonizing and tormenting ways to die; and that oftentimes, people would reuqest to be beheaded, or to be eaten alive as opposed to the cross.

    Christ is my number one as well. What I mean is that nothing compares to the feeling that fills one’s soul when you lead them to Christ and you know that they have been delivered from eternal death. To know that you just took part in putting the enemy back in his place. To know you’ve made the enemy very angry. He was defeated when Jesus died and rose again… And I so much enjoy putting him back in his place of defeat where he belongs. Just to know that I have pleased God in so doing is the most wonderful, wonderful feeling ever. There is more happiness in this than any reward or fine things of this earth that could ever be given… Nothing compares to it.


  14. Congrats Bob on your book becoming an E-book. May those that read it be blessed as I was. Blessings to you as you continue on this journey the Lord is taking you on.


  15. Very nice articles, helps to boost up our faith in the Lord. Thanks for liking my post “Gold ‘n’ Biblical Thoughts.” I’m glad I find a nice blog.


  16. Dear Dawson, It is the Love of Christ which inspired me to write some stuff with a little knowledge gifted by the Almighty. The same Love, made us to get along like this. You are much elder, you blessings are so much to me. Thank you. I request your prayers too. Keep blessing!


  17. Hello RJ! I look forward to really diving into your blog. Also, thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministries I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st because the “just shall live by his faith.” — Sebastian


  18. RJ: I’ve been cruising through your blog, reading different posts, and I just want to say thank you for all you are doing and how you are serving Jesus through the blog and your book. I am hoping to buy a copy of the book soon. Again, thank you for all you are doing! Blessings to you in Jesus. May His love surround and fill you, strengthening you for the days ahead and the work yet to be done.

    In Christ,


    • Thank you, Natalie. That’s an awesome Christmas present. This is a wonderful time of year, especially for the little ones, but also those of us who know the Lord and are dedicated to Him. He is the greatest. No words can express how wonderful and kind He is. He also bears us up and strengthens us for battle. Though Christmas is not His actual birthday, it doesn’t really matter this time of year, because we are all reminded of it. May you and your family be especially blessed. You are engaged in a very necessary ministry work and are touching lives. Merry Christmas!


  19. Hi RJ, thank you for visiting my blog and for the like on “Training-Our Goal as Believers.” I’m really glad it brought me here. I look forward to reading your insights on Christianity and the Church.
    God Bless,


  20. Ministerjourney.wordpress.com

    I am a 39 yr.old ministry newbie. Since starting my ministry one of my greatest challenges has been to get members to serve. Breaking a pattern of traditions. How many times have I heard members say they served for a few years and are now retired, but there is still so much left to do. I can not find the passage in the Bible that speaks of retirement from Christian responsibilities. But I am starting to believe it must exist since our congregation seems to have it memorized.


    • Thanks for the comment, Jeff.

      There is no retirement for the real Christian.

      One of the key aspects to ministry is motivation. As the minister is motivated, so are those he or she is attempting to motivate. The Lord Jesus led by serving. He demonstrated not only what but how. He showed His disciples how it was done. He patiently explained what He was attempting to convey not only through words but actions. It may take time, but it’s the best way to teach and learn. Be blessed.


  21. You don’t realize how much I appreciate your response. Many “bloggers” are really good at expressing an opinion, yet don’t take the time to discuss with readers. Your words were helpful and needed. Fighting negativity can discourage even the most seasoned minister. But I don’t have years of experience and education. I lead by example and surprised to ask others to do the same.


  22. Love the points you make in this post!… great article! God bless you for all you do in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Thanks for visiting 🙂


  23. Dear Mr. Dawson,

    I’ve been following your blog for a little over a year now, and I just wanted to express how much of a blessing your articles have been in my life. I admire your courage for taking such a strong stand for Jesus and His commandments, especially for daring to discuss such key (yet controversial) revelations like the NAME of Jesus and the manifestation of the POWER of God in the life of a true believer.

    I came across your blog after a particularly disheartening bout with some churches in my local area, and was feeling very tired of hearing the same old dissonance from the pulpits and the congregations. I had quite nearly succumbed to the despair that there are truly no real believers left out there, so I did what every believer does in a difficult situation: I prayed. The very next hour, I stumbled across your blog, where I could clearly “hear” the Word being discussed and preached by the Holy Spirit.

    Mr. Dawson, thank you for making known your thoughts and the revelations you have received. I have found great encouragement that many of your articles reflect exact revelations I myself have received. As a twenty-something working in the rather secular field of medical research, your blog has been one of the few sources of support for my “radically alternative” lifestyle, aside from my immediate family of course. I really hope you continue to share what God is putting on your heart to share–just knowing there are other people alive and well who “get it” has been a powerful source of exhortation to me.

    May God continue to bless you and your family with revelation of Himself and His Word.



    • Thank you, Andrea, for such a real and heartfelt comment, and for reading. Very encouraging. All glory to the Lord.

      I appreciate your attitude toward the Lord Jesus and wanting the full reality of His truth and presence. It is a very sad state of affairs when so many professional clergymen and pewsitters opt in to opting out on God’s full Light, and greatly prefer to have it darkened to varying shades of gray. I would personally rather be blasted with the Lord’s full presence and be blinded by His Light. It is a great thing that you, at such a young age, feel the same. I met the Lord when I was about your age, and thankfully, I was among some people who wanted the whole catalogue.

      I certainly think the Lord Jesus feels the same way. He did say, for anyone who may be unclear on the concept, that we must give Him our entire heart or the deal is off. I’m pretty sure He gave His whole heart on the cross. I encourage you to stay strong and stay close and the Lord will ever be your guide, and be at peace. Because, if we actually obey Him and give our whole heart, He will truly be in charge. And that’s good to know when we face the challenges of life. (“Hey, God’s in charge. He loves me. He died for me. I will trust Him.”) There is no wiser and loving decision one may make. Be blessed!


  24. Again, glad the Lord has introduced us to each other today. The latest burden of my heart is for the unwise virgins amidst the Church to repent and become intimate with Christ NOW, for the time is short.

    If He so leads you, here is an introductory piece of what He’s been giving for me to write these past few months: https://thelordiswithus.com/2016/06/21/the-importance-of-knowing-the-lord-intimately-now/

    May He continue revealing Himself exponentially to us all!


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