Earning Money to Bless the Lord / Discerning Those Who Bless Themselves (1)

         In the Gospel accounts, the Lord Jesus often talks about giving money to the poor.

         Does He ever talk about giving money to ministers?

         Real ministers of the real Gospel never demand pay for the work they do. They never demand the attachment of a donation to the word they teach. They never associate preaching the Gospel as a means to making a living. They never coerce people into giving, manipulate hearts toward that goal, or summon the specter of guilt to fall upon the undecided in yet another effort to extract their money.

         Those who do will have hell to pay, because they have allowed themselves by their own lust for the funding of their enterprises to be deceived into believing they are more worthy than the people whose hard-earned money they covet.

         Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. [2Corinthians 9:7] [1]

         One will notice when reading the Gospels that the Lord Jesus knew how to stretch a denarius. He got a lot of bang for His buck. There was never anything wasted. There was no extravagance. There was, however, sleeping on the ground, traveling far from home, and being thankful for the good will of others whenever such good will was given. Whatever the case, however, whether the Lord had any money or not, nothing stopped Him from His purpose. He had a job to do, a duty to accomplish, and was, as some say, on a mission.

         He was and remains the greatest individual of all time with the greatest amount of willpower. Like anyone else, He learned it. He earned it. He is the only actual unstoppable Irresistible Force. He is also the only actual Immovable Object and spiritual Rock. By way of illustration, the entire Universe will surrender and cease to function and will admit defeat and give up while the Lord Jesus continues being resolute, determined, and on task.

         He is driven by love for us all. He fights for His people.

         This is the real King, the real God, the one real Christians follow. He is not for the soft, the easily intimidated or swayed, or those who refuse the rigors of real discipleship.

         He has an iron will.

         Thus, one will never find the Lord Jesus stopped or stymied for a mere lack of funding, or see Him stoop to demanding payment for spiritual services rendered as a means of funding. If anything, and if all money avenues are dried up and blocked and no one helps Him whatsoever, He’ll just go to work with His hands and earn His own dough. He calls His followers to do the same.


         In fact, that’s exactly what He did His entire life before beginning His ministry. He worked very hard for many years with His own hands, quietly and unknown. He blended in with society to the point of complete obscurity, never giving any hint to the outside world of His future mission. Until He went public at age thirty, the Gospel accounts only speak of Him as a baby, a very small child, a twelve year-old, and then nothing more for eighteen years.

         And the outside world who knew Him as a nobody was pretty much everybody beyond Joseph and Mary. The parents of John the Immerser, Zacharias and Elizabeth, also knew in the relatively brief time they were still alive at and shortly after the birth of both John and the Lord. The latter couple were advanced in years and even more mystery surrounds the life of their son before his ministry. These were about the only people aware of whom the Son of Joseph and Mary really was and they knew there was no sense talking to anyone about it.

         Though traditionally, the Lord was thought to be a carpenter, a man who works primarily with wood, He was more accurately both a carpenter and a builder, in that He constructed things using a variety of materials. He provided not only for Himself, of course, but also for His mother and siblings, especially after the death of Joseph, since He was the first born. He did all this while also preparing for future ministry.

         But as importantly, He spent these years building up the necessary funding He would need for His earthly ministry. And unlike the modern day paid located minister who subsists from the wallets of his congregants, the Lord Jesus did the exact opposite. He did something most ministers see as impossible and completely uncalled for:

         He set the proper example by also providing for the needs of His twelve chosen ones and their families.

         One never hears this fact preached probably because it is far too convicting for those who demand money from those they preach to. There is no way the Lord would tell those twelve men to quit their livelihoods and the means to provide for their families and come follow Him, thus leaving their wives and children in the lurch, without also paying their way. Such a demand upon His disciples and their families would be 100% asinine, and the Lord never did it. But many “Christian ministers” would have no problem doing it, just as most ministers prefer congregants with money. And this gives us a direct clue into the main differences between real ministries and unreal ministries:

         Real ministries and spiritual communities are led by the Lord Jesus, are empowered by His Holy Spirit, and are unified by adherence to His teachings and love for Him and one another.

         Lacking the above, unreal ministries must be led by someone other than the Lord, must be empowered by something else, usually money, and must be unified by religious control and belief systems other than the pure Word of God.

         The twelve original apostles needed to be with the Lord Jesus 24 hours a day to learn all He must teach them. He was their Rabbi. Thus, they had to quit their jobs. Thus, they had no money coming in. Thus, the Lord had to provide for them.

         There is no other plausible method of financial support if one must build a foundational ministry team destined the change the world, especially one composed of hard-working blue collar tradesman and societal misfits without any savings. These men also greatly respected the Lord because they all knew He was a real Man like they were, but so much more, and could outwork any of them any day of the week.

         On the flip side, unreal Christianity has transformed the real Lord Jesus into the image of a sissy. Tell me, why would all those hard-working hard-living guys give up their lives to follow a sissy? Maybe the false sissy image of the Lord is actually a reflection of the unreal ministers who created it. The fakers obviously cannot handle the real Lord Jesus and thus want no part of Him. They could never stand up to the required discipleship and they thus reject Him outright. His missing presence perfectly explains dead churches.

         So imagine the Lord Jesus working with His hands all those years to build up enough funding to provide not only for Himself but also however much money it would take to provide for perhaps as many as sixty people for a period of three and a half years or so (counting an average of three children per apostle).

         Add to that the Lord also providing, after the death of Joseph, for His mother and probably as many as seven or eight younger brothers and sisters (we know He had at least four brothers). That’s about seventy people all together. That’s the same amount of people comprising Jacob’s extended family when they all moved to Egypt during the famine to live with Joseph. Coincidence?

         © 2015 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved. (Part 1 of 3)

[1] Unless otherwise noted all Scriptures are taken from the New American Standard Bible, © 1960, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.

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  1. I’m so glad you posted on this subject. You couldn’t begin to imagine the stories,….. and excuses for extorting the people of the Lord that I’ve encountered both in “church” and over the Internet. I wasn’t trying to steal your thunder so to speak, but couldn’t wait to re-blog this one as this messy issue of making Christianity into a business has been a real sore point with me.

    Thank you and God bless you,

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    • Thanks Scarlett. I appreciate it. Church-going Christians cannot imagine a world without church buildings. Such a world is apparently pictured as some sort of 1984 Orwellian dark world with no sunshine or hope. But two points must be made here:

      (1) Our early Christian forebears, starting from Pentecost and extending for three centuries, had no official church buildings. They met primarily in homes. There were a few of these converted into meeting places but remained small and mostly non-descript. The reason why should be obvious but the actual history is repeatedly covered up:

      Real Christianity was illegal. But the Christians themselves were extremely powerful witnesses filled with the Spirit of God who literally changed the world. It is the same as in a place like China at present, where the vast majority of non-official real Christians must meet in homes or some hidden place and be very careful about it. The government has tried from the beginning of the movement primarily starting about forty years ago to stamp it out but has failed miserably. Now millions and millions of real Christians all over China are everywhere and cannot be stopped. They are a powerful spiritual force of salt and light and continue to grow.

      The same thing happened in the Roman Empire in the first three centuries. Since the real Christians could never be stopped or eliminated, the only thing left for evil to do was attempt to make compromises with some of those Christians and create a hybrid group that would hopefully one day overcome the real group. This is exactly what Constantine did. The same thing happened in America. Most “churches” and ministries are in cahoots with the government and are thus severely compromised.

      (2) In America, where Christianity has always been legal, church buildings and meeting places have sprung up everywhere. Yet despite the presence of so many church buildings and so many church-going Christians and the apparent sight of religious freedom and sunshiny days, America is quickly on the way to complete moral degeneracy and darkness, the exact feared outcome of what would happen with no church buildings. None of the above plethora of church buildings and congregants has stopped the devil. None of it has mattered. None of the above has stopped any of the moral rot. Most of these “churches” and ministries have no salt or light. And most have certainly become veiled monetary enterprises.

      The reason official churches are in this dead spiritual place is because the set-up that most church-going Christians demand they cannot do without has actually served as a replacement of what should be, and has actually served to stop the work of God and hinder it. We know this because every time some real Christian wants to teach or witness about the real New Covenant and pure teachings of the Lord he or she is shown the door. Millions of such Christians have been shown the door. It is why real Christianity in America has had to leave the institution and has been removed from the institution. Church-going Christians have become completely satisfied with substitutes and counterfeits and fight real change for the better like a man fighting for his life.

      And the following fact bears mentioning again: The number one enemy of the coming Great Awakening in America will not be the government or non-believers, but Unreal Christianity. Judas lives.

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  2. R J, You have put into words what I have in my heart about the thing I call the big business of churchism. Robbing the poor to be blessed! For the record I preform the task of being an industrial electrician to pay for my ministry. Thank-you and God Bless!

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    • Thank you, James. I stated in Real Christianity that the much later creation of the clergy class and the clergy-laity division did more to stop evangelism than anything else, in that it took 99% of Christians out of the ministry. The tiny few are then supported by the majority while the majority must find their own means. Praise God that so many Christians find a way to attend to their calling even under these incorrect and sometimes oppressive terms and conditions. To add to the indignity, most Christian ministers are never recognized as such because they must support themselves. Rather than support a clergy class, all real Christians must instead support the Lord Jesus first and always and then one another. We must be a real community. Thanks for the work you do to make it happen, Bro.

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