Today marks seven years since I created this site. I want to thank all of you, my readers, from then until now. Much spiritual progress has transpired in America since May of 2011.


        I often say that if one wants to discover the true nature of this world then one should look at how it treated a perfect Man who is the perfect personification of spiritual love. Some treated Him great. Most did not. And most still do not. But He still loves them no matter what they think or do. They are still welcome in His kingdom though some spiritual paperwork will have to be completed first.

          For all of you who have completed the paperwork and have your spiritual lives in order, good job. Keep it up. But all the glory goes to Him. We all know He is the only one that makes it possible.

         At the beginning of what we call Christianity, before it was called that, and even before believers were called Christians, the Lord’s relatively very small Community was perceived as just another Jewish sect. An offshoot. But once Gentiles began entering the fold, from Cornelius, to those early heady days in Antioch, and then throughout the Gentile world, real Christianity began growing by the proverbial leaps and bounds. At the crossroads and heavy thoroughfares, and throughout key cities, the word quickly spread and unbridled joy was breaking out all over. Pentecost was happening everywhere. So much light was being shed that it was hard to see from one great victory to the next. People were so incredibly hungry for spiritual life and the release of heavy burdens it was impossible to contain or control the movement, and that is how it should always be.

         It is that way right now in particular locales on the planet and much of what has been resisting His life can no longer remain as successful as in the past. Great numbers of people have experienced incredibly deep darkness over the last century or so, such as the world had never yet seen. But new light is shining. Change for the better is happening.

         Regarding the future, the Lord continues to make great progress. In the space of two millennia, He has gathered untold millions to Himself after starting from a single point. He planted Himself in death as a seed and has produced an ongoing bumper crop of new believers over these many centuries. He could not have done it without us. We each have a specific job to do and a function to perform. If you are not sure about yours, seek and you will find.  

         I have now been faithful to this blog for seven years and have written right at about 500 posts. The vast majority of these are two to four page articles that took a lot of work and preparation. Thanks to the Lord’s blessing, anointing, and a laptop computer, I have written posts in many different locales under various conditions and circumstances, some of which were not so great. But that made it all the more fun.

       Other than serving the Lord, the greatest blessing here has been meeting and interacting with you, my faithful readers and friends, who have never ceased to give much support and encouragement. Keep being the light that you are.

         Blessings to you all.

         © 2018 by RJ Dawson. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Congratulations and very happy birthday to you and your blog RJ. Very well said and done in your continually serving the Lord in spreading the news of His Kingdom globally. Good to note your opinion on your nation’s positive spiritual progress over the past 7 years. May He continue to bless you and my readers mightily.


    • Thank you Richard. You have been a great support for this site over the last few years. I greatly appreciate it. Blessings to you and your associates in the UK, my brother.


  2. Gary Bertnick

    Thank you for your steadfast example to the Living Church of Messiah.


    • Thank you Gary. You have been a great friend. We have much more to do. America needs to hear the truth and break free from the darkness inflicted upon it. If the majority of Christians in general were doing their jobs and what the Lord actually commanded them to do instead of allowing themselves to be herded into non-spiritually effective corrals, the light of the real Gospel would shine BRIGHTLY. Then so many who are lost in sin could be freed from their prisons and join up with the Lord. Blessings to you Gary, for your ongoing witness of many years.


  3. Congratulations, RJ 🙂 Seven years of blogging–that’s quite an accomplishment, and just think of all that good teaching floating out there in cyberspace. We will never know who many of the people are who read what we write. But God knows. He knows who needs to see it, who needs the Word to be sown in their hearts. Keep up the ministry. I’m praying for you.


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