Election Day 2014

Sound familiar? Pentecost has passed with very little notice. At the exact moment last week when America should have been honoring the Lord Jesus and the Pentecost Miracle the entire country exploded.

If the devil is able to take this kind of control while sleepy Christians slouch back from a real walk with God, everyone should know where this is heading. Pentecost was paid lip service by the usual people in the same way as always yesterday. Some wanted to use the day to make a statement. Some are claiming that their rights were violated by the lockdown by being deemed non-essential a couple of months ago. But at that time many weakly complied and did exactly as told and continued doing exactly as told, which tells everyone who is actually in authority. These Christian leaders willing to shutter their churches cannot be compared in any way to the Early Church. Their congregants so willing to follow them must be seen as even less so. After all the damage was done, however, a few decided to “defy” the restrictions. Right.

There is talk of what the Founding Fathers would think of what has happened to a once great country. What about what the Founder of Christianity would think about so many clueless Christians? What about what the 120 on the original day of Pentecost? There were obviously a great many more followers of the Lord but most had chickened out and obeyed religious authority. The 120 risked everything at a time when all the religious mobsters were out to get them and stop the movement in its tracks. The 120 did exactly as the Lord said to do. They watched Him ascend into heaven. They went back to the Upper Room. They worshiped the Lord Jesus, prayed intently, fasted, maybe most for the duration, and prepared themselves spiritually. How many Christians in America did that over the weekend? How many have been doing that over the last two months? The last year? The last ten years?

Because the majority rejected their Messiah and Pentecost, and accepted corrupt religionists and the Zealot party, the corrupt religionists were unable to stop the Zealot party from eventually destroying the country. Real salvation came but they rejected Him. He had all the answers but they didn’t want Him. They chose Barabbas as a substitute. This “son of your fathers” was an undisciplined, murderous, robbing Zealot. He was the very seed of the Great Revolt which overpowered all restraints and led to total ruin. Because they rejected the real Temple, their own temple was burned to the ground with no stone left upon another. Jerusalem was not only destroyed but eventually sowed with salt.  

There is always a direct correlation between that which happens in the three-dimensional world and that which happens in the spiritual world. If we can’t see by now that the devil is having a field day, doing so much of whatever he wants, with nothing stopping him, and that corrupt people in high places are doing exactly the same, and all their minions likewise, while most Christians continue in the same spiritually dead ways, what will it take?

Make no mistake, there IS a Great Awakening. But traditional Christianity is for the most part not part of it. If one can only strive to make proper comparisons one will see this. The Lord Jesus, though absolutely innocent, was rejected by the ruling establishment and the ruling religious establishment. And all the followers of the ruling religious establishment weakly succumbed and agreed. Many of these people were once His supporters but they all became Judases. In the face of this despicable onslaught it is a wonder the Lord was even able to gather a mere 120 and that Pentecost ever happened. The majority was wrong then and the majority is wrong now.

What happened at Pentecost is the answer. The infilling of the Spirit of God is a cure-all. The Lord obviously knew exactly what He was doing. But if Christians are conditioned to reject Pentecost in its full reality, they will eventually get the same thing that happened back then. One must understand that the time comes when the only course of saving yourself means giving yourself to the Lord 100%. There is no longer any more time. So many Christians in the past knew they had come to the end of the road in their lives and if they didn’t fully submit to the Lord they would lose their souls. They would end up in hell. They embraced Pentecost.

American Christians must also embrace Pentecost instead of continually rejecting it. The majority of dead Christians in all their dead churches have already proven they have no spiritual power whatsoever and are completely compromised and rendered spiritually ineffective. This always depends on where they place their trust. A Christian can either submit to the rightful authority of the Man who died to give them salvation, or they can submit to pretenders and shysters. Many of these people must not know how compromised and deceived they have become.

Back in March, how many churches defied the shutdown? How many Christians did their research to understand what was really going on? How many Christians rededicated their lives to God and began praying more, fasting more, seeking Him more, and trying their best not to become entangled in a false narrative? And how many decided to do all in their power to recreate Pentecost wherever they were?

Now, there were some great reports back in March when all this started. I wrote an article on March 22 that has become my most popular post during this time, and this is encouraging. I will put the link at the end. I suggest you check it out. That post revealed one extremely important and positive occurrence: Individual Christians understood how important they were as individuals and were determined to do anything they could to assist the Lord and one another. They suddenly realized they had no church. They lost many freedoms. They could not go here or there. But they still had the Lord Jesus. And this made all the difference. They wanted more and wanted to be more.

It is the Lord Jesus who baptizes in the Holy Spirit. He shares His Spirit with us. This is a powerful individual experience. It does not happen by osmosis or in a corner. It does not come easy. It will cost you. It’s supposed to cost you. It cost Him everything.

Such is the price for creating powerful disciples capable of changing the course of history.

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  1. Would you share how this time of trial with the pandemic and now the unrest across the country has affected or changed you? I too believe the Lord wants to awaken His people. What do you believe it will look like or are we seeing it happen one by one?

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    • Thanks Donna. The awakening process has been in effect for several years now. It always starts with individuals, usually disassociated. People are either hungry for spiritual truth or not. The Lord is able to lead the former to Himself. This dynamic is clear in the OT with outstanding examples like Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and on to the many later prophets who had much alone time with God. The primary relationship these people had in their lives was with the Lord. In our case, and this has been happening since at least the 1990s, I saw the Lord primarily working with individuals who wanted more and knew we needed more. There was great need of reform. The bigger effort after that was linking these individual believers together. Spiritual union does not usually equate with geographic union. In fact, the latter often inhibits the process in that many believers gather around any number of denominational beliefs, leaders, and doctrines and stay put, as if the resultant union composed of larger numbers somehow denotes spiritual effectiveness. But these are unions often based on some form of coercion and social/cultural/traditional peer pressure.

      Remember, Pentecost was a new beginning composed of a small but perfect union of 120. That union was based on very clear and unambiguous parameters as spelled out in Acts. The “Apostles Teaching” was exactly the same as the Lord’s teaching as recorded in the gospel accounts. There were no divisions or denominations. There would certainly be greater revelation but such was added to the union that already existed.

      However, the individual Upper Roomers (the 120) each had a prior discipleship beginning before Pentecost. Their respective individual unions with the Lord predated their spiritual union among themselves. This is what I am referring to in these times. Because Christianity has become greatly splintered during almost two thousand years, we are in essence going back to the future. It is why the Lord had to start with individuals and then create small unions toward larger unions. Sharing the spiritual maturity gained as individuals alone with the Lord allows everyone to gain more information. It is why we just happen to have the internet at this time. Sharing information brings light to darkness. It allows truth to come forth. People become more aware. They are set free. And this leads eventually to a Great Awakening.

      It is why we must love each other first and maintain spiritual unity even if individuals are still in need of greater light. Rather than divide because of different Christian beliefs or understandings, we must strive for unity as opposed to division despite different beliefs but with the ongoing effort to gain ever more until we reach the spiritual status of the 120. In time the beliefs which perfectly agree with the Lord’s teachings will remain and all others will be exposed for what they are and fall away.

      Blessings to you.

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